Interest Group: Global Load Management

Global Load Management Interest Group

The PLMA Global Load Management Interest Group has been initiated to bring together members who are interested in developing new activities for PLMA members from outside of North America and to connect with international energy companies and technology providers interested in the work of PLMA. The group, co-chaired by Jon Hilowitz (Orange and Rockland Utilities), Ross Malme (Bowen Capital Advisors), and Scott Coe (GridOptimize), will be holding its first event focused on developing services to attract and benefit PLMA members around the world.

During each session, attendees have the opportunity to discuss the advantages and challenges of the different proposals for implementation, including a number which have already been brought to the group, including:

  • On-Site Overseas Workshops
  • Sister Utility Information Exchange
  • On-Line Collaboration Tools
  • International-Variant Training Courses
  • Service & Solution Opportunity “Clearing House” Cross-Training
  • Policy-Maker Information/Education Sessions

Group Leadership

Jon Hilowitz, Orange and Rockland Utilities
Jon Hilowitz
Orange and Rockland Utilities

Ross Malme, Bowen Capital Advisors
Ross Malme
Bowen Advisors

Michael Brown, Berkshire Hathaway, NV Energy 
Michael Brown
Berkshire Hathaway

Justin Chamberlain, CPS Energy
Scott Coe

Archived Activities

Energy "Islands" with High Penetrations of DERs
Featuring PLMA Global Load Management Co-Chair Ross Malme; PLMA Vice Chair Rich Barone; Peter Weigand of Skipping Stone; plus Farrokh Albuyeh and Ali Ipakchi of OATI
Thursday, October 7, 2021 | 12:30 to 1:30 pm ET/ 9:30 to 10:30 PT
Join PLMA Vice Chair Rich Barone of TRC Companies and Global Load Management Interest Group Co-Chair Ross Malme of Bowen Advisors, a growth capital investment bank, as they discuss with our guest speakers the issues and opportunities of energy "islands." This intriguing discussion will focus specifically on Japan and Hawaii, two physical islands that both have high levels of DER penetration.

Growth Capital Investment in Energy Tech: Understanding the Trends
Presented Thursday, April 13, 2021
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Energy and Data Management for EV's
Presented Thursday, February 25, 2020
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Israel: Integrating the Smart Grid and DER
Presented Thursday, December 10, 2020 

Israel's utility grid is isolated from those of its neighboring countries and is constructed as an "energy island." This situation poses significant challenges that impact future energy planning decisions, including how the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) (Israel's largest supplier of electric power and only integrated electric utility) can best implement a smart grid system in general, and integrate renewable energy in particular.
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Global Supply Chain Impacts to Grid Modernization in the Age of COVID-19 
Presented Thursday, June 11, 2020

PLMA’s Global Load Management Interest Group hosted this HOT TOPIC discussion. Jon Hilowitz of Orange and Rockland Utilities led this online conversation with PLMA member organizations that explored how utilities and their hardware suppliers are adapting grid modernization plans as the global supply chain faces disruptions due to COVID-19 as well as a new Executive Order that halts installation of some bulk-power system equipment. This resource is for members only, and you must be signed in to access. Click here to view the recording.

Global Load Management Interest Group Activity
Presented November 4, 2019 before the 40th PLMA Conference in St. Petersburg, FL
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Global Load Management Interest Group Pre-Conference Activity
Presented May 13, 2019 at the 39th PLMA Conference in Minneapolis, MN
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International Group Planning Discussion
Online meeting recorded March 11, 2019 at

International Interest Group Pre-Conference Activity
Presented Nov 15, 2018 before the 38th PLMA Conference in Austin, TX
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International Interest Group Pre-Conference Activity
Presented April 16, 2018 before the 37th PLMA Conference in Coronado, CA
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Press Release: Forms International Interest Group Voice of Demand Response Practitioners Seeks to Enhance Connections Among Current and Prospective Members Worldwide

International Interest Group Kickoff Meeting
Presented Feb. 13, 2018
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PLMA Interest Group membership is restricted to representatives from PLMA member organizations, but any organization is welcome to join PLMA. To add your name to this list and receive Group Communications, email [email protected].