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Pennyrile Electric, Clark Public Utilities, and FPL earn top marks in Business Customer Satisfaction StudyE Source

We’re thrilled to announce the results of our 2021 Business Customer Satisfaction Study. We surveyed small and midsize business (SMB) customers to discover the utility attributes they value most as well as where their utility ranks on those attributes. The survey uses a 10-point scale, where 1 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest. Among seven attributes, SMB customers selected four as most important for a utility to possess:

  • Energy reliability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Keeping energy prices down
  • Effective emergency communications

E Source Market Research conducts the annual Business Customer Satisfaction Study to provide utilities and account representatives with direct feedback from customers. The survey produces an understanding of the overall satisfaction levels and identifies where improvement is essential. Over 2,000 SMB customers participated in the seventh edition of the study, which revealed the top-ranked utilities in 2021.

Of the participating utilities, Pennyrile Electric earned the top spot by receiving a score of 9.00 out of 10 for overall customer satisfaction and perceived value. Pennyrile Electric also scored highest for providing reliable energy, trustworthiness, and effective communication during energy emergencies. In addition, the utility’s account reps earned the highest scores for all attributes in the study.

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Hawaiian Electric Company RFP for Direct Load Control SolutionHawaiian Electric

PROCUREMENT OF DIRECT LOAD CONTROL DEVICE, INSTALLATION, AND ADMINISTRATION TO REPLACE EXISTING WATER HEATER DEMAND RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY -RFP 012822-01 Request for Proposal is being issued today November 22, 2021 and is currently open for proposals through January 28, 2022, 6:00 pm HST.

You can find the RFP here on the Company’s Demand Response website: Demand Response | Hawaiian Electric

Hawaiian Electric Company (“Company”) seeks proposals for a Direct Load Control solution for the replacement of the current existing water heater demand response technology.

The RFP seeks the following:

  • DLC device that modulate or turn on and off power to a water heater(s) in residential and smaller commercial units, and secondarily a DLC device to control residential and small business central A/C and/or split A/C systems from the same Proposer of DLC device for water heaters.
  • A head system to control, monitor, aggregate, and forecast load reduction of the DLC devices and associated resources, including DLC device provisioning, tracking, and monitoring.
  • An administrator to perform removal of existing equipment and installation and provisioning of the DLC device, including scheduling these activities with participants, disposal of existing equipment, and to provide ongoing program maintenance.

The DLC devices will be installed as a replacement to the existing water heater control device for RDLC program.  The RDLC program that has approximately 30,000 water heater devices currently enrolled into the program.  Secondarily, the Company is seeking a DLC device to control residential and small business central A/C and/or split A/C systems from the same Proposer of DLC device for water heaters.  Any offer for a DLC device to control A/C systems must also include a DLC device for water heaters.

The Company intends to use its General Services Master Agreement (“GSMA”) to procure the services described above. Proposers may submit proposals for a one, a combination, or all three of the components sought under this RFP (see Attachment B).  Each successful Proposer(s) will provide the specified services pursuant to the terms of the GSMA to be negotiated between the Company and Proposer(s).

In order to submit a proposal, Proposers must register as a “Supplier” in Power Advocate’s Sourcing Intelligence to access the RFP event. For more information regarding registration for Power Advocate, please see Attachment A in the RFP.

After successful registration as a “Supplier” within Power Advocate, please request access to the RFP event from the Company via email [email protected]. Include your username & company information in the email. After the Company has added you to the event, you will receive an invitation to the RFP event at the registered Email account.  Note: If you had previously registered and already have access to Power Advocate you will still need to send your information via the Company email to get an invitation to participate in the bid event.

Once you have access to the bid event you will be able to access all the submission documentation and are able to send messages through the Power Advocate platform. All communication for the RFP process shall be through Power Advocate.

Questions for the RFP are due by December 6, 2021 through Power Advocate. The Company’s response for those questions will then be sent through Power Advocate by December 14, 2021.

CLICK HERE to read the RFP and to apply.


Job Opportunity: Senior Research Analyst - Energy Efficiency TechnologiesE Source

At E Source, our passion for sustainability and energy efficiency is not just our work, it's our mission. We're a client-focused team that provides software solutions, research, advisory, management consulting, and implementation services to electric, gas, and water utilities. Our goal is to increase the effectiveness of their energy-efficiency and sustainability programs, and speed their transition to a low-carbon economy. We help our clients evolve into customer-centric organizations that make data-driven decisions to drive their operations, customer programs, and customer relationships. And we like to have fun while we do it!

Here are the values we live by at E Source:

  • Be the best at what you do - provide high-quality work in all aspects of your job.
  • Do the right thing - have integrity, be trustworthy, and put the team above personal gain.
  • Lead the change - lead with curiosity, innovate, and embrace change in order to grow.
  • Cultivate community - build relationships, assume positive intent, and foster a culture of inclusivity.

 Our ideal candidate has:

  • A passion for digging into technical details and making them clear and easy to understand.
  • Demonstrated expertise with engineering principles governing energy-efficiency and end-use technologies, with an emphasis on HVAC systems and trends. Other possible areas of interest include C&I M&V, building envelope, and monitoring and controls.
  • Experience with utility energy-efficiency and end-use electrification programs and technologies.
  • A strong understanding of customer-centric utility demand-side management programs and how programs best meet the needs of customers.
  • Exceptional writing, verbal, and analytical skills. E Source differentiates itself through our readable, clear, and concise reports and presentations. Applications without cover letters may be given lower priority in our review.
  • Humility and a collaborative attitude. You know there are things you don't know, and that energizes you. You work well in a team environment, and when faced with a challenge, you don't spin your wheels alone but proactively seek support, advice, and guidance from others. You are happy to provide support to others.
  • Rigor and discipline. You manage your time well and your coworkers can count on you to do what you say you'll do.
  • Creativity and openness. You aren't afraid to share your ideas for how we might do things differently.

 Primary responsibilities include:

  • Serving as our in-house expert on HVAC technologies and related utility programs
  • Responding to research and advisory requests from utility members about energy technologies, trends, and programs
  • Gathering research from primary and secondary sources (including phone interviews, internet searches, and in-depth reading), critically analyzing the information, and writing up key findings and best practices in a way that's easy for audiences of varying technical skills to understand
  • Creating clear, concise, data-driven, and action-oriented content for topically focused reports, short written articles, technical briefs, webinars, and in-person events
  • Engaging with utility members through in-person and virtual meetings and by preparing and delivering customized presentations on various technology topics
  • Assisting the E Source emerging technology consulting team on an as-needed basis
  • Mentoring junior staff and sharing knowledge and experience across the company
  • Occasionally representing E Source as a subject-matter expert at industry conferences and events

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Opus One Solutions Named One of Canada's Clean Technology Winners in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50TM Program

Opus One

TORONTO, Nov. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Opus One Solutions received a Clean Technology award, a new awards category in the Technology Fast 50 program that recognizes Canada’s top clean innovators providing processes, goods or services that reduce environmental impacts. The winning companies are ranked by their revenue-growth percentage their last four years of operation, proving minimum revenues of $50,000 in 2017 and $5 million in 2020.

Opus One Solutions CEO Joshua Wong, credits its industry leading GridOS® software and the software’s ability to help utilities to accelerate the energy transition with distributed energy resources (DER) and the safety, reliability, and operational performance of the electric grid, with the company’s sustainable and profitable growth. Wong stated, “Opus One Solutions has been leading the Canadian landscape in growing clean tech domestically and abroad. Since its inception our vision of digitalizing, decentralizing and decarbonizing the planet has motivated us to work on enacting change and accelerating transition towards a low carbon economy. Clean technologies like Opus One’s are no longer just an option, but an urgent call to action necessary for meeting climate and environmental goals. Opus One Solutions is proud to be honored as an inaugural winner of Deloitte’s Clean Technology award and a leader in Canada’s clean technology industry.”

“We’re delighted to recognize Clean Technology winners, the program’s newest category. These outstanding companies are amongst the elite of Canada’s technology sector as clean innovators helping create a more resilient and sustainable future for the environment,” stated Anders McKenzie, partner and national leader for the Technology Fast 50 program at Deloitte Canada. “With reduction of our carbon footprint and environmental impact of paramount importance, this new category awards innovators spearheading the clean technology movement, creating the sustainable business and technology landscape of the future.”

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Virtual Peaker Partners with Google's Nest Renew to Support a Clean Energy FutureVirtual Peaker

Louisville, KY – 
Virtual Peaker, a cloud-based SaaS company that empowers modern utilities with the friendliest distributed energy platform on the planet, has announced its expanded support for a clean energy future through Google’s Nest Renew, which was announced in October. The new service makes it easier for utilities to engage consumers with time-of-use rates, increase demand response program participation and facilitate consumer support for renewable energy.

Consumers with compatible Nest thermostats can support a clean energy future by enrolling in demand response programs and engaging with time-of-use (TOU) programs. During the past decade, Nest thermostats have already helped homeowners save more than 80 billion kWh, enough energy to power 23 million electric cars for a year.

Most homes are cooled and heated by electricity from a mix of clean and not-so-clean energy sources that vary based on the time of day they’re used. Virtual Peaker and many of its utility clients already are long-time partners with Google Nest through the Google Rush Hour Rewards program, a service that lets customers earn rewards for using less when energy consumption is high and makes it easier for utilities to manage the grid during times of peak demand.

With Nest Renew’s feature called Energy Shift, customers can automatically shift their heating and cooling electricity usage to times when the grid is cleaner, without sacrificing comfort. For utilities with certain time-of-use rates, Energy Shift can help customers automatically prioritize usage of less expensive energy.

CLICK HERE to read the full press release.

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