PLMA EV Symposium: Managed Charging

PLMA EV Symposium car graphic

About the Symposium
August 9-10, 2023

The Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport
2501 Worldgateway Place
Detroit, MI 48242

If EVs are your passion and managed charging is your priority, this Symposium is for you! Over the course of two half-days, this in-person interactive PLMA event will explore:

  • Today’s learnings and experiences with EV managed charging (Day 1),
  • Tomorrow's challenges to achieving widespread EV adoption with managed charging (Day 2).

In addition, you’ll enjoy robust networking, learn about new and interesting sponsor offerings, and actively participate in the energy industry’s first major symposium on the role of managed charging in enabling both the EV revolution AND the energy transition.

Symposium Registration Fees:






  • PLMA members must sign in with an authorized user account. 
  • Please note that "member passes" do not apply to the EV Symposium.
  • If you need help, contact Monica Hammond at
  • If you are not a PLMA member, click on "Register Today" and follow the directions to create a free user profile and receive our non-member rate.

Registration includes one admission to all core symposium sessions. Attendees who pay the full registration price, and whose organizations are not already PLMA members, will receive the incremental registration fee as a membership credit if they choose to join PLMA before July 31, 2023.

Optional Training Class:
Successful EV Load Management Programs and Strategies

Presented by Apex Analytics
Wedneday, August 10 | 1:00 to 5:00 pm (price: $200)

The Symposium will host this class, presented by member organization Apex Analytics, on the afternoon of August 10. Available to all attendees, it explores EV load management programs, focusing on available technologies, data, applications, and existing program designs. The class draws on experience with programs delivered for major U.S. utilities in the summer of 2022.