PLMA EV Symposium: Managed Charging

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An Invitation to Automotive OEMs

PLMA, the energy industry’s association for practitioners of flexible load management, demand response, distributed energy resources, and managed charging, invites you to join us for the second PLMA EV Symposium.

To be hosted in Chicago, Illinois, PLMA’s 2024 EV Symposium will convene electric utilities plus their vendors and advisors for two half-days of discussions: 

  • DAY 1 (Aug 13): An update on the utilities' learnings and experiences with EVs to date, including managed charging, V2X applications, and other EV opportunities. 

  • DAY 2 (Aug 14): The utilities' perspective of the major challenges to achieving widescale EV adoption.

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Building Synergy between Automotive OEMs and Electric Utilities

With two half-days of practical, interactive, experience- and data-driven sessions; robust cross-industry networking; and an opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with electric utility colleagues who focus on EV programs; you’ll gain a deeper understanding of:

  1. Why managed charging is critical to both the automotive and utility industries’ success, and how it works;

  2. The electric utilities' major business drivers: maintaining grid reliability, building new revenue, and enhancing customer engagement;

  3. The utilities’ charging capacity and the process and lead time to increase it, how utilities address grid reliability, and their EV program challenges to date;

  4. Shared auto-utility customer synergy, and overcoming the current and future barriers identified by utility customers to EV adoption;

  5. Hurdles to building a highly collaborative relationship between auto OEMs and utilities, and how to address these;

  6. Understanding the nature of the auto-utility collaboration that will best support rapid EV sales as well as a reliable, resilient, sustainable electric grid. 
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Reasons to Experience a PLMA Event!

PLMA’s events are recognized for the quality of their content, the attendees' willingness to share information, and for creating a supportive collegial atmosphere. Here's what utilities have to say about PLMA. 

Don’t miss this chance to meet and learn from the utility experts and practitioners of flexible load management and managed charging as they seek to better understand the needs of the automotive OEMs. You’ll gain industry insights, new colleagues, and a vision for the possibilities of both the EV revolution and the energy transition!

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Here's What Some of PLMA's Utility Members Have to Say:

Troy Eichenberger, TVA

Troy Eichenberger
Tennessee Valley Authority
(a Tennessee utility)

"PLMA membership is the gateway to a welcoming professional community of DR / DER peers and practitioners, all of whom generously share their ideas, successes, and lessons learned."

Bruce Brazis, APS

Bruce Brazis
Arizona Public Service
(an Arizona utility)

"APS’ membership in PLMA provides my colleagues and I with access to a dynamic and supportive community of practitioners and experts . . . PLMA is an exceptional resource to the energy industry.”

Denise Munoz, ComEd

Denise Munoz
ComEd (an Illinois utility)

"Getting involved in PLMA is incredibly valuable for anyone in flexible load management, demand response, and DERs. With a multitude of Interest Groups, webinars, events, trainings, workshops, taskforces, and networking, there’s always lots to learn!" 

Eamonn Urey, SRP

Eamonn Urey
Salt River Project
(an Arizona utility)

"PLMA is a people organization that offers high-quality learning opportunities, leadership development, and really great conferences twice each year!"

Wendy Brummer, PG&E

Wendy Brummer
Pacific Gas & Electric
 (a California utility)

"The relationships I’ve fostered through PLMA have helped me grow professionally and provide amazing ongoing benefits as my company implements new programs and makes critical changes to existing ones.” 

Meet PLMA's Utility Speakers

PLMA's members include investor-owned utilities, cooperatives, and municipal utilities. In addition, PLMA welcomes vendors, manufacturers, consultants, academics, and nonprofit organizations who bring knowledge, hands-on experience, and a range of perspectives to every PLMA discussion.

Speakers and attendees from the following utilities are participating in PLMA's 2024 EV Symposium:

PLMA EV Symposium: Utility Speakers