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Featured Resources 

PLMA Load Management Encyclopedia

The goal of this wiki initiative is to promote knowledge sharing among energy industry load management practitioners and allies in these three areas: Common Industry Terms as Defined on Wikipedia; Evolution of Demand Response in the U.S. Electricity Industry; and Load Management Acronyms & Glossary.  PLMA facilitates this wiki initiative as a member service, but use is not restricted to PLMA member organization staff.  

Future of Distributed Energy Resources

Future of DER

Details 8 industry initiatives where leading utilities are partnering with their customers and allies to demonstrate the path to a more integrated approach to distributed energy resources.

Source: PLMA Thought Leadership and DER Integration Groups
Type: Compendium

Thought Leadership 2018

Thought Leadership 2018

Transcripts from 8 selected webcasts and conference sessions produced by PLMA in 2018.

Source: PLMA Thought Leadership Group
Type: Compendium

15th PLMA Award-Winning Load Management Initiatives

15th PLMA Award-Winning Load Management Initiatives

Six transcripts of webcast interviews with the 15th PLMA Award winners for best demand response and other load management programs, initiatives and achievements.

Source: PLMA Thought Leadership and Award Planning Groups
Type: Compendium

Non-Wires Alternatives: Insights from the Nation's Leading NWA Projects


This webinar helps you understand the basics and push for non-wires-alternatives projects based on stories real practitioners. Hear directly from the SEPA-PLMA project team and key NWA project representatives about results from the industry-wide call for NWA project case studies including compelling lessons learned, and challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. You’ll get the breakdown of what we learned from 10 leading NWA projects representing different project sizes, geographies, and grid challenges.
Click here to view the report.

Source: A joint E4TheFuture, SEPA & PLMA Webinar
Type: Webinar Recording and Report

2018 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot

2018 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot

While the energy industry seems focused on energy storage as a critical solution to many of the challenges of integrating renewables on the grid, a new industry report documents the growth of demand response (DR) as an increasingly valuable and flexible resource.

Source: Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), Navigant Consulting, Inc. and PLMA
Type: Report

Future of Utility “Bring Your Own Thermostat” Programs

Future of Utility “Bring Your Own Thermostat” Programs

This thought leadership publication is a compendium of eight energy utility, manufacturer, and solution provider viewpoints.

Source: PLMA Thermostat Interest Group
Type: Compendium

Evolution of Demand Response

Evolution of Demand Response

As PLMA refined and coordinated materials for the Demand Response Training Series, Michael Brown, NV Energy and Chair of the PLMA Education Committee, together with the Education Committee and PLMA Training Partners realized there was not a singular, agreed upon definition of Demand Response and the stages of its evolution (DR 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0) to help new and transitioning professionals, regulators, and lawmakers understand the growth and trends of the industry, so they set out to develop a harmonized, consistent definition, followed by a public comment period.

Source: PLMA Thermostat Interest Group
Type: White paper

Hidden Battery Report

Hidden Battery Report

The nation’s 50 million residential electric water heaters collectively represent a significant – and vastly underutilized – energy storage resource capable of leveraging substantial environmental and cost benefits according to new research commissioned by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA) and Great River Energy (GRE).

Source: The Brattle Group
Type: Report

PLMA Resources Directory

May 2018

Evolution of the Distribution System and the Potential for Distribution-Level Markets: A Primer for State Utility Regulators NARUC

As distributed energy resource (DER) adoption grows, the electric industry is shifting from a centralized model towards two-way power flow. Consequently, state and federal regulatory frameworks, utility business models, reliability and operating standards, planning and investment approaches, and wholesale markets will all need to evolve. NARUC explores issues for regulators to consider during this transition.

Source: NARUC
Type: Report

Austin Energy's Green Building InitiativeAustin Energy DR Dialogue

Austin Energy influences city of Austin codes through partnership with Green Building (GB) initiatives managed by its Customer Energy Solutions activity. In order to build energy efficient homes and businesses, local code amendments were added to facilitate DR program participation. Energy codes require new buildings with automation systems controlling HVAC and/or lighting systems to have OpenADR capabilities and smart/WIFI thermostats to be installed in new single and multifamily construction. GB and DR programs work together to promote DR participation through the rating process. Ensuring commercial design teams follow a set of DR implementations, buildings can earn additional points on the rating when enrolled in the utility's commercial and industrial program Load Cooperative. The utility further encourages installation of smart/Wi-Fi thermostats with $25 rebate for single and multifamily customers. The utility partners with an implementer to operate a retail program with national home improvement stores to offer instant discounts for products such as LED lighting and ENERGY STAR appliances. Thermostats are advertised with signage to promote PPT thermostats and rebates to influence customer choice.

Source: PLMA DR Dialogue featuring Beth Crouchet and Sarah Talkington, Austin Energy and Nicholas Corsetti, National Grid and PLMA Award Planning Group Co-Chair
Type: Webinar Recording



April 2018

Beyond the Meter: Addressing the Locational Valuation Challenge for Distributed Energy ResourcesBeneficial electrification

Written in partnership with Nexant and part of SEPA’s Beyond the Meter series, this report addresses the growing need to define a common metric for assessing the distribution capacity deferral value provided by DERs so their individual values can be stacked and combined.

Source: Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and Nexant
Type: Report



Non-Wires Alternatives: Emerging, Maturing, or Stalled?PLMA logo

This webinar, co-produced by GTM Research and Peak Load Management Alliance, looked at current approaches to NWA solutions to explore:

  • How to enable NWA growth with regulatory mechanisms and integrated planning practices;
  • The evolution of sourcing mechanisms and what future mechanisms could look like;
  • What barriers and incentives are affecting the deployment of NWAs for IOUs and publicly-owned utilities.

Source: Green Tech Media and PLMA co-produced webcast featuring ConEd, Itron, Green Tech Media and Extensibel Energy presenters
Type: Webinar Recording


Hawaiian Electric’s Regulation Reserves ProgramHECO DR Dialogue

Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) has successfully utilized customer assets to provide utility grade Grid Services. Faced with the 100% Renewable Portfolio Standard target, HECO will use demand response and other demand-side resources to provide various grid services needed to maintain the grid reliability of the islands, including capacity, regulation reserves, and frequency response services. Regulation reserves is the most complex service requiring continuous real-time operation with variable controls every four seconds. HECO's Demand Response team, led by Richard Barone and supported by OATI technology, has defined and managed this highly innovative demand response initiative, truly moving demand response and distributed energy resource management to a higher level, to enhance and strengthen grid reliability while allowing greater levels of renewable generation.

Source: PLMA DR Dialogue featuring Richard Barone, Hawaiian Electric and Dain Nestel, ecobee
Type: Webinar Recording


Resources from the 37th PLMA Conference, Coronado, Calif.

37th PLMA Conference
Presentations and other resources from the 37th PLMA Conference on April 16-18 in Coronado, Calif.
Source: PLMA 

Type: Presentations



March 2018

Dynamic Pricing: What You Need to Know and Lessons Learned from the Field

FERC DR Assessment

Learn more about industry trends related to dynamic pricing why utilities should tie rates to costs. This presentation discusses why electric utilities should tie rates to costs, explains price-based demand response, factors for driving customer acceptance of dynamic pricing, and much more.

Source: Association of Energy Services Professionals National Conference, New Orleans
Type: Presentation slides by Jason Cigarran, Itron representing PLMA Retail Pricing Interest Group arranged by PLMA Speakers Bureau



What Does Beneficial Electrification have to do with Peak Load Management?Beneficial electrification

The nature of the electricity grid is changing dramatically, as are our nation’s environmental goals, so our policy thinking needs to change profoundly, as well. Mounting research suggests that aggressive electrification of energy end uses – such as space heating, water heating and transportation – is needed if the United States and the world are to achieve ambitious emissions reduction goals for carbon dioxide. This concept, the electrification of energy end uses that have been powered by fossil fuels (natural gas, propane, gasoline, diesel or fuel oil) in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is called “environmentally beneficial electrification” or Beneficial Electrification.

Source: PLMA DR Dialogue featuring Troy Eichenberger, TVA, Gary Connett, Great River Energy, Keith Dennis, NRECA and Steve Koep, Westinghouse Water Heaters
Type: Webinar recording 


Future of Bring Your Own Thermostat ProgramsBeneficial electrification

This thought leadership publication is a compendium of eight energy utility, manufacturer, and solution provider viewpoints. The report is now available for free and a free webcast featuring the report’s editors and contributors will be linked here soon. Bring Your Own Thermostat or BYOT programs are changing the face of energy utility load management and the way customers interact with their utilities. The compendium details a consensus among the contributing practitioners that BYOT programs will remain a part of utility load management programs, but varying opinions on whether BYOT will replace or augment traditional direct install demand response program models; the relevance of new market segments as they relate to BYOT; and approaches to enhancing the value BYOT brings to demand response programs.

Source: PLMA DR Dialogue featuring Lee Hamilton, Xcel Energy, Kenneth Walsh, ComEd, Olivia Patterson, Opinion Dynamics and Brett Feldman, Navigant
Type: Webinar recording and report


Bonneville Power Administration Distributed Energy Resource Benchmarking Report BPA DER Benchmarking Report

BPA staff met with 12 entities throughout 2017 to better understand how they are using and enabling DERs within their organizations and service territories. We learned about the types of DERs utilities are working with, how they are integrating them, programs available to customers, enabling technologies and future plans for each of the entities. This report provides summaries of what we learned during these discussions.

Source: Bonneville Power Administration Distributed Energy Resources Team
Type: Report


Bonneville Power Administration Summer 2017 DR Demonstration Final Report BPA DR Demonstration Report

Starting in 2013 the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) embarked on a four year plan to test commercial scale demand response (DR) through demonstrations. These demonstrations focused on developing and testing different contract models, gathering data on reliability of aggregated portfolios, integrating DR products into operational processes, evaluating demand response management systems, defining measurement and verification strategies, and testing acquisition models – utility, private, and public aggregation. Read more in the report

Source: Bonneville Power Administration
Type: Report


February 2018

FERC's Demand Response Assessment Report

FERC DR Assessment

Join this discussion between representatives from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the PLMA Chair on FERC staff's recent update to its annual assessment study. This report is FERC staff's 12th annual report on demand response and advanced metering required by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. It is based on publicly-available information and discussions with market participants and industry experts

Source: PLMA DR Dialogue recording featuring Ben Foster and Michael Lee, FERC; and Michael Brown, NV Energy
Type: Web recording

Hear a preview of the what to expect at the 37th PLMA Conference on April 16-18 in Coronado, Calif.

Source: PLMA webcast featuring Conference Planning Group Co-chairs Mark Martinez, Southern California Edison, 

and Brad Mantz, San Diego Gas and Electric. 

Type: Web recording 


January 2018

Award-Winning Demand Response Initiatives

Award Winning DR

Join us for an online repeat of last week's mega session at Distributech. Gain insight from the winners of the 14th PLMA awards, which recognized the best demand response programs, initiatives and achievements from calendar year 2016. Winners included:
– Program Pacesetters: AEP Indiana Michigan Power Company's Demand Response Service Emergency Program; Central Hudson Gas & Electric's Peak Perks Program; City of New York's Municipal Demand Response Program; Portland General Electric and AutoGrid for Pricing and Peak Time Rebate Program; and Target Corp.'s Demand Side Energy Program.
– Thought Leaders: KCP&L and Nest for KCP&L Thermostat Program; Alectra Utilities, Advantage Power Pricing; and Brett Feldman, Navigant

Source: PLMA DR Dialogue recording featuring: Richard Philip, Duke Energy; Neetika Sathe, Alectra Utilities; Brett Feldman, Navigant, and  Dain Nestel, CLEAResult 
Type: Web recording

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