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Featured Resources

PLMA Load Management Encyclopedia

The goal of this wiki initiative is to promote knowledge sharing among energy industry load management practitioners and allies in these three areas: Common Industry Terms as Defined on Wikipedia; Evolution of Demand Response in the U.S. Electricity Industry; and Load Management Acronyms & Glossary. PLMA facilitates this wiki initiative as a member service, but use is not restricted to PLMA member organization staff.

2020 PLMA Thought Leadership Compendium

2020 Thought Leadership Compendium2020 Thought Leadership Executive Summary

Executive Summary of the 2020 Thought Leadership Compendium

In the 2020 PLMA Thought Leadership Compendium you will find transcripts of 2020's most highly rated PLMA sessions. These sessions were drawn from sources including PLMA's 41st and 42nd Conferences and it's Load Management Dialogue webcasts. 

Source: PLMA Thought Leadership Committee
Type: Compendium

17th PLMA Award-Winning Load Management Initiatives

Executive Summary of the 17th PLMA Awards Compendium Cover17th PLMA Award-Winning Load Management Initiatives Cover

Executive Summary of the 17th PLMA Awards Compendium.

A Compendium of interviews with the six 17th PLMA Award Winners who were recognized in April 2020 for their uniquely innovative approaches to managing end use energy loads.

Source: PLMA Thought Leadership and Award Planning Groups
Type: Compendium

Thought Leadership 2020

U.S. Department of Energy’s Future Connected Communities: Validating Buildings as a Grid Resource

This excerpt from PLMA’s 2020 Thought Leadership Compendium titled “U.S. Department of Energy’s Future Connected Communities: Validating Buildings as a Grid Resource” was originally recorded as a Load Management Dialogue in the spring of 2020. PLMA has published this transcript as a stand-alone document highlighting DOE FOA 0002206 (deadline March 2021), to serve as an additional resource for organizations planning to bid on this upcoming funding opportunity. It offers a dynamic question and answer discussion about grid-enabled buildings and Connected Communities among officials from the U.S. Department of Energy, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Oakridge National Lab, and NRECA.

CLICK HERE for the Load Management Dialogue recording.

Source: PLMA Thought Leadership Group
Type: Compendium (excerpt)

Why is Electricity Pricing So Difficult? Between a Rock and a Smart Meter

This excerpt from PLMA’s 2020 Thought Leadership Compendium titled “Why is Electricity Pricing So Difficult? Between a Rock and a Smart Meter” was originally recorded as a Load Management Dialogue in the spring of 2020. It offers a highly engaging discussion among three industry experts who explore the potential and challenges of time-differentiated and dynamic pricing, where the barriers to these approaches lie, and how to design electricity pricing options that customers actually understand, and want.

CLICK HERE for the Load Management Dialogue recording.

Source: PLMA Thought Leadership Group
Type: Compendium (excerpt)

Thought Leadership 2019

Thought Leadership 2019

Transcripts from 12 selected webcasts and conference sessions produced by PLMA in 2019.

Source: PLMA Thought Leadership Group
Type: Compendium

Future of Distributed Energy Resources

Future of DER

Details 8 industry initiatives where leading utilities are partnering with their customers and allies to demonstrate the path to a more integrated approach to distributed energy resources.

Source: PLMA Thought Leadership and DER Integration Groups
Type: Compendium

Thought Leadership 2018

Thought Leadership 2018

Transcripts from 8 selected webcasts and conference sessions produced by PLMA in 2018.

Source: PLMA Thought Leadership Group
Type: Compendium

16th PLMA Award-Winning Load Management Initiatives

16th PLMA Award-Winning Load Management Initiatives

Eight transcripts of webcast interviews with the 16th PLMA Award winners for best demand response and other load management programs, initiatives and achievements.

Source: PLMA Thought Leadership and Award Planning Groups
Type: Compendium

Non-Wires Alternatives: Insights from the Nation's Leading NWA Projects


This webinar helps you understand the basics and push for non-wires-alternatives projects based on stories real practitioners. Hear directly from the SEPA-PLMA project team and key NWA project representatives about results from the industry-wide call for NWA project case studies including compelling lessons learned, and challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. You’ll get the breakdown of what we learned from 10 leading NWA projects representing different project sizes, geographies, and grid challenges.
Click here to view the report.

Source: A joint E4TheFuture, SEPA & PLMA Webinar
Type: Webinar Recording and Report

2018 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot

2018 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot

While the energy industry seems focused on energy storage as a critical solution to many of the challenges of integrating renewables on the grid, a new industry report documents the growth of demand response (DR) as an increasingly valuable and flexible resource.

Source: Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), Navigant Consulting, Inc. and PLMA
Type: Report

Future of Utility “Bring Your Own Thermostat” Programs

Future of Utility “Bring Your Own Thermostat” Programs

This thought leadership publication is a compendium of eight energy utility, manufacturer, and solution provider viewpoints.

Source: PLMA Thermostat Interest Group
Type: Compendium

Evolution of Demand Response

Evolution of Demand Response

As PLMA refined and coordinated materials for the Demand Response Training Series, Michael Brown, NV Energy and Chair of the PLMA Education Committee, together with the Education Committee and PLMA Training Partners realized there was not a singular, agreed upon definition of Demand Response and the stages of its evolution (DR 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0) to help new and transitioning professionals, regulators, and lawmakers understand the growth and trends of the industry, so they set out to develop a harmonized, consistent definition, followed by a public comment period.

Source: PLMA Thermostat Interest Group
Type: White paper

Hidden Battery Report

Hidden Battery Report

The nation’s 50 million residential electric water heaters collectively represent a significant – and vastly underutilized – energy storage resource capable of leveraging substantial environmental and cost benefits according to new research commissioned by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA) and Great River Energy (GRE).

Source: The Brattle Group
Type: Report

PLMA Resources Directory

May 2021   

PLMA's 43rd Conference Recordings

43rd recordings

Session recordings from PLMA's 43rd Conference. Gain real-world insight from practitioners active in load management, including distributed energy resources and demand response. 

Source: PLMA 43rd Conference
Type: Presentation Recordings



Research Topics in the Flexible Load Management Arena

May 2021 Load Management

The industry is evolving at a variety of speeds across North America (usually depending upon geographical region) and learnings are being discovered unevenly in most cases. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor developments and use a broad base of information to help formulate plans for the future. Even though many utility commissions put a premium on pilots/projects within their jurisdiction(s) there is so much to be learned as others continue down the learning curve.

The playing field is changing quickly for utilities, services providers and end users--to the point that the lines between them are blurring in many cases. This panel discussion features some of the top entities involved in research concerning the opportunities and impacts of the growth of flexible load technologies. Speakers share some highlights of what they are seeing in the marketplace and where it may be leading.

Source: PLMA Hot Topic Discussion featuring Michael Brown of NV Energy; Brenda Chew of SEPA; Brett Feldman of Guidehouse Insights; and Nathan Shannon of Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative
Type: Webinar  




April 2021   

Growth Capital Investment in Energy Tech: Understanding the Trends

Growth Capital

The new energy economy is being driven by the big “Three D’s”, Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization. As a result, a transformation of the energy industry is underway, away from a traditional central station electricity generation model and toward a new asset class of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). This, coupled with the enormous rotation of capital away from the oil and gas industry into renewable electricity generation, energy storage, and cleantech makes for exciting times!

PLMA Vice Chair Rich Barone of TRC Companies and former PLMA Chair Ross Malme of Bowen Advisors, a growth capital investment bank, discuss these and other exciting trends in M&A and growth capital investment in energy tech.

Source: PLMA Load Management Dialogue featuring Rich Barone of TRC Companies and Ross Malme of Bowen Advisors
Type: Webinar  


Connected Devices: Building a DER Portfolio through Business Case Modeling

Connected Devices

One hundred percent clean energy goals are emerging all across the country and utilities must proactively plan how to drive and support this transformation. To achieve these goals, a combination of utility-scale and distributed energy resources are needed. Puget Sound Energy seeks to design and evaluate DER concepts that will help meet these goals while providing both grid and customer benefits.

To do this, models will need to assess costs and benefits to both customers and the utility. By identifying and developing concepts that offer shared value to both utility and customer, utilities can meet customer requests for DER products and achieve clean energy goals in a more cost-effective manner.

Puget Sound Energy and West Monroe Partners discuss the DER use-case stacking model they’ve developed to create a portfolio of DER concepts. They also touch on the lessons they've learned along the way.

Source: PLMA Hot Topic Discussion featuring Cindy Berry of Austin Energy (Co-Chair), Kari Binley of ecobee (Co-Chair), J.T. Thompson of Enbala (Co-Chair), Therese Miranda-Blackney of Puget Sound Energy, and Shelly Hagerman of West Monroe Partners
Type: Webinar  


Exploring the Role of Electric Transportation in DR and LM

Electric Transportation

Join the Transportation Electrification Interest Group's inaugural HOT TOPIC Conversation and learn what this new Interest Group is all about!

In this conversation, Joyce Bodoh, Director of Energy Solutions and Clean Energy at Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC), presents REC's survey results and load data on electric vehicles from its Virginia service area. She also discusses REC's roadmap on transportation electrification, and shares tips on member engagement.

The group co-chairs share ideas, thoughts, and suggestions around topical and relevant issues for PLMA to explore throughout 2021. This is a first look at electric transportation and its role in demand response and load management.

Source: PLMA Hot Topic Discussion featuring Joyce Bodoh of Rappahannock Electric Co-op (Co-Chair), Kessie Avseikova of Opinion Dynamics (Co-Chair), Nick Bengtson of EnergyHub (Co-Chair), Katie Parkinson of Apex Analytics (Co-Chair), and Chad Saliba, Geotab Energy (Co-Chair)
Type: Webinar  



March 2021   

Full House: Residential DR Retention and Recruitment Strategies and Challenges

March 2021 hot topics

It has been a wild and wooly year for managing residential demand response programs. In addition to normal program management we have had the additional challenges of our customers and ourselves having to shelter-in-place, as well as the difficulty predicting changes in customer behavior this new normal brings.

Join the Customer Engagement Interest Group to learn more about challenges your utility peers have faced and some of the approaches they have taken to keep their programs fully subscribed and delivering results while customers’ homes are more fully occupied.

Source: PLMA Customer Engagement Interest Group
Type: Webinar  


DERs in the New Energy Economy

DERs in new economy

Woods Mackenzie estimates the U.S. could have up to 380GW of DERs connected to the grid as soon as 2025. This represents tens of millions of DERs entering the ecosystem across many DER asset classes including EV-to-grid and grid-to-EV charging and interconnection, smart solar inverters, energy storage, microgrids, and many other intelligent devices.

Together, these will create potentially billions of DER-to-grid transactions. One likely result will be the need for a new transaction infrastructure. Join our moderator, PLMA Secretary Joe Childs of Eaton, PLMA's Global Load Management Co-Chair Ross Malme, and our special guest speakers to explore what this infrastructure might be, its benefits, and challenges.

Source: PLMA Load Management Dialogue featuring Peter Kelly-Detwiler, NorthBridge Energy Partners; Rick Kornfeld, Kitu Systems; Bob Manning, Avangrid; Tony Johnson, SCE; and Ross Malme of Bowen Capital Advisors
Type: Webinar  



February 2021   

Energy Trends to Watch in 2021

2021 Trends

According to Utility Dive, 2020 has so far not led to a calmer 2021, but if January 2020 taught us anything, it's that the first days of a new year may not always be a sign of what's to come.

In this discussion, Michael Brown and Catherine Morehouse will discuss Utility Dive's interviews with power sector experts who are tentatively predicting big changes for the year ahead. Join us to learn what we might expect from the new administration, and how its approach will potentially affect policymakers, regulators, utilities, and other stakeholders.

CLICK HERE to read Utility Dive's 2021 Outlook: 10 Power Sector Trends to Watch.

Source: PLMA Load Management Dialogue featuring Michael Brown of NV Energy and Catherine Morehouse of Utility Dive
Type: Webinar  


Con Edison's Demand Rate Pilots

Hot topic

Con Edison’s Demand Rate pilot programs have been testing new rate structures made possible with the implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Smart meters offer customers choices that can lead to savings, and can also help make electricity distribution more responsive and reliable.

Join us to learn about Con Edison's preliminary results from these pilots with our guest speakers, Rebecca Roberts, a Section Manager with Con Edison's Utility of the Future Group and Eric Van Orden, Director of Sales and Business Development with Copper Labs.

Source: PLMA Retail Pricing Interest Group
Type: Webinar  


Energy and Data Management for EVs

Energy and Data Management

With the electric vehicle industry growing exponentially, it is expected to become a major revenue generator for utilities all over the world. As a result, utilities are beginning to explore opportunities to offer end-to-end EV charging solutions to commercial businesses and homeowners, which will enable them to assume a more significant role in the e-mobility industry.

In this Dialogue, our guest speaker, Driivz CEO Doron Frenkel will demonstrate how, by owning as well as managing EV chargers and the EV owner relationship, utilities can gain maximum visibility of the availability and stability of the charger network, real-time control of demand response, and also be able to optimize energy management for depot/home charging.

Source: PLMA Load Management Dialogue featuring Doron Frenkel of Driivz, and the Global Load Management Interest Group Co-Chairs
Type: Webinar  


December 2020   

Inaugural 2020 Pricing Interest Group Meeting + Findings from the Maryland Time-of-Use Pricing Pilots

Hot topic

Join us for the inaugural 2020 meeting of PLMA's Retail Pricing Interest Group, and learn about the findings of the TOU pilots to date.

As part of the Maryland Public Service Commission’s PC44 proceedings, the Maryland Utilities designed time-of-use (TOU) pilots in a collaborative process. The PC44 pilots included several unique features, such as separately measuring the impact of TOU rates on LMI and non-LMI customers and providing detailed bill impact information to the customers during the recruitment stage. The pilots are scheduled to run through May 31, 2021.

PLMA's guest speaker for this HOT TOPIC is Dr. Sanem Sergici, a principal in The Brattle Group’s Boston, MA office and an expert in electricity markets and applied econometrics. Dr. Sergici brings extensive background in the assessment of these pilots.

Source: PLMA Hot Topic Group
Type: Webinar  


Israel: Integrating the Smart Grid and DER

Hot topic

Israel's utility grid is isolated from those of its neighboring countries and is constructed as an "energy island." This situation poses significant challenges that impact future energy planning decisions, including how the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) (Israel's largest supplier of electric power and only integrated electric utility) can best implement a smart grid system in general, and integrate renewable energy in particular.

Of particular relevance to U.S. organizations:
The Israel Electric Corporation's focus on grid resilience and cyber-security. In this Load Management Dialogue, presenters from Israel Electric Corporation and PLMA member company EGM Inc., will review these challenges and discussion proposed solutions. Topics will include the following:

  • Development of the Israeli utility grid
  • Israeli grid challenges
  • Evolution of utility grid technology in Israel
  • A future vision for Israel's utility grid including integration of renewable technology, storage, and EV charging stations
  • An overview of EGM's technology and products
  • The collaboration between EGM and IEC to integrate the Smart Grid and DER

Source: PLMA Load Management Dialogue featuring Amir Livne, Israel Electric Company; Dr. Alex Levran, EGM Inc; and PLMA's Global Load Management Co-Chairs
Type: Webinar  

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