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Women in DR Update:
Understanding the Storage and Demand Response Relationship

with  Elise Hunter, Pacific Gas and Electric Company; Anissa Dehamna, Navigant Research; and Elizabeth Reid, Olivine, Inc. Moderated by Gwen Resendes, Bonneville Power Administration

presented Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thank you for your interest in this Women in Demand Response update.  This was a 1-hour conversation with a few Powerpoint slides.

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Gwen Resendes of Bonneville Power Authority will facilitate this discussion to delve into the technology and operations opportunities that come from forming a relationship between energy storage and demand response programs. Learn the highlights and lowlights of grid-scale storage projects, community solar initiatives, and the go-to-market strategy that can make them useful in your Demand Response and Demand Management program. The conversation will begin with brief presentations from these industry thought leaders:

Elizabeth Reid
Olivine, Inc.
Elizabeth Reid

Elizabeth (Beth) Reid is founder and CEO of Olivine, Inc. a technology, operations and program and market entry consulting services company. Beth is a proven leader with over 20 years of experience in the energy industry. Before starting Olivine, she held senior management positions at multi-national corporations such as ABB and VECTRA Technologies. Most recently Beth has been focusing on helping clients navigate the complexities of integrating distributed energy resources with the grid, bringing first of its kind initiatives to life.

Beth will share insights into the opportunities offered by coupling DR and community solar programs. Drawing from guidance recently released by the Community Solar Value Project, this presentation will highlight how different applications of DR "from controlled electric-storage water heating to automated control of air conditioners and other equipment” are evolving to help address solar grid-integration issues. These issues range from addressing the mismatch between seasonal or daily solar generation profiles and system loads to addressing shorter-term impacts of solar variability.

Anissa Dehamna
Navigant Research
Anissa Dehamna

Anissa Dehamna works as a Principal Research Analyst managing Navigant Research's Grid Energy Storage research service. Anissa's work focuses on analyzing and quantifying the market opportunity for grid-scale energy storage, go-to-market strategy for energy storage power plants, and identifying the challenges for grid-scale energy storage technologies and markets. With a background in economics and an emphasis on environmental economics and game theory, her experience includes analysis of urbanization and rural development in Europe and in developing economies.

Annissa will explore the Intersection of Energy Storage and Demand Response. This presentation will review highlights of the distributed storage market, and will explain how storage and DR are complementary. This presentation will also highlight the virtual power plant concept and how it applies to DR, storage, and what we expect in next 3-5 years.

Elise Hunter
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Elise Hunter

Elise is the staff lead on policy and strategy for customer-sited energy storage at PG&E. She has worked in policy for ten years, including positions at the Environmental Protection Agency and at Build It Green. She holds a MBA/MS from University of Michigan and a Bachelor's degree from Stanford University.

Elise will present an overview of emerging DR and other market opportunities in California, and take a deeper dive on how they apply to storage. She will also highlight policy issues ripe for resolution, and pathways to resolve these issues.

Gwen Resendes
Bonneville Power Administration and Women in Demand Response Co-Chair
Gwen Resendes

Gwen is Program Manager for the Distributed Energy Resources organization within Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), a branch of the Department of Energy. Gwen came to BPA eight years ago with a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Finance from Washington State University and 13 years private industry experience specializing in trend analysis. Gwen joined the Distributed Energy Resources group in November 2015 and is currently developing a commercialization plan for BPA that will align BPAs needs with non-wire alternatives and applicable DER resources.