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E Source Announces 2021 Utility Ad Awards Contest WinnersE Source

Duke Energy, Georgia Power, SDG&E, Public Service Co. of Oklahoma, Enbridge Gas, and Cleco were among utilities with top-ranked advertisements

E Source announced the winners of its annual Utility Ad Awards Contest today at the E Source Forum 2021. Utilities located in the US and Canada participated in this competition to highlight their creative excellence in advertising. E Source recognized winners for generating impressive results in brand awareness, website traffic, and program participation, while maintaining an innovative design.

E Source tasked an independent group of judges with identifying 12 winners from hundreds of utility ad submissions based on messaging, creativity, results, call to action or brand connection, and overall impression. The judges ranked the top two utilities within the following categories:

  • Energy-efficiency and demand response programs
  • Safety and emergency or outage communications
  • Self-service campaign
  • Solar, storage, electric vehicles, and electrification
  • Home energy management and smart home

“This year’s submissions exceeded expectations,” says Sannie Sieper, director of marketing at E Source. “The level of excellence and outstanding results produced by the more than 50 utilities that entered were astounding to see. It’s a privilege to honor their efforts.”

CLICK HERE to learn more about the winning campaigns.


Why Some US Electric Utilities are Experimenting with Flat-rate Pricing


Quartz article featuring Uplight's new product called Plus

Cell phones. Data plans. Movie and music streaming. Home energy bill?

The subscription craze has finally reached electric utilities in the US. At least three companies are testing a new billing model that charges users a flat monthly rate regardless of how much electricity they consume. Utilities are hoping it ushers in the era of a more efficient, greener grid.

How electricity bills work

For more than a century, electricity bills came in one flavor: pay per kilowatt-hour. Initially, that price was fixed. But in the 1970s, US utilities began to experiment with dynamic pricing models, in which the cost per kilowatt-hour varied throughout the day depending on demand, similar to surge pricing on a ride-share app. In theory, dynamic pricing allows utilities to avoid switching on high-cost “peaker” plants, typically fueled by natural gas, and promotes energy and cost efficiency across the system.

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Tantalus Graduates to the Toronto Stock Exchange


Focus on public power and electric cooperative utilities results in continued growth

Burnaby, BC – September 14, 2021 –– Smart grid technology leader Tantalus Systems (TSX: GRID) today welcomed the multi-commodity utility servicing the City of Escanaba, MI to its user community, bringing the total number of utilities leveraging its solutions to 200.

Tantalus provides mission-critical smart grid solutions to the public power and electric cooperative utility market segment across North America and the Caribbean Basin. The company’s dedication to this segment continues to yield growth and scale of its active user community—a community that includes more than 4 million endpoints capturing 30 billion consumption and power quality data points per year.

“Securing the 200th member of our user community is a tremendous milestone for our organization and the utilities that already rely on our team,” said Tantalus President & CEO Peter Londa. “Throughout our history, Tantalus centered its purpose on developing technology solutions in support of the public power and electric cooperative market segment by transforming existing distribution grids into digital networks capable of resolving an increasing number of challenges confronting the utility industry.”

As has been widely reported, utilities are under growing pressure to maintain operations despite disruptions from extreme weather, mandates to decarbonize and shifting consumer demand. Despite these disruptions, utilities are called upon daily to deliver safe, reliable and affordable services, all while relying on legacy distribution grids that are limited in their ability to withstand these challenges. By helping public power and electric cooperative utilities modernize their distribution grids and rise to these modern-day challenges, Tantalus has established a community of loyal customers through decades-long relationships.

“The one thing that stands out the most about Tantalus is how much they care about their customers. That makes a difference,” said Greg Williams, General Manager of Appalachian Electric Cooperative. “We were early adopters of smart grid to automate our metering infrastructure, and we continue to partner with Tantalus to enhance our system, expand our services and improve the lives of our members. Working with Tantalus is more than just a technology match—it’s a people match, too.”

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Generac Power Systems Announces the Formation of Grid Services GroupGenerac Logo

WAUKESHA, Wis. – Sept. 8, 2021 – Generac Power Systems (NYSE: GNRC) today announced the formation of a new group called Generac Grid Services. In addition, Bud Vos, currently president of Enbala Power Networks, a Generac subsidiary, has been named president – Generac Grid Services, and will now report to Aaron Jagdfeld, president and chief executive officer.

Generac Grid Services will provide solutions directly to utilities, grid operators and energy markets, leveraging products from across the enterprise including home standby generators, PWRcell storage systems, industrial natural gas generators and others. This will allow Generac Grid Services to create economic and environmental value by delivering turn-key distributed energy assets to customers, grid operators and energy markets.

“This is another significant step toward our strategic evolution into an energy technology and services company,” said Jagdfeld. “The future of energy is quickly changing as consumers look for alternative ways to generate, store, and manage the power they need to help address the challenges associated with an electrical grid that is outdated. Generac Grid Services will enable our company to provide an array of solutions and an entirely new value stream for our customers.”

CLICK HERE to read the full press release.


Call for Self-Nominations for PLMA At-Large Director Positions Ends September 22

Self-nominations are now being accepted from PLMA At-Large Representatives to run for election for one of up to four positions as a PLMA At-Large Director for the Fall 2021 - Fall 2023 term. If you plan to seek election, please complete the At-Large Director Nomination Form. The form requests that you include a brief statement of your qualifications, your goals for the organization, and initiatives that you want to champion. Self-nominations will be accepted through Wednesday, September 22, 2021. You must be signed in as a At-Large Representative to access the nomination form. if the link does not work, cut and paste this url into your browser:

PLMA seeks nominations from At-Large Representatives to be At-Large Directors. All At-Large Directors' (see roster at terms expire at the conclusion of the 44th PLMA Conference. Up to four (4) At-Large Directors will be elected to a two-year term with no term limits by current At-Large Representatives in good standing.

Job Description.  At-Large Representatives from all Associate-level and Academic-level member organizations have the opportunity to elect At-Large Directors to serve as voting members of the PLMA Board of Directors.  The current At-Large Directors and Board of Directors are listed at  PLMA (traditionally) has two "in-person" meetings of the Board each year, the first being the evening before the Spring Conference and the second one being the evening before the start of the Fall Conference. Although it is rare, PLMA does infrequently have an all board conference call or email that requires your member input/vote. Board members will have advanced notice of the timing and subject matter for either of these as they occur. PLMA’s Officers and Executive Committee provide on-going oversight for PLMA, then present recommendations to the entire board for final decisions. The Officers and Executive Committee members are listed at  Board policies can be accessed online at  

Nomination Process. Any PLMA  At-Large Representative of an Associate-level or Academic-level member organization in good standing may self-nominate. If someone other than the  At-Large Representative from a PLMA member organization wishes to self-nominate, they must become the designated  At-Large Representative for their organization.

Election Process. The At-Large Director election will be conducted electronically before the Board meeting takes place on November 1. Candidates will be invited to record a brief statement for a Meet the Candidates webcast to be produced for At-Large Representatives in October. The Election Policy and By-laws are posted behind your member password at

Laurie Duhan
Executive Committee and Election Officer

Primary Contact: Rich Philip, Executive Director, PLMA, [email protected]; (317) 691-8443

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