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Smartenit Launches Next Generation of Connected DER Load Controllers



Smartenit, an IoT solutions pioneer focused on energy and water, introduced its new line of 50A, smart load controllers. The line shares some common specifications: 120-240VAC/50A rating, 1% electrical metering, long life relays, small (4.5”X3.5”X2.25”) size, indoor/outdoor readiness, and ultra-low power consumption even while energized. Wireless connectivity choices (LTE-M, NbIoT, ZigBee 3.0, WiFi, LoRa and BLE) cover a wide range of applications in smart cities, single and multi residential units, commercial buildings, agriculture, etc.

The load controllers enable utilities and ISOs flexible execution of DER programs for large electrical loads such as electric water heaters, pool pumps, booster pumps and submersible well pumps. Features include independent local scheduling, line frequency deviation detection, fail-safe timers, overvoltage and overcurrent protection, and Smart Energy handling of Price and DR signals. As well as being supported and fully compatible with the Smartenit ElekNet infrastructure, the devices are easily integrated with existing platforms through an open, flexible and mature API.

About Smartenit

Smartenit provides ElekNet – a complete IoT framework that integrates the full spectrum from embedded device firmware to cloud services and mobile and desktop applications for complete end-to-end solutions. ElekNet is designed to operate with and without cloud services (with a local gateway/hub) to enable mission critical operations with local or AMI networks. Smartenit is focused on practical and cost-effective solutions for energy and water in rural, urban and suburban areas. Please visit for more information


CPS Energy is Seeking a Company to Implement and Manage a Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Program


Collective 7000156820

Description: CPS Energy is seeking a Company to implement and manage a residential Electric Vehicle charging program.

Solicitation Detail:

This solicitation is for implementation, training, documentation and support services necessary to test multiple approaches, administer and operate two (2) turn-key pilot programs offered to new and current residential Electric Vehicle (“EV”) owners.

Solicitation Documents:

Companies wishing to provide a Response for this Solicitation must download the Collective Document for this Solicitation no later than January 6, 2020 from the website. There is a link for the Collective Document located on the left side of the linked page, under the “Solicitation Documents.” To successfully download the documents, it is recommended that Google Chrome 33+, Mozilla Firefox 38.01.1, or Internet Explorer 9 or greater be used.

Pre-Solicitation Meeting:

A Non-Mandatory Pre-Solicitation Meeting will be held on December 09, 2019 at 9:00 AM (Central) via WebEx. WebEx meeting information will be provided once the Company submits the Acknowledgement form, located in the Collective. This meeting is not mandatory; however, it is highly recommended that the interested Companies Attend.

To plan for this meeting, you must advise Kara Williams by email no later than January 3, 2020, by 1:00 PM (Central) of your interest to attend the WebEx meeting.

Response Due Date:

Responses are due no later than January 7, 2020 at 3:00 PM (Central). CPS Energy reserves the right to reject late Submittals. The Collective Document contains all pertinent information regarding Responses.

Contact Name: Kara Williams

Contact Email: [email protected]

Solicitation page:

Collective 7000156820 Document


IPKeys Acquires Cyber Monitoring Leader N-Dimension and Secures Investment from Leading Venture Firm EnerTech Capital


Deal Strengthens IPKeys Cybersecurity Platform and Broadens N-Dimension Access to Growing Cyber Markets

Tinton Falls, NJ Nov. 8, 2019 – IPKeys Power Partners, a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for intelligent utilities and smart cities, today announced that it has acquired N-Dimension Solutions Inc., the public power sector leader in cyber security monitoring with over 100 utilities served. Ontario based N-Dimension will merge into the IPKeys Power Partner platform while continuing to serve current customers. The transaction included an equity investment in IPKeys by Enertech Capital, a venture capital firm focused on energy innovation and technology investing in sectors including digital networks, connected buildings, mobility and optimization. The acquisition adds a robust cyber threat detection and remediation capability to IPKeys’ existing Cyber Lab as a Service (IPKeys CLaaS™) which provides a broad range of cybersecurity services and solutions to utilities and large municipal and public safety organizations throughout North America. Earlier this year IPKeys acquired SigmaFlow to add an automated NERC-CIP compliance capability to their CLaaS offering.

Click here to read the full press release.


PLMA Executive Director Search

PLMA is seeking dynamic applicants for a new full-time Executive Director.  At a very exciting time in the evolution of the energy industry, and on the heels of impressive PLMA membership growth, the Executive Director will help drive the completion of new strategic initiatives, bolster a support framework for PLMA’s volunteer leaders and expert practitioners, and build alliances with like-minded organizations that will help drive the global mission of the organization. 

About PLMA.  PLMA (Peak Load Management Alliance) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit that seeks to advance practical applications of dynamic load management and distributed energy resources by providing a forum where members educate each other and explore innovative approaches to program delivery, pricing constructs, and technology adoption.  Founded in 1999, PLMA has grown into the world’s pre-eminent membership-based trade association for load management practitioners, with over 160 member organizations that support a mission that is more relevant than ever in today’s changing energy landscape. 

Position Summary  The PLMA Executive Director will be responsible for driving the mission of the organization responsive to the strategic direction established by the PLMA Executive Committee.  They will interface directly with the PLMA Officers, Planning Groups, and Interest Groups.  The Executive Director will be responsible for helping to architect and implement optimal and cost-effective resource allocation methodologies to ensure that member benefits are maximized and resources are appropriately leveraged and invested in strategic initiatives. The Executive Director will provide oversight to contracted staff or employees and acquire new resources as required.  They will work collaboratively with the PLMA Officers, Executive Committee, and volunteer leaders focusing on building and implementing strategies and alliances that further PLMA’s mission. 

Candidates are expected to have deep load management expertise and practical experience in the implementation of innovative approaches to programs, pricing constructs, and technology adoption.  This expertise should be balanced by excellent social and relationship development skills; the highest levels of professionalism; and, the strongest support for diversity and equity. 

A search and selection committee composed of members of the Executive Committee or others from the Board of Directors will target early January of 2020 to finalize selection and negotiated start date and compensation.  Whether the position will be structured as full-time employee or full-time-equivalent independent contractor will be negotiable. 

Applications are no longer being accepted. Applications should include a cover letter stating intent to apply with summary qualifications, compensation requirements, and employment structure preference (if any) along with a full resume and three professional references. 

Position Description 

Duties of the Executive Director include but are not limited to: 

General Responsibilities:

  • Lead PLMA in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s mission;
  • Ensure adherence to the by-laws and polices;
  •  Effectively communicate with the Officers and Executive Committee providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for them  to function properly and to make informed decisions;
  • Responsible for member recruitment, conference and training operations, and developing resources necessary to support PLMA’s mission;
  • Keep PLMA members informed of the activities of the organization;
  • Collaborate with the Operations Director and oversee association management staff to ensure the completion of tactical activities in alignment with organization mission and strategy. 

Leadership Support:

  • Participate in and coordinate PLMA Officer, Board, Executive Committee, other Committee, Planning Group, and Interest Group meetings, and ULME meetings as appropriate;
  • Coordinate support and provide strategic direction for Interest Group activities;
  • Ensure strategic vision goals are achieved by working with PLMA Officers, Executive Committee, and Group Co-Chairs and others they designate to implement and complete action items including developing financial plans and work streams to achieve those goals;
  • Maintain and publish the Performance Metrics Dashboard to the Executive Committee to track strategic and operational goals and document achievements;
  • Work with PLMA Executive Committee to determine an appropriate spokesperson and referral resource for incoming press and media inquiries;
  • Promote PLMA at industry events, including trade shows, as a speaker or by coordinating speaker's bureau opportunities;
  • Manage Ally Strategy to build collaboration and partnerships with allied organizations 

Financial Performance:

  • Responsible for fiscal management of the organization including: income and expense tracking; budgeting; revenue development; and, actions to ensure fiscal stability;
  • Monitor and maintain adequate insurance, access to bank accounts, and maintenance of financial management systems (accounting, bill pay, invoicing, and payment systems) while ensuring adherence to the processes and procedures in the PLMA Fiscal Policy. 

Management and Operations:

  • Monitor compliance with PLMA policies and facilitate policy implementation;
  • Ensure adequate operational infrastructure (facilities, equipment, services, etc.);
  • Negotiate and execute contracts as an authorized agent consistent with the Fiscal Policy;
  • File renewal of corporate status in state of incorporation and other required state filings;
  • Provide data required for third-party preparation of IRS Form 990 and/or financial audits;
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(6) requirements;
  • Ensure smooth leadership elections in a manner consistent with the Leadership Election Policy;
  • Other tasks as assigned by Officers.


PLMA Grows to 164 Member Organizations and Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Voice of Load Management Practitioners Welcomes Over 335 Registrants to 40th Conference in Florida

Saint Petersburg, Florida – November 5, 2019 – PLMA, the voice of load management practitioners in the energy utility industry, welcomed its 164th member organization at its Fall Board meeting Monday, up from 42 members seven years ago. The board meeting was held in conjunction with the 40th PLMA Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida which is being attended by over 335 practitioners from energy utility and industry allies.

At the Conference, PLMA:

- Celebrated its 20th anniversary be welcoming back all past PLMA Chairs and founding Executive Director

- Elected these officers for 2019-2021 term:
    - Chair: Michael Brown, Berkshire Hathaway NV Energy
    - Vice Chair: Richard Barone, Hawaiian Electric Company
    - Treasurer: Troy Eichenberger, Tennessee Valley Authority
    - Secretary: Joseph E. Childs, Eaton

- Elected these At-Large Directors for 2019-2021 term:
    - Matt Carlson, Aquanta
    - Tom Hines, Tierra Resource Consultants
    - James Jackson, Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions
    - John Powers, Extensible Energy

- Launched a new Executive Director search

The 41th PLMA Conference will be April 20-22, 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona. An industry-wide call for presenters will launch later this month. PLMA’s national conferences presented in spring and fall provide a forum for practitioners from energy utilities, solution providers and trade allies to share dynamic load management expertise, including demand response and distributed energy resources. 

PLMA (Peak Load Management Alliance) seeks to advance practical applications of dynamic load management and distributed energy resources by providing a forum where members educate each other and explore innovative approaches to program delivery, pricing constructs, and technology adoption.  For two decades, PLMA conferences, educational programs and networking opportunities have brought member organizations together to develop, implement and share proven practices in a peer-to-peer network – offering load management leadership for the energy industry. Learn more at

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