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New Study Uncovers EV Load Flexibility Potential in the Largest US EV Market

Opinion Dynamics

WALTHAM, Mass, April 21 -- Electric vehicle (EV) sales soared in 2021, nearly doubling 2020 sales numbers. With over 20 new EV models expected to hit showroom floors in 2022, analysts predict another surge of EV sales this year. In an effort to better understand the impact of the EV boom, improve resilience, and address emerging grid needs, Opinion Dynamics recently completed a study to investigate and determine the load reduction potential of EV Automated Demand Response (ADR) technologies.

The study, conducted on behalf of Pacific, Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), analyzed data of EV consumers to quantify the peak and overnight load management potential for EV charging control technologies. This data revealed that EV charging load is greatest overnight, and EV charging controls hold promise for mitigating EV overnight peaks. Opinion Dynamics also verified the EV load management capabilities of vendors that control chargers directly (ChargePoint® and Enel X®) as well as vendors that leverage vehicle telematics (Geotab Energy®) with a sample of PG&E EV owners through a technology field test. The field test results revealed that all vendors effectively curtailed EV charging during demand response (DR) events with minimal impact on the study participants.

Additionally, field test participants showed interest in bidirectional charging, a technology that continues to show promise in complementary pilots conducted for PG&E. 

These findings are supplemented by the results of a survey Opinion Dynamics conducted of 3,000 PG&E EV owners to assess customer awareness and perceptions of the environmental, financial, and grid benefits of managed charging, as well as interest in using their vehicle as a battery during times of grid stress. Results of the survey indicated:

  • Nearly half of respondents indicated they would be willing to enroll in an EV DR program that included a $50 incentive for enrollment.
  • By contrast, we found a $300 incentive would be necessary to convince 45% of EV owners to upgrade to a Smart Level 2 charger.
  • Additionally, Opinion Dynamics ascertained EV owners’ incentive and program design preferences to inform the development of future EV load management programs.

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Meet the 19th PLMA Award Winners from 2022: 

PLMA proudly announced the winners of its 19th PLMA Awards. Those recognized by their peers for outstanding load management programs, initiatives, and achievements in calendar year 2021 included:


Program Pacesetter Winners:

Technology Pioneer Award Winner:

Thought Leadership Award Winner: 

These award winners were recognized at the 45thrd PLMA Conference, April 4-6, 2022. Each winning initiative will be featured in a PLMA Load Management Dialogue webinar/podcast during the summer of 2022. 

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Each Winning Initiative

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Tantalus and Energy Toolbase Partner to Secure First of Several Projects Bringing a Commercial-Grade Microgrid Solution to Market


BURNABY, BC – April 5, 2022- Tantalus Systems (TSX: GRID) (“Tantalus” or the “Company”), a smart grid technology company focused on helping build sustainable utilities, is pleased to announce the deployment of an industry-leading commercial microgrid project being delivered in partnership with Energy Toolbase (“ETB”), which provides a suite of project modeling, energy storage control and asset monitoring products for solar and storage microgrid deployments.

Tantalus, through its recent acquisition of DLC Systems d/b/a Congruitive (“Congruitive”) and ETB are jointly supporting the deployment of a microgrid that includes solar panels and battery storage to provide resiliency to the headquarters of a major construction company in Riverdale, California. Designed to address the broader global microgrid market, which is expected to grow by nearly 18% annually to US$26B by 2026, the combined solution will enable the construction company to manage demand charges, perform load shifting and take advantage of other economic optimizations while being connected to the electric distribution grid, as well as providing resiliency to maintain operations in the event the headquarters experiences a power outage from their local utility. During grid power outages, the microgrid will automatically reconfigure the solar and storage system into an islanded resource, delivering backup power to the building. As part of the deployment, ETB’s energy management system, known as Acumen EMS™, is providing the intelligence layer to manage the economic optimization of the system. Through its Congruence.IQ™ (“C.IQ™”) Microgrid Controller, Tantalus is delivering the necessary software and tools to manage the microgrid during grid outages.  

“We are witnessing an increasing number of commercial enterprises build their own microgrids to become more resilient and mitigate exposure to power outages,” said Scott D’Ambrosio, Vice President of Sales at Energy Toolbase. “Organizations not only need the support and expertise to help simplify these complex projects, but also the intelligent software required to safely operate and monetize these systems. By integrating the C.IQ capabilities from Tantalus, our partnership delivers a comprehensive system to maximize the return on investments being made in microgrids.” 

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SMUD Job Opportunity: Senior Strategic Business Planner


Senior Strategic Business Planner
Advanced Energy Solutions

This is a critical position for the development of Advanced Energy Solutions (AES) contribution to SMUD’s 2030 Zero Carbon Plan. The position reports to the Manager of Market and Program Development (Planning) in AES. The successful candidate will guide the continued development of Load Flexibility (peak reduction and storage) and Electric Transportation programs for SMUD. The Load Flexibility portfolio of programs contains very mature programs that need to evolve to programs that are currently only in a concept phase, but have high expectation of growth.  The Electric Transportation portfolio of programs are adapting toward programs designed to work with customers to develop charging infrastructure. Because of the need for load management of new loads, these portfolios are closely linked.  The successful candidate will have the responsibility to guide and make adjustments to the programs to ensure they meet the needs of the Zero Carbon Plan and the SMUD grid. This candidate may also be asked to assist with other portfolios in AES (Energy Efficiency, Building Electrification, or Green Pricing). The successful candidate may also be required to provide assistance to other staff members adding their expertise and leadership in the development and creation of other new programs or processes. Over the next few years, there will be significant growth in AES to support the 2030 Zero Carbon Plan. The growth will be in both number of programs and efforts, but also in volume. The person selected for this job will need to collaborate with a large number of departments, facilitate a constantly evolving amount of work (both new and existing work), have great organizational skills, and operate as an integral component of the AES community. For this position, there is also a desire for strong analytical skills.

To lead in the performance of both short and long term strategic business planning balancing the experiences and needs of customers while also focusing on internal priorities, resources and objectives. Oversee long term strategies while also delivering value to the business through short term, actionable efforts. In doing so, clearly identifies SMUD’s current state, desired state, key steps required to reach the desired state, and the benefits to our customers and SMUD. Maintains a focus on customer experience excellence; ensures achievement of department results and goals that support SMUD strategic objectives

Nature & Scope: Serves as a technical or functional expert or consultant providing expertise and/or direction in one or more areas of a professional discipline and assumes responsibility for resolving complex problems and projects; may serve in a Lead role and assist in planning, coordinating, prioritizing, monitoring and evaluating the work results in assigned area and in selecting, training, motivating, evaluating and developing lower-level personnel.

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Xcel Energy Job Opportunity: Energy Solutions Engineer Job


Location(s): CO - Denver; MN - Minneapolis

Are you looking for an exciting job where you can put your skills and talents to work at a company you can feel proud to be a part of? Do you want a workplace that will challenge you and offer you opportunities to learn and grow? A position at Xcel Energy could be just what you’re looking for.

Do you want to change the way people use energy and help Xcel Energy reach our carbon-free by 2050 goal? We are looking for experienced engineers to provide technical expertise and strategic direction for our commercial and industrial programs which help customers use energy more efficiently. This position also includes analyzing potential customers solutions, supporting associate engineers, and working with customers, account managers, and regulatory groups. The successful candidate will have excellent communication skills to share technical information and work collaboratively across internal and external teams. Experience with building automation systems, data centers, demand response, or energy storage is preferred.  

This position has a flexible work program allowing telecommuting up to 80% of the time.

Essential Responsibilities

  •  Analyze, review, and approve analyses of customer projects in conservation programs. Understand and follow the regulatory and internal rules to meet state and corporate guidelines for cost-effectiveness analysis. 
  • Provide industry guidance, training and education to be a trusted partner in program direction and planning. Key parties are other engineers, account managers, program managers, regulatory, and product development
  • Continually to develop as a technical resource and thought leader within product teams for gas or electric programs. Work closely with other technical experts to create cross-functional solutions. Some technical categories include audits, HVAC equipment and controls, industrial systems, new construction, audits, and strategic energy management. 
  • Support program prescriptive program offerings through creation of standard analyses published in the Technical Resource Manual. Develop and support calculations in our CRM to support customer’s access to incentives for common technologies. 
  • Consulting with customers as part of product delivery, and customized customer consulting on project specific basis. Leverage internal expertise to customer advantage while developing relationships with external networks of trade partners, governmental agencies, industry associations and research firms. 

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