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Pacific Gas and Electric Company Seeks Senior Customer Care Program Manager

Pacific Gas and Electric Company logo

The Senior Program Manager will manage two key demand response program offerings from PG&E; the Capacity Bidding Program (CBP) and the Base Interruptible Program (BIP) for Aggregators.  The Senior Program Manager is responsible for translating changes in regulatory policy into corresponding changes in program rules (tariffs), managing PG&E’s relationships with more than 15 third-party Aggregators participating in these programs, ensuring that the third-party Aggregators operate in accordance with the program tariffs, and overseeing the development of processes and IT systems that enable customer enrollment, management, and performance calculations. 

The Senior Program Manager will collaborate with other program managers on interdependencies between programs, with the Demand Response Operations team to ensure customer experiences are at the core of systems development and functionality, with teams in Energy Procurement to coordinate on policy and strategy issues, with Measurement and Evaluation to measure the performances of the programs, and outside IT system vendors to ensure the availability and functionality of customer-facing systems.

To learn more and apply, visit

Contact: Wendy Brummer, [email protected]



Utility Dive and PLMA Rename Free Weekly Newsletter

In order to reflect the changing nature of the industry and the multitude of issues that demand response professionals are now dealing with, Utility Dive: Demand Response has changed its name to Utility Dive: Load Management.

Providing in-depth journalism and insight into the most impactful news and trends shaping the load management sector, Utility Dive: Load Management delivers the latest to your inbox, every week.

Utility Dive: Load Management covers topics such as:

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Navigant Publishes Utility Demand Response Program White Paper

Navigant white paper

Utility customers have little choice in their power providers, particularly in vertically integrated energy markets. Accordingly, utilities acquire their customers less because of winning customer service, service offerings, or more general forces of competition, and more due to an inelastic demand for energy. Despite a relationship often born out of necessity, the utility still has the duty and the interest to provide reliable, affordable energy and excellent customer service to its customer base.

Demand-side management (DSM) is often overlooked as a mechanism to strengthen utility relationships with commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, yet it often aligns customer preferences for incentives and low energy costs with utilities’ desire to reduce peak demand and power generation costs. This white paper explores the mechanisms by which utilities can implement or improve upon existing DSM programs, with particular focus on the nuances of implementing demand response (DR).

This white paper highlights critical insights for utilities into the implementation of future customer-focused DR programs, given the rapidly changing and distributed energy grid. Utilities with existing DR programs that are either underperforming or otherwise failing to yield desired results may look to the considerations and case studies to strengthen their existing DR portfolio and meet customer needs.

DSM programs are not only overlooked by utilities, but also by utility C&I customers who seek to lower their electricity costs. Despite proactive action on the part of many C&I customers, there is still a profound absence of knowledge about value creation opportunities through participation in one or more DR programs. This white paper is also geared at C&I customers who would like to learn about different types of DR programs and how to maximize benefits through enrollment.

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PLMA Launches Load Management Encyclopedia 

Wiki Initiative goal is to gain industry consensus on common terms, concepts

Vallejo, Calif., July 17, 2019 PLMA, the voice of load management practitioners in the energy utility industry, launched the Load Management Encyclopedia wiki initiative at The overall goal of this wiki initiative is to promote knowledge sharing among energy industry load management practitioners and allies in these three areas: 

Common Industry Terms as Defined on Wikipedia.  The specific goal of this wiki initiative is to share and enhance common industry terms as defined on Wikipedia from a load management practitioners’ perspective. To be clear, anyone may apply directly to be a Wikipedia contributor and propose editorial suggestions. However, this initiative seeks to facilitate a discussion around term definitions for a defined time length and then submit a consensus perspective to Wikipedia for consideration and hopefully inclusion on as the authoritative source. Term definitions currently in consideration are: Peak Demand, Demand Response, and Load Management. 

Evolution of Demand Response in the U.S. Electricity Industry.  The specific goal of this wiki initiative is to share and enhance the articulation of the stages of how demand response initiatives have evolved in the U.S. electricity industry from a load management practitioners’ perspective.  This article should help new and transitioning professionals, regulators, and lawmakers understand the growth and trends of the industry. 

Load Management Acronyms & Glossary.  The specific goal of this wiki initiative is to share and enhance the articulation of common acronyms and terms from a load management practitioners’ perspective.  

PLMA facilitates this wiki initiative as a member service but use is not restricted to PLMA member organization staff.  Anyone may reproduce the information presented in the Load Management Encyclopedia provided the source is acknowledged as “used with permission from the  PLMA Load Management Encyclopedia” and a copy is provided in electronic form to [email protected].  PLMA reserves the right to limit or restrict use at its sole discretion.  

Learn about Load Management Encyclopedia here
40th PLMA Conference

The content shared through the wiki initiative will be explored further at the 40th PLMA Conference from November 4-6, 2019 in St. Petersburg, Florida. PLMA’s national conferences are presented in spring and fall to provide a forum where practitioners from energy utilities, solution providers and trade allies share dynamic load management expertise, including demand response and distributed energy resources. For two decades, PLMA conferences, educational programs and networking opportunities have brought member organizations together to develop, implement and share proven practices in a peer-to-peer network – offering load management leadership for the energy industry.

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PLMA (Peak Load Management Alliance) is a non-profit association founded in 1999 that serves over 150 member organizations as the Voice of Load Management Practitioners. PLMA seeks to advance practical applications of dynamic load management and distributed energy resources by providing a forum where members educate each other and explore innovative approaches to program delivery, pricing constructs, and technology adoption. Learn more at


Uplight: Simple Energy and Tendril Merge to Accelerate the Clean Energy Ecosystem


- The combined company, which will be named Uplight, becomes the first to unite all key solutions for delivery, management and optimization of the customer energy experience.  
- Uplight collectively has more than 75 utility partners reaching 100 million residential and business customers.
- Uplight brings together the leaders in utility-branded marketplaces, demand side management, analytics, and utility customer experience personalization.

(Boulder, Colo. – July 15, 2019) Tendril and Simple Energy today announced they have merged their business operations and formed a new market leader: Uplight. By combining the recent acquisitions of EEme, EnergySavvy and FirstFuel with Tendril’s data analytics platform and Simple Energy’s consumer engagement marketplace, Uplight offers the most comprehensive suite of customer-facing solutions to electric and gas utilities. 

Uplight provides an end-to-end energy action system that transcends utility silos and leverages every energy customer interaction across every channel, program and solution. This approach enables utilities to provide the personalized experiences that customers have now come to expect—and which motivate them to act—while improving satisfaction, increasing revenue, reducing the cost to serve, and contributing to carbon reduction goals. 

“To lead the transition to a clean and resilient grid, energy providers must invest in providing a world-class customer experience,” said Adrian Tuck, formerly the CEO of Tendril and now the CEO of Uplight. “We formed Uplight to help utilities do exactly that. By bringing together market leaders in energy software, we have created a unique partner that combines leading innovation in consumer engagement and proven results working across organizational silos. Together we will support the clean energy ecosystem with a new suite of capabilities that lead to true customer-centricity.”

The formation of Uplight comes at a critical time. Utilities not only face a host of technical, competitive and regulatory challenges, but they are also expected to provide a personalized customer experience, reduce costs and drive new sources of revenue. In response, utility leaders have been forced to patch together a mix of overlapping vendors to address different aspects of the customer energy experience. This patchwork approach cannot deliver the modern, frictionless, integrated experience customers now expect. 

“Over the past few years we’ve assembled highly skilled and passionate teams with a shared commitment to serve electric and gas utilities, empower customers, and build a more sustainable future,” said Yoav Lurie, formerly the CEO of Simple Energy and now the President and COO of Uplight. “The name Uplight illustrates this commitment and speaks to the power of our industry to accelerate massive change at a critical time as we create a carbon-free energy system.” 

Uplight’s comprehensive suite of solutions delivers highly personalized, timely and relevant energy actions based on customer-specific data, individualized journeys and unique personas. The highly synergetic solutions are offered as part of a unified software platform, providing a streamlined, holistic experience for utilities. They include: Behavioral Energy Efficiency, Digital Customer Engagement, Utility Marketplace, Renewables Adoption and Experience, Demand Management, CX Personalization and Next Best Action, Rates Adoption and Experience, and Energy Experience Platform.

“We have long trusted Simple Energy and Tendril to help us build the future of our company and better serve our customers,” said Patti Poppe, President and Chief Executive Officer, Consumers Energy. “As we execute our latest Integrated Resource Plan, which calls for zero coal production and at least 40% from renewables by 2040, it’s more important than ever to work with partners that deliver flexibility and innovation at scale. Uplight, with its focus on the customer and comprehensive solution set—from behavioral energy efficiency and dynamic rates enrollment to an ecommerce marketplace and automated device control—provides the full package required to help achieve our IRP goals.”

“At Xcel Energy we embrace our responsibility to the environment, which is why we are committed to producing 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050,” said Brett Carter, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer and Innovation Officer, Xcel Energy. “Educating and engaging our millions of business and residential customers on the renewable and smart control options available to them is important to this effort. With its approach to personalization and customer experience, Uplight is an ideal partner to accelerate our clean energy ecosystem.” 

Uplight offers its utility partners industry-leading software, robust data analytics, agile scalability, industry knowledge, commitment to progress and deep expertise across the entire energy ecosystem. Bringing together these successful companies means Uplight already has extensive experience, as demonstrated by its more than 75 utility partners across 40 states, and reaching 100 million residential and business customers. 

Rubicon Technology Partners (RTP), which made a strategic investment in Tendril in December 2018, remains Uplight’s majority shareholder. The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES), became Simple Energy’s largest shareholder in March 2018 and continues as a key investor and innovation partner in Uplight. RTP and AES share Uplight’s vision for accelerating a cleaner energy future and will continue to be key partners in the company’s growth. 

About Uplight.  Born from the merger of Tendril and Simple Energy, and the acquisitions of FirstFuel, EEme and EnergySavvy, Uplight is the leading provider of end-to-end customer-centric technology solutions dedicated solely to serving the energy ecosystem. Uplight provides software and services to more than 75 of the world’s leading electric and gas utilities, with the mission of motivating and enabling energy users and providers to accelerate the clean energy ecosystem. Uplight is the leader in Demand Side Management, Energy Analytics, Utility Marketplaces, Utility Personalization, and Home Energy Management. Together, these solutions form a unified, end-to-end customer energy experience system that’s proven at enterprise scale, yet nimble enough to deliver innovative solutions quickly. Utility leaders at all levels rely on Uplight and its customer-focused digital energy experiences to improve customer satisfaction, deliver energy and capacity outcomes, reduce service costs, increase revenue, and reduce carbon emissions. To learn more, visit us at, find us on Twitter @uplight or on LinkedIn at

About Rubicon Technology Partners.  Rubicon Technology Partners invests in enterprise software companies with proven products and talented management teams to help grow and scale their businesses. Rubicon enables companies to adapt to the changing requirements of their businesses as they grow and scale using a proven set of proprietary processes, best practices and a portfolio-wide engagement model called RTP Change Management™. With offices in Palo Alto, CA and Stamford, CT, Rubicon has over $850 million in cumulative capital commitments. For more information, please visit

About AES.  The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES) is a Fortune 500 global power company. We provide affordable, sustainable energy to 14 countries through our diverse portfolio of distribution businesses as well as thermal and renewable generation facilities. Our workforce is committed to operational excellence and meeting the world’s changing power needs. Our 2018 revenues were $11 billion, and we own and manage $33 billion in total assets. To learn more, please visit Follow AES on Twitter @TheAESCorp.


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