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Redefining Excellence: Introducing ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium & Smart Thermostat Enhanced


TORONTO – May 17, 2022 – Since launching the world’s first smart thermostat in 2009, ecobee has continued to redefine what a thermostat can do. Today’s introduction of ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium and Smart Thermostat Enhanced pushes the boundaries of the category to improve comfort, home health, and security, while continuing to deliver the energy saving features synonymous with ecobee.

Smart Thermostat Premium and Smart Thermostat Enhanced combine quality materials and advanced engineering for the company’s most sophisticated smart thermostats yet. The new smart thermostats are built with radar – ecobee’s most advanced sensor technology to date – for improved occupancy and motion detection, while a refreshed user experience and larger display make them easier to use than ever before. ecobee’s new flagship Smart Thermostat Premium offers all this plus so much more. With a harmonious combination of design and function, Smart Thermostat Premium is the only smart thermostat with both an indoor air quality monitor and an embedded smart speaker with a choice of Siri1 or Alexa built-in, encased in a stunning zinc body.

“At ecobee, we believe the future smart home will be more resilient and efficient, and we remain committed to achieving these goals by offering advanced technologies designed to improve everyday life and create a more sustainable world,” said ecobee Founder and CEO, Stuart Lombard. “Our all-new smart thermostat lineup is our smartest yet, with industry leading technology including radar and a new intuitive user experience, and is designed to bring families more comfort, energy savings, and peace of mind, while improving home health and looking great on your wall.”

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Opinion Dynamics Welcomes Lenore Zeuthen, Associate Director

Opinion Dynamics

WALTHAM, Mass, May 11, 2022 -- Opinion Dynamics is pleased to welcome Lenore Zeuthen as an Associate Director. Lenore brings substantial expertise in demand response programs and customer experience research garnered over her nearly ten years in the energy industry. Lenore has served as a Board Member for the Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA) for the past seven years and is contemporaneously serving as Co-Chair of Customer Engagement and a member of the Strategic Marketing Committee. In her new role, Lenore will collaborate with multiple Opinion Dynamics’ project teams, drawing on her vast experience working closely with utilities and industry partners.

“We’re thrilled to bring Lenore on board to round out our flexible load and pricing team given her extensive experience working with utility clients, particularly related to customer experience with utility programs and services,” said Olivia Patterson, Senior Vice President at Opinion Dynamics. “I’ve worked with Lenore throughout the years as a volunteer for the Peak Load Management Alliance and can’t wait to add her expertise to our client engagements.”

“Opinion Dynamics is the best place for me to pursue my passion for customer behavior research, and my desire to do meaningful, impactful work that moves us to a more resilient, sustainable future,” said Lenore Zeuthen, Associate Director at Opinion Dynamics. “I’m also excited to work with their many energy experts, whom I’ve gotten to know through PLMA.”

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Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association Job Opportunity: Energy Resources Administrator

Poudre Valley

Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association is seeking an Energy Resources Administrator who wants an exciting work atmosphere and to be a part of a team dedicated to exceptional service.

This position will be a key part of a growing initiative that delivers energy products and services to the cooperative’s electric consumers. Under the guidance of the Energy Resources Director, this position helps drive the success of both existing and new member-facing offerings focused on managing electric energy use and distributed energy resources (DER), including efficiency, distributed generation, and demand response. Project and program administration will include, but are not limited to, energy efficiency, demand response, and net metering programs; community solar, microgrid, and energy storage projects; on-bill repayment management; and beneficial electrification initiatives (electric vehicles, HVAC, etc.).

Key Responsibilities

  • Serve as a trusted energy advisor for members inquiring about home energy technologies, DERs, and rate options, including individual consultations through phone and email.
  • Administration of existing energy efficiency, demand response, net metering, and pilot rate programs including assisting members with rebates and processes, rebate and incentive payment management, DER coordination and operation, member participation verification, and program data compilation, analysis, and presentation.
  • Assist with identifying energy program and service business opportunities that benefit participating members and the entire cooperative.
  • Manage existing and new energy products and service offerings, including planning, design, development, implementation, and ongoing operation.
  • Develop financing options, mechanisms, and billing processes for energy product and service offerings and coordinate implementation and auditing procedures.

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Kandiyohi Power Cooperative Validates Integration of Tantalus’ TUNet Technology with Neptune’s R900 System Data


Utility generates incremental revenue stream by providing billing data to the neighboring utility operated by the City of Oliva, MN

BURNABY, BC – April 28, 2022 – Tantalus Systems (TSX: GRID) (“Tantalus” or the “Company”), a smart grid technology company focused on helping build sustainable utilities, is pleased to announce that Kandiyohi Power Cooperative has deployed and validated the capability of the Tantalus Utility Network (TUNet®) to capture, integrate and present consumption and flow data from licensed Neptune R900® water endpoints.   

Kandiyohi has partnered with the City of Olivia, MN, which had previously invested in water system automation by deploying R900 RF water endpoints that were being read monthly via a drive-by data collection solution. By leveraging the TRUScan™ capability embedded within Tantalus’ TUNet smart grid platform, which uniquely enables utilities to access and enable data from a diverse set of endpoints that rely on different protocols across one smart-grid network, Kandiyohi has demonstrated the ability to integrate smart meter data along with daily water consumption and critical alarm data from the city’s deployed Neptune R900 endpoints.  As a result of the successful validation, Kandiyohi is now able to provide the city with a path to a more resilient, digitized distribution network at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone full deployment.    

“Like many public power utilities, Olivia has made previous investments in the automation of their water system with the deployment of the drive-by Neptune R900/R900i water solution.  Since those Neptune endpoints communicate via a licensed protocol, their ability to integrate those devices into a broader multi-commodity smart grid deployment would have previously required that we rip and replace those drive-by water endpoints with an entirely new AMI water endpoint solution,” said Chad Straus, AMI Administrator at Kandiyohi Power Cooperative, MN.  “We are excited that Tantalus and Neptune have solved this problem by integrating Neptune R900/R900i endpoints into a single multi-commodity TUNet smart grid platform. The combined solution allows the city to preserve citizens’ investment in Neptune’s water devices while simultaneously migrating the electric distribution system to a more resilient smart grid network.” Kandiyohi owns and operates the Tantalus smart grid network that provides the Neptune water meter data along with electric meter data to Olivia for monthly billing.

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New Study Uncovers EV Load Flexibility Potential in the Largest US EV Market

Opinion Dynamics

WALTHAM, Mass, April 21 -- Electric vehicle (EV) sales soared in 2021, nearly doubling 2020 sales numbers. With over 20 new EV models expected to hit showroom floors in 2022, analysts predict another surge of EV sales this year. In an effort to better understand the impact of the EV boom, improve resilience, and address emerging grid needs, Opinion Dynamics recently completed a study to investigate and determine the load reduction potential of EV Automated Demand Response (ADR) technologies.

The study, conducted on behalf of Pacific, Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), analyzed data of EV consumers to quantify the peak and overnight load management potential for EV charging control technologies. This data revealed that EV charging load is greatest overnight, and EV charging controls hold promise for mitigating EV overnight peaks. Opinion Dynamics also verified the EV load management capabilities of vendors that control chargers directly (ChargePoint® and Enel X®) as well as vendors that leverage vehicle telematics (Geotab Energy®) with a sample of PG&E EV owners through a technology field test. The field test results revealed that all vendors effectively curtailed EV charging during demand response (DR) events with minimal impact on the study participants.

Additionally, field test participants showed interest in bidirectional charging, a technology that continues to show promise in complementary pilots conducted for PG&E. 

These findings are supplemented by the results of a survey Opinion Dynamics conducted of 3,000 PG&E EV owners to assess customer awareness and perceptions of the environmental, financial, and grid benefits of managed charging, as well as interest in using their vehicle as a battery during times of grid stress. Results of the survey indicated:

  • Nearly half of respondents indicated they would be willing to enroll in an EV DR program that included a $50 incentive for enrollment.
  • By contrast, we found a $300 incentive would be necessary to convince 45% of EV owners to upgrade to a Smart Level 2 charger.
  • Additionally, Opinion Dynamics ascertained EV owners’ incentive and program design preferences to inform the development of future EV load management programs.

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