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Honeywell Smart Grid Solutions has an exciting leadership opportunity

Honeywell LogoHoneywell Smart Grid Solutions has an exciting leadership opportunity to showcase your operations management skills and client interface skills in a Senior Program Manager role. We are looking for a self-lead, self-starter to drive the operations of our delivery team for our Energy Efficiency and Demand Response programs. This position will be based in Jackson, Michigan. The successful candidate will manage the operations of our residential demand response programs and lead an operational team, including supporting other Program Managers, managing multiple client activities, supervision of project staff, and monitor regulatory activity.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Deliver high-quality customer service and manage multiple client relationships with financial responsibilities exceeding $10M annually.
  • Support District Manager and Sales team in new business development and program start ups.
  • Create an annual operations budget; adjusting monthly as needed to achieve financial goals.
  • Support and mentor new and existing Program Managers and or Project Control Specialist to deliver program SLA’s.
  • Identify and supply new business opportunities to the regional, operations, and sales teams.
  • Track KPI’s on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to ensure contract goals are being met.
  • Interview, hire, and develop staff with attention to safety, production, and morale.
  • Coordinate and develop processes for Incentive Processing, Marketing and Call Center activities.
  • Oversee subcontractors and suppliers to ensure compliance with all deliverables.
  • Manage SOW and client expectations.
  • Ensure safety, quality, and service standards are being met.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Business, Engineering, Construction Management or related field OR in lieu of Bachelors degree, Associates degree plus 4 years of industry experience.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience managing or supervising employees.
  • 3-5 years of experience in Microsoft Office.

Additional/ Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of demand response or energy efficiency programs including rebate processing, marketing, customer care, field supervision.
  • Strong presentation skills and comfort and ease with clients.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work well in a team environment with excellent work ethic
  • Experienced with report management including production, forecasting, and detailed program reporting.

As an equal opportunity employer, Honeywell is committed to a diverse workforce. Interested candidates should contact: [email protected].




Honeywell LogoHoneywell launching new hardware and software features all poised to drive a more holistic, yet surgical, approach to enterprise class demand response and distributed energy resource programs.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minnesota, May 13th, 2019 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced it has launched an innovative deployment model and several corresponding feature capabilities to support a more demanding grid.

Honeywell’s DemandSites energy asset management platform is now deployable as an outcome-based, modular solution giving utilities more granular control over their IT/OT environments. Under this approach, Honeywell evaluates the utility’s current systems and capabilities, defines the intended outcomes, and only deploys as much or as little automation required to reach a desired outcome. This allows utilities to better leverage and improve legacy applications to economically fill technology gaps without necessarily disrupting current business processes.

“Our clients often have explicit needs to address and are led to believe they need to buy a specific piece of software with a specific acronym to achieve their goals.” says Jamie Coffel, Global Product Manager with Honeywell Smart Energy. “They are often surprised to find that we can augment their existing systems to achieve their Demand Response or Distributed Energy program goals. We can save them money in both the short and long terms”.

Honeywell Internal New modular additions to the DemandSites platform include:

  • Virtual Power Plant (VPP) – Enables connected loads and resources to be more intelligently managed during an event to provide a stable, defined capacity commitment.
  • DR over AMI – DemandSites will now support traditional DR applications via Honeywell AMI networks and the new EdgeControl node (ECN) load control transceiver.
  • Fast Frequency Response (FFR) – The quick, reliable response to grid frequency deviations attributed to systems with a high penetration of renewable energy. Distributed premise-level intelligence for ultra-fast control and centralized program management.
  • Transactive Energy (TE) – Incentivizes end users to reduce, consume, or produce energy based on published pricing for defined intervals throughout the defined time period.
  • EdgeControl Node (ECN) – A customizable load control switch supporting grid-edge apps and numerous communications channels from AMI networks to LTE-M/NB-IoT with multiband support. Choose from existing form factors or work with our custom development team to create your own, utility specific device at your price point.

For more information about Honeywell Smart Energy solutions, visit:



Tantalus Load Management Solution Portfolio Expands with Addition of 4-relay Load Control Switch

May 01, 2019 10:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Tantalus LogoRALEIGH, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tantalus Systems, a smart grid technology company which helps utilities make smarter decisions through the use of its market-leading edge computing platform, announced today the addition of a new load control switch to its existing product portfolio that features 4 independently-controllable relays. The new model further demonstrates the capability of the Tantalus Utility Network (TUNet®) and its embedded TRUEdge™ computing module to support multiple applications beyond Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

The 4-relay load control switch is a compact and cost-effective solution capable of managing residential and commercial electrical loads. The ability to manage 4 different loads independently while tracking event execution through two-way communications allows a utility to effectively target load management and improve the efficiency and resiliency of its electric distribution network while minimizing impact to the utility’s customers. The 4-relay switch will also leverage OptiCycle™, an intelligent cycling feature, which further maximizes load reduction while supporting cold load pick-up and event ramping. The optional event opt-out and recurring scheduling features provide additional tools to support utility demand management, direct load control, energy efficiency and consumer engagement programs.

“Tantalus is already helping our utility cope with the wide variety of installation situations and load configurations we encounter in the field,” said Dan Tepfer, Energy Management/Key Account Representative, Kandiyohi Power Cooperative. “The addition of the 4-relay model provides much more flexibility to efficiently handle even our most challenging sites without additional equipment.”

Tantalus is making its load switch platform available to other AMI and smart grid vendors for integration with their respective communication networks to extend Tantalus’ reach beyond its growing presence in the Municipal and Cooperative utility market.

“Tantalus continues to lead the way in innovative and effective technologies in support of the Municipal and Cooperative utility segment. We are excited to expand our product portfolio in a way that further assists utilities seeking to build a sustainable business model and improve customer service,” said Peter Londa, Tantalus’ CEO. “The 4-relay load control switch demonstrates our continued commitment to deliver solutions that meet the needs of our customers and we are excited to provide access to this new product to the broader utility market through alliances and partnerships.”

About Tantalus

Tantalus provides TUNet – the Tantalus Utility Network – which is an award-winning end-to-end communications platform utilizing IP-based networks including fiber, WiMAX and cellular as well as 220 & 900 MHz wireless radio frequency. TUNet is designed and built for the smart grid and unites utility applications through distributed, Linux-based edge computing capability at every endpoint, thereby enhancing the value of data across all utility departments through integrated solutions such as AMI, outage management, power quality monitoring, load management, lighting controls and distribution automation that are cost-effective and practical to deploy throughout urban, suburban and rural service areas. For more information, please visit


Jacquie Hudson
Marketing Communications Manager
Tantalus Systems Inc.
613-552-4244 | [email protected]
Twitter: @TantalusCorp


PLMA announces the publication of

The Future of Distributed Energy Resources

A PLMA Practitioner PerspectivesTM Compendium

The Future of Distributed Energy Resources cover

Where do today's load management activities - including demand response , energy efficiency, and renewable energy programs - fit in a distributed energy resource (DER) future of non-wires alternatives, storage and more? This compendium details eight industry initiatives where leading utilities are partnering with their customers and allies to demonstrate the path to a more integrated approach to DERs.

The initiatives detailed in this Compendium are:

Planning/Foundational Category
Defined as those utilities taking bold steps to leapfrog pilots/technology straight to integrative planning and procuring, and change management.

  • Hawaiian Electric's Integrated Grid Planning, Hawaiian Electric Company
  • Distributed Resource & Flexible Load Study, Portland General Electric and Navigant
  • Integrating DER planning, Research and Program Development, Tacoma Power

“DR Plus” Category
Defined as customer-sited assets (with or without involvement of an aggregator) to monetize DER operations for utility/grid benefits to a growing spectrum of network problems.

  • Deriving New Wholesale Market Revenue Opportunities and Maximizing Customer Utility Savings with Behind-the-Meter Distributed Energy Resources, Center for Sustainable Energy, Tesla, Conectric Networks, and Olivine
  • Expanding National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions program to Include Energy Storage, Sunrun, EnergyHub, and National Grid

Microgrids Category
Defined as customer-sited assets that have great degrees of flexibility and opportunity for monetization.

  • Microgrid Enables Military Facility to Participate in Utility Services, Eaton
  • Energy Storage and Microgrid Performance in Non-Wires Solutions and Other Demand Management Programs, Enel X

International Category

  • First Movers in DER in Colombia, U.S. Energy Association

This Compendium's primary audience is senior utility executives with DER responsibilities, but the publication is made available for free to all who are interested. These articles were peer-reviewed by PLMA Thought Leadership Planning Group and PLMA DER Integration Group members.

3 Ways to Explore the
Future of DER Compendium

Download the Compendium
Register for Dialogue on May 2
Attend 39th PLMA Conference Presentation on May 14


May 2
Load Management Dialogue

On May 2, Join PLMA for an online Load Management Dialogue to share key insights from the PLMA DER Integration and Thought Leadership Group Co-chairs into PLMA's newest publication: Future of Distributed Energy Resources: A Practitioner's Perspective."

The Compendium's case studies were peer-reviewed by PLMA Thought Leadership Planning Group and PLMA DER Integration Group members. The Group's cochairs who will join the online Dialogue on May 2 are:

Rich PhilipRichard Philip
Duke Energy
& PLMA Thought Leadership Co-Chair
Jenny RoehmJenny Roehm
Schneider Electric
& PLMA Thought Leadership Co-Chair
Rich BaroneRichard Barone
Hawaiian Electric 
& PLMA DER Integration Co-Chair
Matt CarlsonMatt Carlson
& PLMA DER Integration Co-Chair
John PowersJohn Powers
Extensible Energy
& PLMA DER Integration Co-Chair


May 14
39th PLMA Conference Panel Discussion

On May 14 in Minneapolis, this Compendium will be the discussion topic for the opening panel at the 39th PLMA Conference in Minneapolis. Learn more about the conferece at The panel will include:

Rich PhilipRichard Philip
Duke Energy
& PLMA Thought Leadership Co-Chair
Michael Brown, Berkshire Hathaway, NV EnergyMichael Brown
Berkshire Hathaway, NV Energy
& PLMA Chair
Rich BaroneRichard Barone
Hawaiian Electric 
& PLMA DER Integration Co-Chair
John PowersJohn Powers
Extensible Energy
& PLMA DER Integration Co-Chair


PLMA Load Management Dialogues Now Available as Podcasts

Podcast logoPLMA is transforming its webcast series Load Management Dialogues (formerly known as Demand Response Dialogues) to be available as podcasts.

Until now, PLMA has produced webcast in real-time so members could choose to participate or view the recording later. This process has limited our audiences' access to vital information worldwide due to time constraints and the archiving of past episodes in video form. With PLMA's new Podcast format alternative, listeners may access the PLMA Load Management Dialogue webcasts in a more convenient manner.

Listeners may still choose to register and participate in PLMA webcasts individually in real-time via GotoWebinar. After the conclusion of each live-produced webcast, PLMA will upload the PLMA Load Management Dialogue to our podcast feed. Listeners who choose to subscribe to their preferred podcast platform will receive these recordings delivered to their phone, tablet, or computer without having to register each time through Gotowebinar and/or visit the PLMA website.

Here are specific lnks with instructions for popular podcast platforrms:

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