Leap Unveils New Platform Capabilities to Scale Virtual Power Plants


2024 winter product release introduces new features to empower technology companies to grow their virtual power plant customer revenue three times faster.

Posted March 22, 2024

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2024 - Leap, the leading virtual power plant (VPP) platform, announced today the launch of new product functionalities to unlock additional value for distributed energy resource (DER) technology companies and crucial flexible support for the electric grid. Leap’s latest product release includes advanced features to simplify customer enrollment and further automate VPP operations for its 80+ technology partners. 

“Successfully authorizing customer DERs to transact in energy programs is one of the major hurdles preventing VPPs from scaling,” said Susie Dirks, VP of Product and Engineering at Leap. “Leap’s 2024 winter product release focused on reducing friction throughout the customer enrollment process, enabling our partners to easily identify what they need to do to ready their VPP portfolios ahead of the critical summer season.”

Featured in the release is a new Actions Dashboard, providing increased visibility into the steps required to integrate DERs into demand response and other grid services programs. The release also includes a streamlined user experience for Leap Connect, an app that reduces complex utility authorization processes into a few simple clicks for customers, as well as new customizations for embedding the app in customer recruitment campaigns. 

As part of the updates, Leap has expanded its API suite to include new automation capabilities for integrating DERs and reengaging customers during the authorization process. Automation is key to VPP customer growth: Leap’s API-integrated partners grow their VPP portfolios and revenue three times faster than non-integrated peers. 

“Leap’s software solution complements Energy Toolbase’s suite of products to help our customers maximize grid services revenue streams,” said Nathan Gutzmann, Product Manager, Acumen EMS at Energy Toolbase. “We’re excited to leverage Leap’s new functionalities across a variety of geographies and programs to capture the full financial, sustainability and grid resilience benefits of virtual power plant deployment during the peak summer season.”

Leap’s new product capabilities are available for use now by Leap partners. All released items will be showcased in Leap’s upcoming webinar. 

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