Hawaiian Electric Company RFP: Grid ServicesHawaiian Electric

Posted May 24, 2023

Hawaiian Electric Company (“Company”) seeks proposals to deliver qualified Grid Services from customer-sited distributed energy resources for the Hawaiian Electric system on Maui.   Proposers’ offerings must include the delivery of Capacity Reduction Grid Services in their proposal but may also include Capacity Build as a bundled Grid Service. The Company is issuing this RFP in response to the Public Utilities Commission approval (Order No. 38784 issued on December 22, 2022, under Docket No. 2017-0352) to seek up to 20MW of capacity reduction grid service.

The Company intends to contract for Grid Services through this RFP using its Model Grid Services Purchase Agreement (“GSPA”).  The term of any GSPA executed with selected Proposer(s) will be ten (10) years.

The Company is seeking to maximize the amount of capability to be available for use by the Commercial Operations Date (COD), January 1, 2026.  In addition, the Company is looking to gain more reliability on the Maui grid. Thus there are desired areas that the Company is looking to enroll participants..  Proposals that include enrollment of participants in those areas will get preference in evaluation.  The Company is also looking for proposals that include adherence to IEEE 2030.5-2018 and will also get preference in evaluation.

To submit a proposal, you must register as a “Supplier” in Power Advocate’s Sourcing Intelligence to access the RFP event. For more information regarding registration for Power Advocate, please see Appendices B and D in the RFP. Once you have successfully registered as a “Supplier” with Power Advocate, please request access to the RFP event from the Company via email ([email protected]). After you have been added to the event, you will receive an invitation to the RFP event at the registered Email account.   If you have previously registered and already have access to Power Advocate, you will still need to send your information via the Company email to get an invitation to participate in the bid event.

Once you access the bid event, you can access all the submission documentation and send messages through the Power Advocate platform.  All communication for the RFP process shall be through Power Advocate.

Questions for the RFP are due by June 30, 2023, through PowerAdvocate.  The Company’s response to those questions will be sent through Power Advocate by July 21, 2023.

CLICK HERE to read the full RFP.