Tantalus and Savant Partner to Deliver Next-Generation Behind-the-Meter Demand Side Flexibility for Utilities


Posted March 30, 2023

BURNABY, BC – March 30, 2023 – Tantalus Systems (TSX: GRID) (“Tantalus” or the “Company”), a smart grid technology company focused on helping build sustainable utilities for the future, is pleased to announce it has entered into a partnership with Savant Systems, Inc. (“Savant”), a global leader in smart home and smart power for consumers, businesses, utility companies and more. The combined offering will deliver demand flexibility by providing utilities with management of behind-the-meter capacity through smart electric circuit breakers, electric vehicle (“EV”) chargers and inverters for roof-top solar and battery storage through Tantalus’ new TRUSense™ Gateway.

Savant offers complete energy management systems for any home, including an LFP battery backup system with scalability up to 800-amp service along with unique load management capabilities that extend a battery’s charge. The company’s smart power modules, featuring 20, 30, and 60-AMP breakers that fit into existing industry-leading, standard electrical panels, are at the heart of their innovative intelligent energy solution. Together with an easy-to-use software platform for both homeowners and utilities, Savant delivers seamless monitoring and control of electricity from the grid and other alternative energy sources, to create an optimized energy ecosystem for any home. Savant’s intuitive mobile app is unique in its ability to provide homeowners with the ability to control their entire smart home including all Savant professionally installed premium smart solutions which are currently sold through 2,500 North American dealers. Savant also offers Cync™, which offers do-it-yourself smart home products that are available at more than 55,000 leading retail locations throughout North America and online.

“The transformation of energy management is rapidly unfolding through greater access to complete and affordable home automation capabilities that can be coupled with the installation of renewable resources,” said Bob Madonna, CEO of Savant. “Partnering with Tantalus to integrate our behind-the-meter capabilities with their TRUSense Gateway will provide an unparalleled and targeted load control capability that reduces the strain on the grid by providing more options to curtail overall energy usage and correspondingly reduce energy costs for consumers.”

Through the partnership, utilities will be empowered to dispatch aggregated loads with sub-metering precision by controlling devices inside the home, particularly with respect to EV chargers, roof-top solar, battery storage, hot water heaters, air conditioning units and other large electric appliances. Unlike other solutions, the combined offering will leverage utility-grade WiFi and Homeplug 2.0 communications delivered through the TRUSense Gateway to avoid the use of a consumer’s wireless network, thereby improving reliability and cybersecurity. Coupled with Advanced Power Quality (“AV/PQM”) sensing capabilities embedded in the TRUSense Gateway, utilities will have the necessary data and analytics tools to understand the true impact DERs and EVs have on their distribution grids, particularly with respect to their fleet of pole-top transformers and critical distribution assets.

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