Tantalus Completes Alpha Testing of TRUSense™ Gateway


Next-generation offering gives utilities new levels of reliability and resilience with data visibility behind the meter

Posted March 7, 2023

BURNABY, BC – March 7, 2023 – Smart grid technology leader Tantalus Systems (TSX: GRID) (“Tantalus” or the “Company”) today announced the successful completion of alpha testing for the Company’s new TRUSense Gateway, a next-generation offering that accelerates the benefits of distributed intelligence by accessing and analyzing data from behind the meter to improve resiliency and reliability and enables utilities to solve the broadband divide by leveraging fiber deployments.

Leveraging the capabilities of the technology acquired in our purchase of Congruitive last year, Tantalus developed the TRUSense Gateway to serve as a multi-purpose socket-based device that delivers secure and interoperable integration of behind-the-meter distributed energy resources (“DERs”) onto the distribution system. Coupled with the high-resolution measurement of power delivery, transient power events and local conditions such as sags, swells, outages and phase information, utilities will be able to pinpoint vulnerable distribution equipment such as transformers, understand the true impact of electric vehicles (“EVs”) and other DERs on the distribution grid, build robust demand-side flexibility programs and mitigate the frequency and duration of power outages. In conjunction with expanding cybersecurity requirements, the TRUSense Gateway is a highly secure platform leveraging cutting edge VPN technologies, secure boot, encryption of all data at rest, security-enhanced Linux and multiple firewalls that segregates data from behind-the-meter devices from utility operational data.

This solution comes at a time when many utilities report that they are massively under-prepared to deal with the accelerating adoption of EVs, rooftop solar and other devices. Tantalus’ inaugural Utility of the Future study, released last month, revealed that 69% of North American utilities surveyed reported being only a little or not at all prepared for the impact of EVs on their distribution grids. That same study showed that modernizing and digitizing the distribution grid—which includes access to interoperable data from behind the meter—was a high priority for 50% of utilities, and a mid-level priority for 43% of those surveyed.

“Completing the alpha testing of the TRUSense Gateway marks a critical milestone towards the commercialization of the TRUSense Gateway at a time when utilities are witnessing a true inflection point for the grid,” said Tantalus President and CEO Peter Londa. “Utilities are in dire need of a solution that will allow them to analyze and integrate data from EV chargers and inverters located behind the meter directly into mission-critical systems. Similarly, electric cooperative and public power utilities are being called upon to solve the broadband divide by leveraging fiber deployments to ensure equal access to the internet across the country. By providing these capabilities, our TRUSense Gateway solution allows utilities to achieve new levels of resilience and reliability today while accelerating their goal of becoming a utility of the future.”

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