The Leader in Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Closes New FundingFlexcharging

FlexCharging, a leader in smart electric vehicle (EV) charging, gains momentum with a new partner and funding to help utilities manage the impact of EVs on the power grid.

Posted November 7, 2022

FlexCharging, Inc., the first company to do electric vehicle (EV) smart & managed charging with its over-the-air technology, has secured a new partner and Series A funding from Accurant International. This partnership will accelerate the roll-out of the technology to help utility companies manage the coming wave of electric vehicles so EVs don't cripple the electrical grid due to power shortages and force the utilities to continue their dependence and use of electricity generated from fossil fuels.

With FlexCharging, EV owners simply download the app, set their charging preferences, and plug in their car wherever they go. Then FlexCharging optimizes charging to ensure the car charges during periods when grid demand is lower, or optimize mass charging of cars on a particular utility substation and feeder not to overload utility equipment. This will result in a more predictable demand for utilities and reduce overloads and emergencies by shifting power demand and consequently reducing their reliance or deployment of peaking fossil fuel power plants. This enables utilities and customers to use electric vehicles as a grid resource instead of trying to manage the grid stability issues that large-scale EV adoption could cause the electrical system.

FlexCharging, an American company based in Seattle, Washington, founded by Brian Grunkemeyer, a technology expert with 21 years leading cloud compute engineering at Microsoft and an environmentalist at heart with 10 years of involvement with the Sierra Club, was the first to perform 'smart managed charging' through over-the-air technology in 2017. Brian has always focused on environmental impact and on establishing the best technology to solve core critical massive-scale problems.

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