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Pacific Gas & Electric's Award-Winning Initiative

with Wendy Brummer, Pacific Gas & Electric Company; Carlos Bravo, Silver Spring Networks; and Ray Pustinger, AESC

recorded October 6, 2016

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Learn why Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Smart AC Program was recognized as a Program Pacesetter in the 13th PLMA Awards.

This program has over 150,000 customers with one-way paging load control devices that provide peak period load reduction of approximately 80-100 MW. When PG&E’s team set out to explore two-way load control switches and communication systems they discovered that the type of information available and the frequency of the information from these solutions were not adequate to mitigate identified operational risks, and effectively manage their program. PG&E lead a consortium of utility reps and worked with vendors who collaborated to reconfigure their products. The result is an increase in benefits for using Smart Grid-based, two-way load control switches. As other utilities across the country look to upgrade their one-way load control systems to two-way, they will benefit in the groundwork PG&E has done.

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Wendy Brummer
Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Utility Load Management Exchange Steering Committee Chair
Wendy Brummer

Wendy Brummer has a long history of playing with gadgets and tinkering in the world of energy. Coming from a construction and small business background, Wendy started in the structured world of managing energy efficiency programs with Honeywell Utility Solutions in 2004 after being entrenched in the community activist energy world and forming a couple of environmental justice non-profit organizations in San Francisco. In 2008, she joined the Demand Response team at PG&E to manage the direct load control program, SmartAC.

Carlos Bravo
Silver Spring Networks
Carlos Bravo

Carlos is Director, Business Development for Silver Spring Networks, focused on providing utility customers best practices for managing Demand Response while thinking about how to integrate Distributed Energy Resources. His energy industry career has includes management roles with AutoGrid Systems, EnerNOC, and Global Energy Partners, and Coen Company.

Ray Pustinger
Alternative Energy Systems Consulting and PLMA Awards Co-Chair
Ray Pustinger

Raymond A. Pustinger, CEM, CDSM, CSLC is CEO/Principal at AESC. He has been serving commercial, industrial and retail facilities in matters of energy and operations for more than 25 years, including ten years with ABM Industries (NYSE:ABM), ten years as President/CEO of Precision-Paragon, and most recently as President of Enerliance, Inc.

Who Should Attend. Utility and regulatory staff as well as other energy industry trade allies and organizations seeking thought leadership and insight on innovative demand response methods to meet peak energy load needs, mitigate price, and manage variable generation.

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