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Duke Energy Florida's Award-Winning Initiative

with Thomas Artau, Duke Energy; and Jason Cigarran, Comverge

presented Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016

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Learn why the Duke Energy Florida's EnergyWise Home Program was recognized as a Program Pacesetter in the 13th PLMA Awards.

With 418,000 participating customers and 550,000 Direct Load Control switches installed, this 653 MW load management program allows customers to reduce their energy use when demand is high by participating with their centrally-ducted heating and cooling systems, electric water heaters and pool pumps, in exchange for monthly bill credits. In 2015, the utility began transitioning from an internally developed application and legacy one-way paging infrastructure, to Comverge's IntelliSOURCE Demand Response Management System and two-way Wi-Fi and cellular DLC switches. The new platform includes variable and geographic load control, real-time asset and inventory management, and paperless, IPad-based work order management system. The utility has developed a way to more effectively and more frequently utilize resources for short-term energy demands, controlling water heaters more than 140 times per year, on average. This is an industry-leading example of continued applied technology innovation.

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Thomas Artau
Duke Energy
Thomas Artau

Thomas is the Manager of Demand Response Operations at Duke Energy Florida where he is responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of 1,100 MW of dispatchable load control (at winter peak), which currently includes 418,000 residential customers and nearly 500 commercial/industrial participants. Tom has 26 years of experience in the electric utility industry, with previous assignments in Power Systems Operations, Nuclear Operations and Maintenance, and Substation Construction. He served for six years in the US Navy Nuclear Power Program. Thomas is a Certified System Operator with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and a Certified Energy Manager through the Association of Energy Engineers.

Jason Cigarran
Jason Cigarran

Jason currently serves as the Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications, at Comverge. In this role, Jason is responsible for all of Comverge’s corporate marketing, including marketing programs, corporate communications, social and online media, and brand awareness. He has more than 20 years’ experience as a marketing communications professional with information technology vendors that marketed to a variety of sectors, including energy, healthcare, financial services, and customer relationship management.

Who Should Attend. Utility and regulatory staff as well as other energy industry trade allies and organizations seeking thought leadership and insight on innovative demand response methods to meet peak energy load needs, mitigate price, and manage variable generation.

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