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Swell Energy Offers Innovative Battery Deal to 8,000 Customers in Southern California


Innovative utility planning and Swell's Virtual Power Plants enable homeowners in southern California to receive a discounted second home battery and ongoing GridRevenue payments

LOS ANGELES--Swell Energy Inc., an advanced energy and grid solutions provider, today announced new opportunities for Southern California Edison (SCE) customers enrolling in its two clean energy virtual power plant (VPP) programs further incentivizing the transition to renewable and reliable power sources. The VPP programs are available to SCE customers in various Orange County, Ventura County and Santa Barbara County neighborhoods who are interested in installing solar powered home batteries, and joining Swell's neighborhood Virtual Power Plants. Swell offers customers home batteries for a low fixed monthly payment and a second home battery at a reduced price when choosing Swell financing and joining Swell's VPP program. With this opportunity, customers and their communities can achieve greater resiliency and benefits from onsite backup power, and help the grid by reducing demand for electricity at key times.

VPPs offer a compelling way for homeowners, business owners and utilities to collectively meet today’s shifting energy needs by unlocking the potential of solar energy stored in an onsite battery. Owners can draw down stored energy when electricity is most expensive and reserve solar energy in case of a power outage. Participants in Swell’s southern California VPP programs further benefit by earning GridRevenue when consuming their stored energy in the evenings, providing much needed relief to the grid during peak times. By using a battery when the utility values it most, homeowners can arbitrage both retail and wholesale energy rates and achieve an accelerated payback on their energy system. Adding a second battery to the system further increases participation levels in the VPP and opportunities for GridRevenue, while simultaneously expanding power security on site. Swell's VPP program began operating earlier this year and is ramping up over the following year, providing immediate value to homeowners, small businesses and the grid.

“In SCE’s service area, our VPPs shift solar power consumption to peak demand periods en masse. By doing so, these programs provide the savings and energy security homeowners and businesses want, while increasing the local grid’s flexibility and resilience,” said Suleman Khan, CEO of Swell Energy. “Swell VPPs ensure homeowners receive the maximum value from their home battery, and that utility VPP sponsors and adopters benefit from a large fleet of strategically placed batteries. Our ongoing energy programs with SCE are great models for the future of our electric grid in general.”

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Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative Job Opportunity - Deputy Director


Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative is seeking a Deputy Director. Reporting to and partnering with the President and CEO, the Deputy Director will spearhead development and membership efforts as the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative continues to grow. The Deputy Director will write grant proposals, assist with research and education projects, promote industry awareness of the organization, build relationships with members and partner organizations, present research at industry events, lead membership development, perform account executive functions, including membership development and retention, and pursue sponsorships of events and research projects.

Key Functions


  • Recruit new members.
  • Ensure retention and new member income goals are met.
  • Manage the organization’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and keep membership information current.


  • Participate on and guide the Research, Education and Membership Committees to ensure that SECC delivers on its goals.
  • Assist with the education component of the SECC’s mission to ensure resources are developed to educate consumers on the benefits of smart energy technology.
  • Assist with the publication of consumer research to extend stakeholder understanding of consumers’ values and attitudes and awareness of smart energy technology and grid modernization.


  • Collaborate with the President and CEO to create a fund development plan that increases revenues to support the strategic direction of the organization.
  • Pursue grant opportunities, including identification of foundation opportunities, writing proposals, executing proposal submissions and managing grant reporting requirements.
  • Monitor industry trends and adapt fundraising strategies as necessary and evaluate all fundraising activities to ensure that the fundraising goals are being achieved. Coordinate and secure in-kind donations.


  • Work with the Communications Director to develop and implement a comprehensive communications plan to maximize awareness of the organization among members and other industry stakeholders.
  • Coordinate the design, printing and distribution of marketing and communication materials for development efforts.
  • Build relationships with community stakeholders to advance the mission and fundraising goals of the organization.

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Tantalus Graduates to the Toronto Stock Exchange


Burnaby, BC – May 10, 2021 –– Smart grid technology leader Tantalus Systems (TSX: GRID) is pleased to announce that it has received final approval for the listing of its common shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange (the “TSX”).

Tantalus’ shares will commence trading on the TSX at the opening on Monday, May 10, 2021 and will continue to trade under the Company’s current stock ticker symbol, “GRID”. To ensure continued and seamless trading for its shareholders and in connection with the graduation to the TSX, Tantalus’ shares will be delisted from the TSX Venture Exchange at the commencement of trading on the TSX.

“Our graduation to the TSX marks another key milestone in achieving Tantalus’ purpose, which is to help build sustainable utilities of the future,” said Peter Londa, President & CEO of Tantalus. “Since joining the TSXV earlier this year, our team has been working diligently to meet the more stringent reporting requirements of the TSX and today’s transition reflects the culmination of our team’s effort. As we seek to further strengthen our organization to help utilities prepare for the decarbonization of the power industry, we anticipate enhancing our liquidity, raising our Company’s profile in the capital markets and gaining access to a broader investor base by successfully migrating to the TSX.”

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Guidehouse Insights New Report - Market Data: Residential Demand Response and Virtual Power Plant Markets


Traditional residential demand response (DR) programs are maturing, and the growing penetration of distributed energy resources (DER) including battery storage, rooftop PV, and EVs are creating new opportunities for residential customers in the virtual power plant (VPP) space. DR-VPPs were developed in North America and can engage the residential segment with relative ease, while supply-side VPPs originated and evolved in Europe and focus primarily on the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector. Both VPP platforms provide benefits and are driving the evolution of flexibility aggregation from siloed aggregation of automated DR load and renewable generation resources toward broader ecosystem orchestration—the mixed-asset VPP model.

The need to engage the residential sector in the provision of flexible capacity came into focus at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when energy flows shifted away from the C&I segment and toward residential infrastructure. This redistribution of energy demand, coupled with drivers including market maturity, growing penetration of DER, and the adoption of time-varying rates, are all driving the need for residential flexibility. Simultaneously, misaligned incentives in the multifamily sector and regulatory inconsistencies are among the factors inhibiting more rapid use of residential flexible capacity.

This Guidehouse Insights report analyzes the global market for residential DR and VPP applications. The study provides an analysis of the market issues, including market drivers and barriers. Global market forecasts for capacity, implementation spending, revenue, and DR sites are broken out by region and extend through 2030.

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CPower Expands Distributed Energy Resource Integration with AMPLY Power 


CPower partners with leading Charging-as-a-Service provider for electric vehicle fleets to drive new revenue, flexibility at the grid edge

BALTIMORE – April 28, 2021 — CPower Energy Management (“CPower”), a leading energy solutions provider, today expanded its partner ecosystem with AMPLY Power to offer transmission and distribution grids the flexibility to integrate electric vehicle (EV) chargers as a distributed energy resource (DER). AMPLY is a leader in providing fully managed charging services to public sector and commercial businesses with EV fleets. Through the partnership, CPower and AMPLY will help keep the grid balanced during peak hours.

Estimates show that commercial fleets in the U.S. will grow to include eight million EVs by 2030. As a result, power consumption will increase up to 230 terawatt-hours-per-year or approximately 6% of current U.S. power generation, creating a market opportunity of approximately $15 billion for EV fleet charging1.

“As the paradigm shift toward distributed energy resources integration becomes a reality, together with our partners, we’re unlocking benefits on both sides of the meter to maximize the full value of the grid,” said Mathew Sachs, senior vice president – strategy and business development, CPower. “As assets like electric vehicles and their chargers grow in popularity, demand-side energy management programs will become an even bigger priority for grid operators and utilities. We’re excited to partner with an industry leader like AMPLY to offer additional flexibility to the industry.”

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