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PGE Job Opportunity - Operations Manager, Flexible Load Customer Programs

PGE Logo

Portland, Oregon

Department Summary
The Flexible Load Product Management Team is responsible for PGE’s Renewable and Demand Response portfolio. This team manages the #1 NREL Ranked Renewables Programs in the country. This team also manages the design and evolution of PGE’s flexible load pilots and programs to ensure that PGE meets the goals of the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) as well as its growing need to create flexible capacity to support decarbonization goals. The FLP Team works cross-functionally to develop PGE’s Flexible Load Program Roadmap in service to our business and regulatory requirements.

Position Summary/Purpose
The Flexible Load Program Operations (FLPO) manager will be responsible for management of operations for PGE’s renewables and demand response pilots and programs and for managing a team of operations support staff. Responsibilities include monitoring the leading and lagging performance indicators for program performance, financial performance (including cost effectiveness), customer experience, and vendor performance. The FLPO will work closely with the Flexible Load Product Manager to leverage industry best practices for optimized program performance.


  • General Management Oversees a team of professional employees responsible for enhanced operational performance (e.g., process improvement, quality, operational analytics and product ownership) ensuring that objectives are met and all relevant standards/procedures are followed; ensures that operational problems are identified and resolved; ensures that operational procedures and working practices are current and fit for the purpose; ensures compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and policies.
  • Strategy and Planning Develops and implements overall strategy and vision for teams; oversees collaboration with other departments to ensure overall delivery of positive customer experience; oversees development and monitoring of metrics for team; develops and implements plans to facilitate employee engagement.
  • Program Management Oversees overall operational performance of program and overall program management for areas assigned, ensuring programs meet corporate and departmental goals and adapting programs to meet emerging needs; ensures programs align to one another and processes integrate.
  • Market/Product Knowledge Maintains expertise in the energy market, products and competitive offerings to ensure PGE is on the forefront of marketing opportunities.
  • Internal Collaboration Advocates, influences and implements operational enhancements; facilitates discussions with the company’s leadership team in setting key performance indicators; provides consultation on goal setting and continuous improvement activities.
  • Vendor Management May oversee vendor selection, establishing metrics and service-level agreements, monitoring vendor performance and working with vendors to resolve issues.
  • Financial Management Monitors and manages expenditures, ensuring that all financial targets are met and examines any areas where budgets/expenditures vary from plan; assists with the definition and operation of effective financial controls and decision making.
  • Resourcing Oversees resourcing decisions and planning for team; partners with HR in the definition of jobs, recruitment, evaluation and selection processes.
  • Professional Development Reviews organizational development needs and training strategies to determine required learning and development outcomes for the team; provides guidance in the creation of development plans; monitors ongoing progress and provides coaching and mentoring and provides feedback; completes annual performance management reviews.

Minimum Qualifications
Education Requires a bachelor’s degree in business, finance or other related field or equivalent experience. Experience Prefer eight or more years in managing process improvements in a utility setting or equivalent level of similar experience

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Skipping Stone Webinar - Japan Power Market

Japan Webinar

Webinar scheduled for Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Hosted by PLMA Member Skipping Stone, this one-hour webinar explains how the Japan power markets work, what has and will change, plus opportunities, insights and models for international players.

Skipping Stone speakers Peter Weigand, Chairman and CEO and Hiroshi Okuyama, Executive VP will cover the following topics:

  • What's Coming Next
  • Retail and Wholesale Market Opportunities
  • Technology Gaps & Opportunities
  • Market Entry Models & Options
  • Market Structure & Players
  • How Retail and Physical Wholesale Markets Work
  • How Financial Trading Markets Work
  • Key Regulatory Rule Changes
  • The Japanese View of International Entrants

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PLMA Publishes a Compendium of its 17th PLMA Award Winners’ Stories

Highlights six innovators who launched unique initiatives 
for managing end use energy loads.

17th PLMA Award-Winning Load Management Initiatives Cover

Plainfield, IN – November 12, 2020 - PLMA (Peak Load Management Alliance), the voice of load management professionals, today announced the publication of the 17th PLMA Awards Compendium. PLMA’s annual awards program recognizes highly innovative approaches to load management, and honors the practitioners who develop and launch them.

The 17th PLMA Awards Compendium is a collection of transcripts from six PLMA Load Management Dialogues (webcasts) hosted over the summer of 2020 with the award winners. These dialogues discuss each award-winning program, including its successes and lessons learned.

“Each spring, PLMA honors load management practitioners who have created ground-breaking incentive programs (‘Pacesetters’), implemented leading-edge technologies (‘Pioneers’), and excelled in extraordinary customer engagement (‘Thought Leaders’),” explained PLMA Thought Leadership Co-Chair Michael Ohlsen of the City of Tallahassee Utilities. “This compendium tells their stories and provides examples and opportunities for consideration by other energy professionals."

“With the involvement of more than 20 volunteer judges, all of whom are PLMA member practitioners, each award nomination is carefully evaluated by a group of industry peers,” said PLMA Thought Leadership Co-Chair Jenny Roehm of Schneider Electric. “As a result, each program selected for an award and included in this compendium demonstrates a unique and provocative approach to managing the end use loads that contribute to our industry’s collective need to meet peak loads and support the successful grid integration of distributed energy resources.”

Executive Summary of the 17th PLMA Awards Compendium Cover

The 17th PLMA Awards Compendium tells the stories of these initiatives:


  • National Grid and EnergyHub for the nation’s first pay-for-performance-based Bring-Your-Own-Battery demand response program.
  • Arizona Public Service and EnergyHub for their DER aggregation program that dynamically manages a portfolio of grid-edge assets.

Thought Leaders

  • CPS Energy for its public engagement effort that resulted in the addition of over 40 MW to its demand response portfolio in just a few months.
  • City of New York, Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS), for developing relationships with the facility managers of nearly 600 city buildings to improve energy consumption patterns, creating over 100 MW of committed load shed.

Technology Pioneers

  • Connected Energy (U.K.) Ltd. for its electric vehicle battery recycling program which re-deploys EV battery packs to serve as energy storage.

  • Austin Energy’s SHINES Project for integrating solar, batteries, smart inverters, forecasting tools, and market signals into a software optimization platform at grid-scale.
Download the Executive Summary (2 pages)
Download the full Compendium (35 pages)

About PLMA

PLMA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit association founded in 1999 that serves 167 member organizations as the Voice of Load Management Practitioners. PLMA seeks to advance practical applications of dynamic load management and distributed energy resources by providing a forum where members educate one another and explore innovative approaches to program delivery, pricing constructs, and technology adoption. Learn more at, the LinkedIn PLMA Group page, and on Twitter @PLMAdr.

Media Contact:
Judy Knight, PLMA
(404) 771-1122
[email protected]


42nd PLMA Conference Opens to Strong Energy Sector Participation


300+ load management professionals register from across North America to participate in peer-reviewed sessions, plus multiple learning, networking, and engagement opportunities.

Plainfield, IN – November 10, 2020 - PLMA (Peak Load Management Alliance) opened its 42nd PLMA Conference yesterday featuring a highly interactive, four-day online learning and networking experience. With registrations exceeding 300, PLMA will continue to welcome new attendees during the event which runs through Thursday, November 12, 2020.

The 42nd PLMA Conference includes eighteen curated and peer-selected sessions, both live and on-demand. It also offers four networking events hosted on a user-friendly platform that enables one-click video meetings, chats, voice calls, and the exchange of contact information among attendees.

“What makes this PLMA Conference unique is a combination of the high quality, peer-evaluated content PLMA is known for, together with the welcoming community experience that has always been part of PLMA’s in-person events,” said PLMA Chair Michael Brown. “PLMA remains committed to enhancing our online capabilities and presence as we continue to address the advanced learning and networking needs of load management practitioners everywhere.”

About the PLMA Conference
Twice a year, PLMA hosts a conference gathering for load management professionals who work for utilities, technology innovators, solutions providers, trade allies, and regulators from across the U.S., and increasingly, around the world.

The 42nd PLMA Conference agenda includes eighteen peer-evaluated sessions selected from a pool of 45+ submitted abstracts. More than 50 speakers and presenters will share their knowledge and experiences with flexible demand management, distributed energy resources, pricing, customer engagement, program successes and lessons learned, plus the challenges and opportunities of COVID-19. With over 110 first-time attendees and a format that encourages conversations, connections, networking, and business opportunities, PLMA is proud to serve as the voice of load management.

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PLMA Announces it 2021-2022 Board Election Results

PLMA’s November board meeting, historically held on the eve of its Fall conference, occurred this year on November 2, 2020. The organization announced the results of its recent elections for the eight positions that make up its Executive Committee. The 2021-2022 governing body includes the following industry professionals, who will begin their two-year Executive Committee term on January 1, 2021:

Justin Chamberlain, CPS Energy Robin Maslowski, Guidehouse
Laurie Duhan, Baltimore Gas & Electric Olivia Patterson, Opinion Dynamics
Derek Kirchner, Consumers Energy Christine Riker, Energy Solutions
Ruth Kiselewich, ICF Andrea Simmonsen, Idaho Power


About PLMA
PLMA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit association founded in 1999 that serves 167 member organizations as the Voice of Load Management Practitioners. PLMA seeks to advance practical applications of dynamic load management and distributed energy resources by providing a forum where members educate one another and explore innovative approaches to program delivery, pricing constructs, and technology adoption. Learn more at, the LinkedIn PLMA Group page, and on Twitter @PLMAdr.

Media Contact:
Judy Knight, PLMA
(404) 771-1122
[email protected]


Request for Qualifications from Suppliers Providing Demand Response (DR) Programs


PacifiCorp, operating as Pacific Power in OR, WA, and CA and Rocky Mountain Power in UT, ID and WY, is seeking information from interested suppliers in anticipation of issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Implementation of Direct Load Control Demand Response (DR) Programs in January 2021. Specifically, PacifiCorp wants to support the creation of a broad list of qualified primary bidders from interested suppliers that are capable of implementing demand response programs which deliver seasonal and/or year-round demand reductions (kW) within PacifiCorp's service territory, with a primary focus on Oregon and Washington. Suppliers interested in subcontracting to a primary supplier may be added to a subcontractor list as a result of their response.

A small (1MW) irrigation pilot program operates in Oregon, but no other DR programs are operational in Pacific Power states. Rocky Mountain Power has experience in the economic dispatch of nearly 475 MW of DR capability in Utah and Idaho in the form of direct load control of customer irrigation pumps and residential and small commercial air conditioning equipment. These load control resources are designed to lower summer peak demand by directly curtailing or shifting load to off peak hours and most recently, are being used for automated frequency regulation.

The 2019 IRP Preferred Portfolio identified the addition of 178 MW of DR system wide by 2029 along with 595 MW of energy storage co-located with 1,823 MW solar, and 1,920 MW wind by 2023 as the major resource additions of a least cost least risk long term resource plan. To acquire these resources, the company issued the All Source 2020 RFP on July 7, 2020 for large scale resources and plans to release a DR RFP in late January for Oregon and Washington DR programs.

PacifiCorp’s primary objective with the RFP will be to acquire cost-effective DR programs to be delivered as a turnkey resource. Programs may target any customer type (residential, commercial, industrial, irrigation) and end-use application. However, of most interest to PacifiCorp are programs which target:

  1. Oregon and Washington service territories,
  2. Large commercial and industrial customers for a variety of end uses,
  3. Residential and small commercial smart thermostats or water heaters,
  4. Irrigation

In addition, PacifiCorp may select some RFP responses targeting Oregon customers, which initially may not be cost-effective, to design a pilot program. The goal of these pilots will be to test improving a key assumption in the program design to increase the long-term cost effectiveness and scalability of the program.

Please send any questions regarding this RFQ to: [email protected].

To be considered for inclusion on the bidders' list of the forthcoming RFP or the Subcontractors List for Interest in providing Demand Response Support services, please complete the following information and email the table below to the following: [email protected] on or before Monday, November 23rd.

 CLICK HERE to read the full RFQ.

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