August 2020   

A Community Choice Aggregator's Innovative Behind-the-Meter Storage Program

DER Hot Topic

PLMA and its DER Integration Interest Group host a HOT TOPIC Conversation with Marin Clean Energy (MCE) about its innovative behind-the-meter storage program. This scalable program provides resilience for its customers, enhances decarbonization, and makes local grid management possible through load shaping and shifting. As California’s first and leading community choice aggregator, MCE will detail its vision for energy transformation, and the program’s features, which include:

  • Priority support for low-income and other vulnerable populations
  • Technology flexibility and scalability
  • Reduced up-front customer costs through a novel incentive structure
  • Use cases that include, leveraging battery charging to shift load, and increasing customer resiliency by pre-charging batteries before outages.

Source: PLMA DER Integration Interest Group
Type: Webinar 


City of New York Department of Citywide Administrative Services for Building Operator Engagement

City of NY

The City of New York Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS), through its Division of Energy Management, had the vision to expand an initial electricity-only Demand Response program that encompasses 470 facilities across 30 city agencies and institutions. It's the single largest contributor to grid relief in the New York Independent System Operator NYC Zone J territory. In addition to Demand Response, DCAS's work expanded to include Real-Time Metering (RTM) and Load Management programs. The RTM program has deployed near-real time metering for electricity use across 500 facilities, monitoring 55% of municipal peak load. The program now also includes monitoring of gas and steam usage. To help drive these programs, DCAS partnered with NuEnergen to develop data visualization tools, offer mobile access, and provide training opportunities. DCAS has also created a dedicated, in-house team with engineering and analytical expertise, undertaken proactive relationship management with facility operators, launched hands-on, peer-driven learning environments in partnership with the City University of New York's Building Performance Lab, and offered staff recognition of outstanding efforts.

Source: PLMA Awards Group featuring Sergey Shabalin, Martin Nolan, and Elizabeth Taveras, DCAS; and Laurie Duhan, BGE
Type: Webinar  


Burning Topics in Customer Engagement

DER Hot Topic

PLMA's Customer Engagement Interest Group invites you to join an interactive conversation about today's most important and impactful DR issues. This session will be an unscripted question and answer discussion in which we'll share experiences, successes, and lessons learned across a spectrum of customer engagement programs. Please bring a story or an example with you to discuss with the group co-chairs and your fellow PLMA member practitioners.

Source: PLMA Customer Engagement Interest Group
Type: Webinar 


Lessons in DER Integration from Australia

Lessons in DR

Join PLMA's Global Load Management Group and Lance Hoch of Australia's Oakley Greenwood utility for an opportunity to learn about DER in Australia -- a market with many similarities to the U.S. and a significant level of DER integration. This will be a recorded Load Management Dialogue followed by a live Q&A.

Source: PLMA Awards Group Lance Hoch, Oakley Greenwood Utility, and PLMA's Global Load Management Group Co-chairs
Type: Webinar  



National Guidance on Benefit-Cost Analysis of Distributed Energy Resources

NSEP Cover

The comprehensive National Standard Practice Manual for Benefit-Cost Analysis of Distributed Energy Resources (NSPM for DERs) is now available to help guide benefit-cost analyses (BCAs) of distributed energy resources. The manual serves as an objective, technology-neutral and economically sound guidance document for regulators, utilities, consumer advocates, DER proponents, state energy offices, and other stakeholders interested in comprehensively assessing the impacts of DER investments.

BCAs involve a systematic approach to assess the cost-effectiveness of investments by consistently comparing the benefits and costs of DER types with each other and with alternative energy resources. The new NSPM includes information on BCAs of single and multiple DER types, and provides use-case examples for different combinations and DER applications.

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Source: Research report from the National Energy Screening Project and E4TheFuture
Type: Research Report