July 2020   

Utility Programs for Families in COVID-19 Quarantine

Hot Topic 2

PLMA's second HOT TOPIC conversation hosted by PLMA's Customer Engagement Interest Group. Our guest facilitators will lead an online conversation that explores utility programs that will help families in COVID-19 quarantine who are trying to manage utility bills while working from home and also trying to educate and entertain children. What's your perspective? How can utilities most effective serve their residential customers in these unprecedented circumstances? Come and participate, learn, or just listen. You'll gather key insights and ideas from fellow load management practitioners from across the PLMA membership.

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Source: PLMA Customer Engagement Interest Group
Type: Webinar    

Austin Energy for Austin SHINES Project

Austin Shines

The Austin SHINES project (Sustainable and Holistic Integration of Energy Storage and Solar PV) pilots the integration of utility-scale, commercial, and residential resources on the distribution grid and under the holistic coordination of a DERMS platform (Distributed Energy Resource Management System). The DERMS was provided and developed with the utility’s project partner, Doosan GridTech, and performs as a tool enabling varied and stacked asset management use cases. In addition to controlling fielded assets, of solar PV and battery energy storage, at both utility and aggregated customer sites, the software helps model different mixes and configurations of assets to determine the best value proposition against cases of holistic controls, autonomous and no controls of DERs (Distributed Energy Resources). Hands-on deployment, in combination with modeling, has offered a rich field from which to gather a better understanding of the opportunities, challenges, and realities of DER integration that pioneers a new gridscape. The methodology for management was documented as a replicable and configurable technique to serve other utilities, across multiple jurisdictions.

Source: PLMA Awards Group featuring Anna Popp, Austin Energy; and Laurie Duhan, BGE
Type: Webinar  

CPS Energy for Public Engagement

CPS Webinar

Recognizing the need to protect their customers from potential increase in energy costs resulting from projected peak load demands and megawatt availability in the ERCOT market, CPS Energy’s leadership challenged the Demand Response (DR) team to grow the company’s DR program for summer 2019 by 28 megawatts. The team created a plan to grow through behavioral DR, wifi thermostats, and both commercial and public customer engagement. Multiple new program options were created or expanded, including DR Coaching for commercial customers and an expanded behavioral DR program to 300,000 residential customers. To achieve this goal, a public engagement campaign engaging a local news station was created. The plan focused on adding an energy peak awareness message as part of the weather segment of the newscast. When a DR event was anticipated, the weather reporter would encourage viewers to lower energy usage throughout the day. At the end of the day, a follow up thank you message was announced during the nightly newscast. Through this effort of directly engaging the customer, CPS Energy exceeded the goal by adding over 40 MWs of DR to the portfolio. To promote friendly competition, customers in the program were able to see their kwh reduction versus their neighbors and where they ranked in energy savings.

Source: PLMA Awards Group featuring Justin Chamberlain, CPS Energy; and Michael Smith, National Grid
Type: Webinar  

New PLMA Mentoring Program for All

Hot Topic 2

Hosted by the Women in Demand Management Interest Group, this PLMA HOT TOPIC Conversation will present the pilot launch of a newly developed mentoring program for PLMA member practitioners. A mentoring pilot will get underway this Fall, with an initial report-out at the 42nd PLMA Conference in November 2020, and a full program roll-out in early 2021.

This new PLMA mentoring program has two objectives: 1) To provide a vehicle for professional growth and skill-building among all PLMA member practitioners; 2) To create new opportunities to build relationships among PLMA member practitioners; both men and women, at all different career stages.

Source: PLMA Women in Demand Management Interest Group
Type: Webinar   

Dialing up TOU Rates on the Radio

TOU Hot Topic

Please join us for a HOT TOPICS Conversation about the California Energy Commission's (CEC) approach to revolutionizing the way customers and technology providers have access to time-varying rates. With special guest, Dr. Karen Herter from the Efficiency Division at the CEC, we'll talk about how the CEC is building a framework for grid flexibility through the convergence of new and existing technologies, and we'll discuss how this came about, the resulting policy implications, and the ways in which other utilities, states, and stakeholders can leverage this opportunity.

Come and participate, learn, or just listen. You’ll gather key insights and ideas from fellow load management practitioners from across the PLMA membership.

Source: PLMA Connected Devices Interest Group
Type: Webinar