NV Energy to Release DER Potential & Forecasting RFP - Expression of Interest

NV Energy

Posted February 28, 2023

NV Energy will shortly release an RFP to procure services and software for distributed energy resources (DER) forecasting and valuation tools.  The software toolset should support DER forecasting for 20 years using a bottom up approach, i.e. from customer up through system level.  In lieu of a separate traditional and periodic energy efficiency market potential study, NV Energy would like the service provider(s) to use the software toolset to determining the technical, economic, and achievable potential for demand response, distributed generation, behind-the-meter storage, and electric vehicles.  This  includes determining the potential for integrated DER program approaches and special breakout scenario analysis for achievable program potential for enhanced approaches for low-income customers and historically underserved communities. In addition to the DER market potential study and licenses to the software, models, and analytical toolsets, NV Energy seeks associated configuration and training services for its Integrated Grid Planning (IGP) group so that IGP can generate quarterly and annual updates to DER forecasts along with updates to DER program and non-wires solutions cost-benefit analyses.

Service providers and vendors that are interested in this receiving this RFP—or interested in teaming arrangements—may notify NV Energy by submitting an expression of interest and capability via this link.