Education Planning Group

Education Planning Group

Education Planning Group Co-Chairs

John Powers, Extensible Energy
John Powers
Extensible Energy

Paul Wassink, National Grid
Paul Wassink
National Grid

This group guides the PLMA Strategic Vision Goal C to Establish a Strategy to Grow PLMA Training in Quality of Program and Quantity of Users

Latest Developments

All PLMA member organization staff are invited to help guide future training course curriculum.

We hope you will join us as the Group considers how to enhance the PLMA’s current training programs and develop new emerging topics. These successful activates will, with your help, continue to position the PLMA as the leading demand response expert community of DR experts dedicated to sharing knowledge and best practices.

The PLMA Demand Response Training Series consists of three courses presented by industry experts and hosted at member offices. The three courses are Introduction to Demand Response, DR Program Design and Implementation, and Demand Response Markets. The PLMA DR Training Series has been taking place successfully for over three years now. As our industry continues to grow and evolve, PLMA wants to ensure the training series continues to provide the best value to our fellow PLMA members. This Education Planning Interest Group workshop will explore ways to continue the success of the existing training series and discuss potential ways for improvement.

Success Metrics

  • Increase in number of training classes — x% net revenue per course
  • Increase in actual number of participants in training classes
  • Make training self-sustaining financially

Strategic Initiative Goals

  1. Expand online presence
  2. Increase customization of on-site offerings
  3. Refine curriculum
  4. Focus on Training Programs for strategic value
    • Build out the case studies/learning examples
    • Standardize some modules, but be able to “customize” for various audiences (newbie/experienced; regional variances)
    • Ensure that attendees have the same training experience each time (replicable/consistent)
    • Invoke member experience as “mentors” from the region — build on the speakers bureau concept
  5. Examine and reconfigure revenue model