2020 PLMA Annual Report

PLMA Grows to 168 Members in 2020

Voice of Load Management Professionals Publishes Annual Report

PLMA grew to 168 electric utility and allied organization members in 2020, an increase of over 300% in 8 years. Recognized as "The Voice of Load Management Professionals," PLMA details its latest achievements in the 2020 PLMA Annual Report.

PLMA Practitioner Perspectives Compendium Series

Learn more about major 2020 PLMA achievements from the PLMA Practitioner Perspectives publications below. Read, reflect, and then share with others in your organization who may have missed these insightful discussions at PLMA events last year.

17th PLMA Award-Winning Load Management Initiatives

17th PLMA Award-Winning Load Management Initiatives

Executive Summary of the 17th PLMA Awards Compendium.

A Compendium of interviews with the six 17th PLMA Award Winners who were recognized in April 2020 for their uniquely innovative approaches to managing end use energy loads.

Thought Leadership 2020

Thought Leadership 2020 Compendium

Executive Summary of the Thought Leadership 2020 Compendium

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