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Our Mission

Utility Load Management Exchange's (ULME's) mission is to promote load control as a viable option for utility deployments in demand reduction, economic dispatch, and/or T&D reliability through a forum for utility staff members to share information on program design, marketing, vendor management, benefit-costs and technology deployments.

Upcoming Events

ULME Spring 2018 Meeting
April 18-19, 2018

Coronado, Calif. immediately following the 37th PLMA Conference.
Learn More and Register for the ULME Spring Meeting (through PLMA registration process)

Steering Committee Elections

Nominations will be taken following the Spring Meeting. Stay tuned for details.


ULME is a gathering of utility representatives interested in open and frank discussion of the industry, opportunity to share real-world lessons learned, and honestly discuss what works and what doesn't in a private setting.  Originally formed as the Advanced Load Control Alliance (ALCA), the group has been meeting twice a year since 2003.  At the Spring 2015 Meeting of ALCA, the attending utility representatives adopted a new name: Utility Load Management Exchange (ULME). It was agreed that this name better reflects the broader needs to offer support to each other in managing their distributed energy resources in diverse ways. The second major decision was to create a more structured governance system, comprised of a three person steering committee. ULME remains an informally organized utility-only group without member dues or revenue. Meetings and web presence are currently supported under agreement with PLMA (Peak Load Management Alliance).

The Steering Committee is elected in a staggered 3‑year terms, with one member of the committee being elected annually, and the committee selects a chairperson for the coming year following each election. New steering committee member will be elected annually at the fall meeting for a three-year term without term limits. The next election will be held prior to the Fall 2018 Meeting.

ULME Meetings

ULME meets twice annually in a private setting, immediately following the PLMA Fall and Spring Conferences.  ULME meetings include a hosted dinner, breakfast, and lunch, special presentations, and other activities.  There is no charge to attend these meetings, but lodging and transportation are on your own.  Registration is now open for the Spring 2018 meeting and we are accepting utility presentation suggestions.  Please let us know what you would like to see on the agenda.  Send your ideas and suggestions for utility presentations to [email protected].

Steering Committee Responsibilities

The Steering Committee will meet as needed to perform its duties via conference call monthly and at other times as deemed necessary. Steering Committee Members must remain an employee of an ULME participating organization, and expect to participate in a majority of the monthly calls and other in-person meetings with no travel reimbursement or stipend from ULME.

The general responsibilities of the Steering Committee include providing strategic leadership and vision with tactical support in the operation of the group consistent with the group's direction. In general that has and will continue to include:

  • aiding in meeting planning
  • meeting agenda development
  • utility representative recruitment
  • oversight of online utility representative activities and forums
  • development of logo and branding materials
  • actively participating in ULME activities through attendance and sponsorship, whenever possible.

Spring Meeting!

Join us for the 2018 Spring Meeting in Coronado, California, April 18-19, 2018. Learn More and Register for the ULME Spring Meeting

2018 ULME Steering Committee

Wendy Brummer, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Wendy Brummer
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Brian Doyle, Xcel Energy
Brian Doyle
Xcel Energy
Sarah Chatterjee, NV Energy
Sarah Chatterjee
NV Energy

Benefits of Participating

  • Twice annual private, hosted meetings
  • Participation is limited to staff representatives of utilities with vendor and trade ally participation by invitation only
  • Access to exclusive, password-secured community pages featuring:
    • Archive of past presentations
    • Blog, Forum, and Group messaging for industry-related discussions

Request your sign in credentials: email Tiger Adolf or call (707) 771-6429.
Begin participating now!

You may also contact Tiger if you are already participating and need sign in assistance, or have other comments or questions.