Thought Leadership Planning Group

Thought Leadership Planning Group

This group guides the PLMA Strategic Vision to Accelerate PLMA Thought Leadership Through More Aggressive Pursuit of Speaking Opportunities and Regular Creation of Meaningful Content.

The Group seeks to enhance PLMA’s role as a facilitator of industry thought leadership and will continue to position PLMA as the leading community of load management practitioners dedicated to sharing knowledge and best practices.

Group Leadership

Mark Martinez, Southern California Edison
Mark Martinez
Southern California Edison

Jenny Roehm, Schneider Electric
Jenny Roehm
Schneider Electric

Latest Developments

- Conducting founding group meeting on May 16, 2017. Notes with recording link at CLICK HERE.

- Speaker Bureau. A website page at has been created to solicit industry speaking opportunities. The intent is to refer those requests to interested Group members who would prepare and deliver the remarks with PLMA staff support.

- Load Management Dialogues. Group members will recruit and evaluate submissions for topics and presenters that are consistent with PLMA's thought leadership goals and of a non-commercial nature.

- Publications. Group members will recruit and evaluate submissions for topics and authors for a new publication which is starting with a Bring-Your-Own-Thermostat White Paper published in spring 2018 in close coordination with the Thermostat Interest Group.

- Resource Directory. Group members will recruit and evaluate submissions for the online directory at

Success Metrics

  • Track increase dialogue participants
  • Number of Resource library listings
  • Improved Search Engine Optimization ranking by Google Analytics

Strategic Initiative Goals

  1. Develop the process for PLMA to become the repository of key peak load and DR information, which may include:
    • Starting with fed/public docs and cite source
    • Asking members and groups for other docs to post and cite source
  2. Establish a protocol to enhance PLMA’s Thought Leadership role through in-person and online presentations by PLMA members. Included in the plan may be:
    • How to target those who are new to the industry
    • Possibly establishing a speakers /publication bureau, which may include:
      • Industry expertise offered by PLMA members (representing PLMA)
      • Develop a Standardized presentation and use policy for members who will represent PLMA when traveling/being paid by their employer
    • Targeting shows for PLMA reps. to go to, like Distributech
    • Targeting shows we want to hear from, like NARUC, Evaluators
  3. Develop and implement a strategy that promotes PLMA’s unbiased collection of innovative thinking to regulators and others expressing interest. This may include:
    • Replicating the Illinois regulator experience
    • Establish policy on non-commercial outreach, web-based or in-person