PLMA Load Management Dialogues Now Available as Podcasts

Podcast logoPLMA is transforming its webcast series Load Management Dialogues (formerly known as Demand Response Dialogues) to be available as podcasts.

Until now, PLMA has produced webcast in real-time so members could choose to participate or view the recording later. This process has limited our audiences' access to vital information worldwide due to time constraints and the archiving of past episodes in video form. With PLMA's new Podcast format alternative, listeners may access the PLMA Load Management Dialogue webcasts in a more convenient manner.

Listeners may still choose to register and participate in PLMA webcasts individually in real-time via GotoWebinar. After the conclusion of each live-produced webcast, PLMA will upload the PLMA Load Management Dialogue to our podcast feed. Listeners who choose to subscribe to their preferred podcast platform will receive these recordings delivered to their phone, tablet, or computer without having to register each time through Gotowebinar and/or visit the PLMA website.

Here are specific lnks with instructions for popular podcast platforrms:

On iTunes:

Subscribing to the PLMA Load Management Dialogue Podcast here:

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PLMA Load Management Dialogue is also available all your favorite podcast apps, from
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Ask "Alexa" on Amazon

Have an Amazon account with an Amazon Echo or the Alexa app on your phone or tablet?
Just ask Alexa to "enable AnyPod skill".
Once enabled, ask Alexa to open AnyPod, then use the phrase
“Alexa, play PLMA Load Management Dialogue” or simply “PLMA Load Management Dialogue”.

You can also link services account within Amazon like Apple, Spotify, and TuneIn for podcast availability directly within Amazon.

Direct Podcast Feed URL

To listen directly to PLMA Load Management Dialogue without a podcast subscription, just click here or copy and paste the following address into any search engine: