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1.  Registration is now open for the 40th PLMA Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida on Nov. 4-6, 2019 at www.peakload.org/40th-plma-conference.  Please consider making plans to attend PLMA's 20th Anniversary Celebration. 

Member Pipeline - Current member count is 159 organizations
- New Member: none
- Lost Members: none

Leadership Changes. New DER Integration Group Cochair is: Jamie Coffel, Honeywell Smart Energy.  International Group has been renamed Global Load Management with new group cochair Jon Hilowitz, Orange and Rockland Utilities.  

40th PLMA Conference, St. Petersburg.  Over 74 abstract submissions were received and over 40 Conference Planning Group volunteers scored and ranked the abstracts. Staff has moved sponsor displays to foyer area like we had in Minneapolis with spillover to outside patio.  Leadership has invited all 6 past PLMA Chairs and previous Executive Director to attend the Conference as guests. 

Energy Central Online Community is now live at www.energycentral.com/c/em and will be announced publicly this week.  See a preview of the announcement at www.peakload.org/plma-partners-with-energy-central.

Home Page Photo Gallery updated to include candid photographs from the 39th Conference.

AESP Collaboration.  There were over 550 registrants for joint webinar.  

Load Management Wiki Page is live at www.peakload.wiki and will be announced later this month.  See a preview of the announcement at www.peakload.org/plma-launches-wiki.

NWA Study produced by PLMA with SEPA for E4TheFutre was cited by Katherine Hamilton in Congressional testimony here: https://docs.house.gov/meetings/CN/CN00/20190613/109629/HHRG-116-CN00-Wstate-HamiltonK-20190613.pdf

Resource Directory Updates. Most recent additions are: Demand Response Fundamentals, Evolution, and Industry Leaders presentation by Michael Ohlsen and Ed Thomas; The National Potential for Load Flexibility: Value and Market Potential through 2030 report by The Brattle Group; and recordings from these webcasts: Portland General Electric and Enbala for Distributed Flexibility at ScaleIntegrated Demand-Side Management - The Journey Continues; and Indiana Michigan Power and Tendril for Residential Integrated DSM Approach.  Access at www.peakload.org/resources

Member News. PLMA posts news, RFPs, job postings, etc. on PLMA website at no cost as a member benefit.  Newest posts are: PLMA Partners with Energy Central to Engage Load Management CommunityPLMA Launches Load Management EncyclopediaUplight: Simple Energy and Tendril Merge to Accelerate the Clean Energy EcosystemCall for Self-Nominations for PLMA Officer Positions Ends August 9; and Emerson Seeks Sales Manager - Utility and Energy.  Access at www.peakload.org/news 

Calendar of events is at: www.peakload.org/calendar and here are some upcoming activities:
July 9 - Aug. 9  Officer Election Call for Nominations 
August 13-14 - PLMA Vision 2021 Leadership Retreat in Indianapolis (invitation only)
October 1-2 - Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative 2019 Members Meeting and Fall Workshop in Minneapolis (partner event)

November 4-6 - 40th PLMA Conference & 20th Anniversary Celebration, St. Petersburg, Florida