Joseph E. Childs, Secretary

Joseph E. Childs

PLMA Title: Secretary

Company: Eaton
Company Title: Sr. Manager DR Strategy and Business Relations
Years with PLMA: 21
Years in the Industry: 35 years in the Utility Industry

How Did You Become a Member of PLMA's Leadership Team?

I attend events for a few years and sat in on board meetings as my company’s representative on a few occasions. When I became the permanent Board Representative for Cannon Technologies, I decided that it was time to step up and contribute to the organization. I had learned from leadership and enjoyed the interaction with experts in the DR industry. I decided to contribute in areas where my experience and capabilities could help PLMA.

Subject Matter Expertise / Areas of Knowledge:

  • marketing,
  • data analytics,
  • evaluation measurement and verification,
  • information technology,
  • automated metering infrastructure,
  • load control devices,
  • residential demand response,
  • commercial demand response,
  • industrial demand response,
  • consulting services,
  • program management,
  • project management,
  • beneficial electrification,
  • connected devices,
  • wi-fi thermostats,
  • ac/cycling programs,
  • bring your own device programs,
  • time of use rates,
  • dynamic peak pricing rates,
  • real-time tariffs,
  • demand side management

Getting to Know You Outside of Work

Where are you located: Golden, CO

Favorite book / author: Every year there are new books and authors
Fiction: Science Fiction - The Culture Universe a series of books by Iain M. Banks
Non-Fiction: The Tangled Tree by David Quammen

Favorite band/ group / artist: Mostly folk rock, Nancy Griffith

Favorite foods: No such thing as a favorite food. The options are too vast to choose one.

Favorite TV show(s): Currently the Mandalorian or Picard, but subject to change.

Favorite movie(s): The Marvel Universe (except the Infinity War Series)

What do you play / do in your free time: woodworking, gardening, World of Warcraft

What's your "one thing" that you bring to your work to motivate you? Desire to understand and help solve problems.

How would you suggest others get involved with PLMA:
Participate in Interest groups, Load Management Dialogues, HOT TOPIC Conversations, initiatives and conferences. Sign up to help organize a session, moderate, or complete an activity for the organization. When you participate you create strong bonds with people that last throughout your career.

Ask me about:
How the power system works. In my career, I have worked across departments within the utility, and have delivered many of the Control Center Power System applications as a vendor.
Wine and Food. Life is too short for fast food.

Contact Info:
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