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Integrated Demand-Side Management - The Journey Continues

with Denise Kuehn, Austin Energy; Jennifer Potter, Hawaii PUC; and George Beatty, Xcel Energy

Presented on Thursday, June 27, 2019; 1:00 p.m. Eastern

Thank you for your interest in this PLMA-AESP Joint Webinar.   This was a 60-minute conversation with a few Powerpoint slides.

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 Traditionally, utilities have separated their energy efficiency (EE) and demand response (DR) portfolios into distinct, and isolated, portfolios. As distributed energy resources (DERs) are deployed across the distribution grid and policy mandates shift, utilities and implementers are repurposing their demand-side management (DSM) programs (e.g., energy efficiency, demand response, distributed energy, and energy storage) toward integrated approaches that take advantage of natural synergies using advances in technology and customer engagement. These integrated programs focus on technologies with functionality to decrease, store, or increase both energy usage and demand, thereby combining EE, DR and DER programs.

AESP and PLMA have come together to begin exploring how best to advance integrated demand-side management (IDSM) initiatives through sharing of best practices and lessons learned from the field. Through this webinar, we will provide a practitioner’s perspective, with industry experts discussing the IDSM programs that they offer. Panelists will answer questions pertaining to lessons learned thus far, the technologies these programs are targeting, the policy framework around these programs, and considerations related to measuring integrated the energy, demand, and grid impacts.

Co-Moderators: Sharon Mullen, Navigant and Olivia Patterson, Opinion Dynamics

Denise Kuehn Denise Kuehn
Austin Energy
Jennifer Potter Jennifer Potter
Hawaii Public Utilities
George Beatty George Beatty
Xcel Energy

Presenter contact information:
Denise Kuehn, Austin Energy, [email protected]
Jennifer Potter, Hawaii Public Utilities Commission, [email protected]
George Beatty, Xcel Energy, [email protected]
Olivia Patterson, Opinion Dynamics, [email protected]
Sharon Mullen, Navigant, [email protected]

AESP-PLMA Joint Webinar on Integrated Demand-Side Management – The Next Frontier presented in October 2018
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Who Should Attend. Utility and regulatory staff as well as other energy industry trade allies and organizations seeking thought leadership and insight on integrated demand-side management.

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