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Insights from Leading-Edge Demand Response Research

with Tim Stout, E Source; Brenda Chew, Smart Electric Power Alliance; Patty Durand, Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative; and Richard Philip, Duke Energy and PLMA Chair

to be presented Thursday, October 5, 2017; 12:30 - 1:00 p.m. Eastern

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Demand Response practitioners need to stay up to date on trends, markets, consumer positions, and how the industry is shifting. This roundtable discussion explores findings from the research side, including results from:

  • E Source and PLMA 2016 Direct Load Control Benchmarking Study
  • Smart Electric Power Alliance The State of Demand Response—2016
  • Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative Consumer Interest in Demand Response

This conversation is a "replay" of the opening panel presentation from the 35th PLMA Conference in Nashville. span>

Plan to join PLMA for a dialogue with these industry thought leaders.

Tim Stout
E Source
Brenda Chew
Smart Electric Power Alliance
Brenda Chew
Patty Durand
Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative
Patty Durand
Richard Philip
Duke Energy and PLMA Chair
Richard Phillip, Duke Energy

Who Should Attend. Utility and regulatory staff as well as other energy industry trade allies and organizations seeking thought leadership and insight on innovative demand response methods to meet peak energy load needs, mitigate price, and manage variable generation.

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