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IBACOS Team Selected as a Partner in DOE’s $61 Million Connected Communities InitiativeTierra

The accelerated development of energy efficient, sustainable communities and the advancement of a connected, clean energy grid

On October 13, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the 10 selected teams for its $61 million “Connected Communities” initiative awards, and the team led by Pittsburgh-based housing innovation company, IBACOS is among them.

The 10 awarded pilot projects – managed by teams that represent a cross-section of the buildings industry including utilities, local governments, homebuilders, home performance contractors, and end-users – will deploy new technology to transform thousands of homes and workplaces into state-of-the-art, grid-connected, energy-efficient buildings. This project will help achieve the Biden Administration's goal of reaching a net-zero carbon economy by providing a model for reducing the building sector’s contribution to the climate crisis.

“We believe this is an incredible moment for a new level of collaboration and collective innovation to help accelerate the advancement of home and community energy efficiency and grid connectivity, driven by the development and utilization of leading-edge technologies and new business paradigms,” says Mark Tilley, CEO of IBACOS. “Our team is delighted and proud to be a partner with DOE and the Connected Communities initiative in this critically important work.”

The ‘Advanced Clean Communities Collaborative’ (AC3) team, led collaboratively by IBACOS and Walnut Creek, California-based Tierra Resource Consultants, includes a diverse group of highly experienced and accomplished companies and organizations that are leaders in the utility, housing construction and retrofit, and renewable energy industries. The AC3 team includes:

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Acquisition of WSO Enhances E Source's Capabilities for Water UtilitiesE Source

We’re excited to announce that we’re continuing to expand our offerings by acquiring Water Systems Optimization (WSO). WSO partners with national, state, and local water agencies to reduce water loss and optimize much-needed investments. The WSO team consists of experts in water-loss research, analysis, strategy, related field work, and capital investments to address losses.

“WSO’s proven expertise in water-loss analytics and consulting allows us to expand our water market offerings,” says E Source CEO Ted Schultz. “This is a critical time to be focusing on water conservation. Our mission is to build a sustainable future in partnership with utilities and cities. A crucial part of that is ensuring that we’re optimizing our water resources. We’re proud to welcome WSO to the E Source family.”

WSO is the seventh company we’ve acquired in the past 24 months. The acquisition represents continued efforts to build a broad offering of tech-enabled, customer-first solutions that help utilities manage the customer and infrastructure sides of their business reliably, efficiently, safely, and sustainably.

In October 2015, the California State Senate passed a bill requiring all retail urban water suppliers to report annually on distribution efficiency. Since that time, WSO has completed more than 500 water audit validations in California, along with additional validations in Georgia and Hawaii.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for innovation and cost savings for water utilities,” says Reinhard Sturm, CEO of WSO. “With the combination of our talented teams, data, and domain expertise, we are now uniquely positioned to offer necessary and sophisticated analytics and services to this market. This is an exciting time, and we are thrilled to be part of the E Source team.”

“Water has quickly become one of our scarcest resources. With the acquisition of WSO, E Source is better able to be part of a sustainable solution,” says Rob Langley, managing partner and cofounder of Align Capital Partners. “The WSO team brings a high level of sophistication to their work in guiding clients to decrease water loss while optimizing capital investments to safely reduce losses over time. Combining these skills and expertise with an already mature set of services for the water market is going to make a big impact.”


Encycle Introduces Swarm for Heating to Help its Customers Offset Surges in Heating Bills Caused by Dramatic Increases in Natural Gas PricesEncycle

Encycle expands its Swarm Logic® technology offering to include HVAC system optimization for commercial building heating

SAN MARCOS, Calif., October 18, 2021
Encycle Corporation, a software technology company focused on helping commercial and industrial customers dramatically improve the efficiency of their HVAC systems and energy efficiency programs using IoT-enabled services, is pleased to announce the expansion of its SwarmLogic™energy management technology to the heating side of HVAC system optimization.

Swarm Logic deployed on cooling systems has been the mainstay of Encycle's autonomous Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) offering until now. The development and testing of Swarm Logic for heating has been underway for over a year. Its unveiling comes at an opportunistic time for Encycle's current and potential customers who, like everyone else, are bracing for exponentially higher electric and gas utility bills this heating season, with natural gas prices jumping 112% since January 2021. The alarming price increase will directly affect customers with gas-fired furnaces and electric heating customers whose electricity is supplied by gas-fired power plants.

"Facing the burden of much higher heating bills this winter, companies already struggling from the economic and labor effects of the Covid-19 pandemic now have a new financial threat to contend with," said Steve Alexander, Encycle President and COO. "With HVAC accounting for as much as 40% of a building's overall energy consumption and spend, customers will be scrambling to find new opportunities to reduce peak demand and consumption," Alexander added. "Swarm Logic provides a compelling and low-risk solution, requiring little to no capital expenditures and delivering 2X to 5X returns on program fees almost immediately after deployment."

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NV Energy to Deliver New Energy Savings to its Small Business Customers Through Partnership with EncycleEncycle

Commercial customers now have access to Encycle's Swarm Logic® HVAC energy management technology as part of PowerShift by NV Energy.

SAN MARCOS, Calif., October 26, 2021
Encycle Corporation, a software technology company focused on helping commercial and industrial customers dramatically improve the efficiency of their HVAC systems and energy efficiency programs using IoT-enabled services, announces that its Swarm Logic® HVAC energy-saving technology for demand side energy management and energy efficiency optimization has been added to NV Energy's PowerShift offering for its business customers.

Encycle's Swarm Logic®  software will be integrated into commercial connected thermostats offered by NV Energy under its PowerShift portfolio for business customers with 6 or more thermostats. As part of the offering, customers receive a free thermostat that is compatible with Swarm Logic technology to help lower their heating and cooling costs.

Adding Swarm Logic to the commercial thermostat PowerShift service follows an evaluation in 2020, which demonstrated the unique technology could help participating customers achieve as much as a 12% reduction in HVAC electric consumption.

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With Carin ERA acquisition, E Source now has deep battery storage expertiseE Source

We’re pleased to announce the acquisition of Cairn ERA, a global market intelligence and consulting firm specializing in battery storage. Cairn ERA serves clients throughout the battery and energy supply chain, including electric utilities, energy developers, and international corporations.

“Cairn ERA, a leader in battery technology information, helps early adopters make good, data-driven decisions,” says E Source CEO Ted Schultz. “We’re staying on the forefront of this movement by expanding the relationship with Cairn ERA’s existing client base and bringing that team’s expertise and practical experience to our clients. We aim to accelerate the adoption of this game-changing technology.”

Cairn ERA is our sixth acquisition in the past 24 months. It represents continued efforts to create a broad offering of customer-first and technology-driven solutions to help utilities and cities effectively manage the customer and infrastructure sides of their business reliably, efficiently, safely, and sustainably.

“Joining E Source and serving the utility space feels like coming home,” says Sam Jaffe, CEO of Cairn ERA. “Renewables are disrupting the utility model, and batteries are part of the solution. With the combined strength of E Source and Cairn ERA, we can unlock the ability for utilities to cut out the intermediary and lead in a way that was not historically possible.”

During a live, one-hour E Source webinar on December 9, Battery market forecast to 2030, Jaffe will share his insights on the battery market and outline the possibilities for utilities. Register today to attend this exciting event.

“Utilities and cities are hungry for analytics, expert guidance, and precise information related to this quickly evolving area,” says Rob Langley, managing partner of Align Capital Partners, which owns E Source. “It’s incredibly exciting that E Source can now offer a data-intensive solution for the dynamic battery industry.”

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