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Non Wire DER Grid Source session @ AESP National Conference
Marriott New Orleans
555 Canel Street
New Orleans, LA 70103
United States
Thursday, January 24, 2019, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM CST
Category: Member-produced Event


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PLMA's Speakers Bureau help to arrange presenters for the session detailed below.  Full event details at AESP 29th Annual Conference

Session 8B: Non Wire DER Grid Source

Ten Non-Wires Alternatives Projects Worth Watching

Speaker: Tiger Adolf, PLMA

Discover key considerations from 10 leading nonwires-alternatives (NWA) projects that are deferring the need for traditional electric grid infrastructure upgrades. The 10 projects include a cross-representation by size, geography, and primary drivers as well as varying technology approaches (e.g., renewable and other distributed generation, demand response, and energy efficiency). In this panel, the SEPA-PLMA project team and select NWA project  representatives will share the latest insightsfrom this joint research effort and delve into keyNWA efforts taking place across the country.Are Time-of-Use Rates the Perfect

Match for Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage?

Speaker: Pragatheeswaran Meyyappan, ERS

The effects of various rate structures, including anovel standby rate pilot from Con Edison thatuses network-based demand windows to align afacility’s economic desire to trim demand duringcoincident peak periods, on a battery system’s coincident peak periods, on a battery system’s rate of return will be shared. Further, the effect of combining customer electric bill savings from peak shaving and revenues from participation in utility and ISO demand response programs on project economics will be investigated and discussed. See a demonstration on how combining battery systems with other DERs such as CHP and PV could unlock synergies across technologies.

DERiving Your DER Roadmap: Designing Your DSM and DER Portfolio to Meet Customer and Grid Needs

Speakers: Tom Hines, Tierra Resource Consultants and Ray Martinez, Tucson Electric Power

As more distributed resources are added to the grid, utilities are confronting two primary challenges:

  1. Increased complexity of planning and operational efforts as balancing energy supply and demand.
  2. Losing the connection with customers as third parties enter the market. Utilities can turn these challenges into opportunities by aligning DSM/DER programs with grid planning and customer engagement objectives to drive both more beneficial system load shapes and more engaged and delighted customers.

Many DSM planners are reexamining their portfolios to determine how DER technologies fit within existing EE/DSM programs. To be effective, customer needs must also be front and center in the minds of DSM planners. Learn how utilities can retain the best of traditional EE programs while integrating new technologies and load management practices.




Contact: Tiger Adolf, [email protected], (707) 771-6429