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Non-Wires Alternatives: Emerging, Maturing, or Stalled?
Thursday, April 26, 2018, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
Category: Ally-produced Event

Non-Wires Alternatives: Emerging, Maturing, or Stalled?

Recorded April 26, 2018

The growing interest on distributed energy resources and business models supporting them has renewed interest in non-wires alternatives (NWAs) as a key planning concept central to the transformation of utilities business models. While NWAs have been used since the 1990s, recent state regulation and technological innovation in both supply and demand-side energy resources have created the need to better understand the nuances behind treating DERs and other NWAs as potential solutions to foreseeable grid deficiencies competing with traditional network infrastructure projects.

This webinar, co-produced by GTM Research and Peak Load Management Alliance, will look at current approaches to NWA solutions to explore:
   - How to enable NWA growth with regulatory mechanisms and integrated planning practices
   - The evolution of sourcing mechanisms and what future mechanisms could look like
   - What barriers and incentives are affecting the deployment of NWAs for IOUs and publicly-owned utilities.

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