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Barriers and Opportunities to Broader Adoption of IDSM
Thursday, March 08, 2018, 12:30 AM - 1:30 PM EST
Category: Ally-produced Event

Webinar on Barriers and Opportunities to Broader Adoption of IDSM at Electric Utilities: A Scoping Study

March 8, 2018, 12:30 - 1:30pm Eastern 

This webinar will present findings and conclusions drawn from a recently released Berkeley Lab report, "Barriers and Opportunites to Broader Adoption of IDSM at Electric Utilities: A Scoping Study"  detailed at

Integrated demand-side management (IDSM) is a strategic approach to designing and delivering a portfolio of demand side management (DSM) programs to customers. IDSM typically delivers customer centric strategies with the goal of increasing the amount of DSM in the field, but doing so in a way that integrates various measures and technologies to improve their collective performance and/or penetration.  Specifically, IDSM can be defined as the integrated or coordinated delivery of three or more of: (1) energy efficiency (EE), (2) demand response (DR), (3) distributed generation (DG), (4) storage, (5) electric vehicle (EV) technologies, and (6) time-based rate programs to residential and commercial electric utility customers. The electric industry’s limited experience deploying IDSM to date suggests that significant barriers may exist.

A Berkeley Lab report “Barriers and Opportunities to Broader Adoption of Integrated Demand Side Management at Electric Utilities: A Scoping Study” explores recent electric utility experience with IDSM to provide an assessment of the barriers and potential benefits perceived or experienced by program administrators in their attempts to implement integrated programs. The research draws on surveys and interviews with eleven staff from a sample of eight DSM program administrators and program implementers who were currently implementing or had previously attempted to implement an IDSM program or initiative. Respondents provided their perspectives on drivers for IDSM and barriers to broader deployment. They also reported on actions they had undertaken to promote expanded delivery of IDSM and provided their assessments of the most important under-tapped opportunities for expanding IDSM efforts, both for program administrator and regulatory organizations.

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Contact: Jennifer Potter, [email protected]