June 2020   

Global Supply Chain Impacts to Grid Modernization in the Age of COVID-19

Hot Topic

PLMA’s first MEMBERS ONLY HOT TOPIC conversation was June 11th, hosted by PLMA’s Global Load Management Interest Group. Our special guest facilitators will lead a conversation with staff of PLMA member organizations that explores how utilities and their hardware suppliers are adapting grid modernization plans and programs as the global supply chain faces disruptions due to COVID-19 as well as a new Executive Order that halts installation of some bulk-power system equipment. What’s your perspective? What are you most concerned about? How is your business changing to accommodate this new world order? Come and participate, learn, or just listen. You’ll gather key insights and ideas from fellow load management practitioners across the PLMA membership.  Keep the conversation going in the Global Load Management Conversation Circle

Source: Webinar featuring the Global Load Management Interest Group
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COVID-19 Impacts on Utility Loads and Implications for Load Management Programs


Gain key insights from the results of a PLMA survey conducted in partnership with Guidehouse to assess COVID-19 impacts on load management programs, especially for the upcoming summer months. The purpose of this survey was to collect information and disseminate insights on how utilities are adapting to changes/challenges from the COVID-19 crisis in terms of managing their Demand Response resources and how load management programs are being modified to adapt to the changes.

Read the PLMA/Guidehouse COVID-19 Survey Summary Results and Analysis at
CLICK HERE and plan to join PLMA for a dialogue about the implications for load management practitioners.

Source: Webinar featuring Brett Feldman and Debyani Ghosh, Guidehouse, with Rich Philip, PLMA
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Connected Energy (UK) Ltd for Battery Recycling in Belgium

Connected Energy

Connected Energy (UK) Ltd.’s system installed at the Umicore industrial site in Belgium reuses Renault Kangoo batteries which previously powered 48 vehicles in France. The system provides a frequency response service to Elia, the Belgium system operator, to help it balance electricity supply and demand for network stability. It is the first time 'second-life’ batteries have been used at an industrial scale in this way in the country. The batteries have a combined energy storage capacity of 720 kWh and can deliver 1.2 MW in power. With solution project partner ENGIE, the battery is optimised in real-time as part of a synchronized asset stack providing revenue generation and power quality management for global materials technology and recycling group Umicore who also recycle EV batteries. The installation will give the company insight into the process of wear in the batteries, which can help to build better batteries.

Source: Webinar featuring Mark Bailey, Connected Energy (UK) and Michael Smith, National Grid
Type: Webinar  


Retail Automated Transactive Energy System (RATES) Report

Rates Report

This is the final report from a California Energy Commission funded project to develop and pilot-test a standards-based Retail Automated Transactive Energy System (RATES), and behind the meter energy management solution. The purpose was to minimize the cost and complexity of customer participation in energy efficiency programs, maximize the potential of small loads to improve system load factor, shave peaks, integrate renewable generation, and provide low opportunity-cost resources to the grid. This project was conducted with Southern California Edison to facilitate customer participation and expand Demand Response Participation in the area served the Moorpark substation.

CLICK HERE to view the final report.

Source: California Energy Commission
Type: Report