November 2019 

Using Marketplaces to Drive Demand Response Adoption and Participation

Marketplaces Webinar

A growing number of utilities have launched or are considering online marketplaces aiming to engage customers effectively in an era of increasing online service offerings. Marketplaces offer customers a unique opportunity to purchase products or select services from their trusted energy advisor through a utility branded website. These marketplaces can be dynamic platforms that offer instant rebates, coupons, or promotional code-based discounts, while integrating with utility back end systems to verify customer program eligibility. In addition, the utility can introduce customers to new, innovative, and emerging products or services that customers won’t see in traditional retail outlets, and provide easy enrollment at the same time.

Source: PLMA Dialogue featuring Scott Jarman, Austin Energy; Nicholas Lovier, Ameren Missouri; Kristen Kadetsky, Uplight; and Doug Kraft, Franklin Energy Services
Type: Webinar


Global Load Management Group Discussion

Load Management

The PLMA Global Load Management interest group had a session at the 40th PLMA Conference to explore several innovative technologies coming from companies based in countries from around the world. In this recording, Mark Bailey of the UK-based Connected Energy will discuss the reuse of EV batteries for dynamic frequency response and power quality support. Tobais Weghorn of Germany-based Next Kraftwerke will discuss the aggregation of wind farms into a Virtual Power Plant to enhance performance in electricity trading. The session concludes with an interactive discussion with the panelists and interest group members, exploring where the United States is leading the way and where we may be lagging either other countries and or other markets.

Source: PLMA in-person session featuring Scott Coe, GridOptimize; Jon Hilowitz, Orange and Rockland Utilities; Ross Malme, Skipping Stone; Mark Bailey, Connected Energy Limited; and Tobias Weghorn, Next Kraftwerke
Type: Session recording


NYSERDA’s Roundtable Discussion on the Grid-Side of Building Electrification

Actionable Policy

This stakeholder event was part of NYSERDA’s development of a Carbon Neutral Buildings (CNB) Roadmap for New York State. NYSERDA is inviting subject matter experts to attend the fifth event on the ‘Grid-side of Building Electrification,’ focusing on:

  • Utility rate structures and other policy options to encourage high-performance, electric buildings that are also “grid-responsive,” providing demand flexibility to benefit a highly renewable grid; and
  • Related technical challenges and opportunities, including building-level and smart grid solutions that are required to enable the large-scale electrification of buildings while preserving or enhancing grid reliability and resilience.

NYSERDA will use these discussions to guide the content in the Roadmap. Discussions will focus on defining high priority, actionable tasks in the near term, as well as considering more innovative, “out-of-the-box” ideas that could be undertaken over the next 15 years.

Source: Presentation given by Ed Thomas, PLMA Executive Director
Type: Presentation