August 2019 

Rocky Mountain Power for Frequency Dispatch

Rocky Mountain Image

PacifiCorp demonstrated that Demand Response (DR) resources can be used to deliver GridScale Fast DR to meet frequency dispatch and BAL 3 requirements. This project demonstrated that the Cool Keeper system could be used in an additional capacity with very tight control response. PacifiCorp designed and implemented the automatic dispatch of residential customers enrolled in the Rocky Mountain Power Cool Keeper program utilizing Eaton’s two-way devices and Yukon portal to respond to frequency dispatch signals. To comply as frequency dispatch, the resources must immediately begin providing support once dispatched and be fully activated within 50 seconds from event detection. The BAL 3 measurement is a performance curve during this resource dispatch period. The solution resulted in an average of 64 MW of BAL 3 resources and over 100 MW of load drop across several events during the 2018 summer DR control season. Performance was measured and calculated using two second system metered data collected by the PacifiCorp Energy Management System.

Source: PLMA Interest Group Dialogue featuring Shawn Grant, Rocky Mountain Power; Thomas Burns, PacifiCorp; Joe Childs, Eaton; and Michael Smith, National Grid
Type: Webinar

Load Flexibility Potential in U.S. by 2030

Load Flexibility

A recent study by The Brattle group identified nearly 200 GW of cost-effective load flexibility potential in the U.S. by 2030. This load flexibility potential, which equates to 20% of estimated U.S. peak load in 2030, would more than triple the existing demand response (DR) capability and would be worth more than $15 billion annually in avoided system costs.

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Source: PLMA Interest Group Dialogue featuring Ryan Hledik, The Brattle Group, and Richard Barone, Hawaiian Electric
Type: Webinar