Pacific Gas and Electric Company Seeks Senior Customer Care Program Manager

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The Senior Program Manager will manage two key demand response program offerings from PG&E; the Capacity Bidding Program (CBP) and the Base Interruptible Program (BIP) for Aggregators.  The Senior Program Manager is responsible for translating changes in regulatory policy into corresponding changes in program rules (tariffs), managing PG&E’s relationships with more than 15 third-party Aggregators participating in these programs, ensuring that the third-party Aggregators operate in accordance with the program tariffs, and overseeing the development of processes and IT systems that enable customer enrollment, management, and performance calculations. 

The Senior Program Manager will collaborate with other program managers on interdependencies between programs, with the Demand Response Operations team to ensure customer experiences are at the core of systems development and functionality, with teams in Energy Procurement to coordinate on policy and strategy issues, with Measurement and Evaluation to measure the performances of the programs, and outside IT system vendors to ensure the availability and functionality of customer-facing systems.

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Contact: Wendy Brummer, [email protected]