July 2019 

Bonneville Power Administration, Portland General Electric, and Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance for Water Heater Communications


A team from the Pacific Northwest spearheaded by three individuals — Tony Koch of the Bonneville Power Administration, Conrad Eustis of Portland General Electric, and Geoff Wickes of Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance — demonstrated that funding shipments of only smart, DR-enabled water heaters into the Pacific NW would be cost justified to enable a new paradigm for “connected” technologies. The “smart”, electric resistance and heat pump water heaters were equipped with ANSI/CTA-2045, a new modular communications standard designed for all major appliances that enables a simple, and identical customer experience for enabling communication and smart management. Beyond simple peak-load management, the project demonstrated daily use of the water heaters as energy storage assets, with high customer satisfaction.

Source: PLMA Interest Group Dialogue featuring Tony Koch, BPA and Conrad Eustis, Portland General Electric; and Laurie Duhan, BGE
Type: Webinar