PLMA Launches Load Management Encyclopedia 

Wiki Initiative goal is to gain industry consensus on common terms, concepts

Vallejo, Calif., July 17, 2019 PLMA, the voice of load management practitioners in the energy utility industry, launched the Load Management Encyclopedia wiki initiative at The overall goal of this wiki initiative is to promote knowledge sharing among energy industry load management practitioners and allies in these three areas: 

Common Industry Terms as Defined on Wikipedia.  The specific goal of this wiki initiative is to share and enhance common industry terms as defined on Wikipedia from a load management practitioners’ perspective. To be clear, anyone may apply directly to be a Wikipedia contributor and propose editorial suggestions. However, this initiative seeks to facilitate a discussion around term definitions for a defined time length and then submit a consensus perspective to Wikipedia for consideration and hopefully inclusion on as the authoritative source. Term definitions currently in consideration are: Peak Demand, Demand Response, and Load Management. 

Evolution of Demand Response in the U.S. Electricity Industry.  The specific goal of this wiki initiative is to share and enhance the articulation of the stages of how demand response initiatives have evolved in the U.S. electricity industry from a load management practitioners’ perspective.  This article should help new and transitioning professionals, regulators, and lawmakers understand the growth and trends of the industry. 

Load Management Acronyms & Glossary.  The specific goal of this wiki initiative is to share and enhance the articulation of common acronyms and terms from a load management practitioners’ perspective.  

PLMA facilitates this wiki initiative as a member service but use is not restricted to PLMA member organization staff.  Anyone may reproduce the information presented in the Load Management Encyclopedia provided the source is acknowledged as “used with permission from the  PLMA Load Management Encyclopedia” and a copy is provided in electronic form to [email protected].  PLMA reserves the right to limit or restrict use at its sole discretion.  

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40th PLMA Conference

The content shared through the wiki initiative will be explored further at the 40th PLMA Conference from November 4-6, 2019 in St. Petersburg, Florida. PLMA’s national conferences are presented in spring and fall to provide a forum where practitioners from energy utilities, solution providers and trade allies share dynamic load management expertise, including demand response and distributed energy resources. For two decades, PLMA conferences, educational programs and networking opportunities have brought member organizations together to develop, implement and share proven practices in a peer-to-peer network – offering load management leadership for the energy industry.

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