February 2019

Top Markets Report: Smart Grid Market Report Smart Grid Cover

ITA's 2018 Smart Grid Top Markets Report ranks 56 international markets in terms of growth potential for the U.S. smart grid industry. The Report also analyzes the sub-sectors of transmission and distribution (T&D) equipment; smart grid information communication technologies (ICT); and energy storage. The report integrates data and analyses on global markets and trade, including the critical contributions of commercial specialists from U.S. Commercial Service posts. The results are combined using a weighted scorecard methodology to produce relative rankings of the 56 subject markets.

Source: International Trade Administration (ITA) 
Type: Report



Demand Response Fundamentals, Evolution, and Industry LeadersDR Fundamentals

This presentation provides an overview of PLMA’s role in sharing load management expertise with the energy utility industry.

Source: Ed Thomas, PLMA for the APS Integrated Resource Plan Working Group Meeting
Type: Presentation





Final Report of the California Public Utilities Commission's Working Group on Load Shift Load Shift Cover

As California progresses toward its goal of 100% carbon-free electricity, Load Shift could play an increasingly significant role. The 2025 California Demand Response Potential Study, suggests that beginning in 2025 up to $600 million (2015$) could be saved annually by shifting load to avoid the curtailment of renewable generation. The Working Group met 11 times in 2018 with facilitation and support from Gridworks and the Commission’s Energy Division. Working collaboratively, a representative cross-section of stakeholders developed six different proposals on how Load Shift could be designed, sourced, incentivized and evaluated. This package of proposals provides a diverse range of options through which California can begin to actively test, refine and develop the Load Shift market needed to reach a 100% carbon-free grid.

Source: California Public Utilities Commission's Working Group
Type: Report



ConEd's Brooklyn Queens NWA ProjectLoad Management

Discover key considerations from this leading non-wires-alternatives (NWA) project to deferring the need for traditional electric grid infrastructure upgrades. This discussion will share insight regarding project identification, procurement processes, benefit cost analysis tool development, and rate case incentives. Discover key takeaways and lessons learned from this first large program ConEd implemented and how it led to a streamlined approach of identifying and implementing newer projects. Hear how they found different ways to communicate these projects to the market and are working to continuously improve their approach to non-wires solutions, with customers and market partners in mind.

Source: Load Management Dialogue with Damei Jack, Con Edison and Michael Brown, Berkshire Hathaway NV Energy
Type: Webinar



National Grid's Non-Wires Alternative ProjectsLoad Management

Discover key considerations from two leading non-wires-alternatives (NWA) projects. The Tiverton Project helped defer the need for traditional electric grid infrastructure upgrades. This discussion will share insight regarding customer-driven load curtailment program focused on automated demand response (DR) utilizing a wide variety of DR and energy efficiency resources. The Old Forge project is focused on solving distribution grid constraints and providing grid resilience solutions with a battery energy storage system. Discover key takeaways and lessons learned from these National Grid projects implemented in remote areas involving local communities and unique strategies to develop solutions.

Source: Load Management Dialogue with Marie Schnitzer and Matt Chase, National Grid; and Richard Brarone Hawaiian Electric
Type: Webinar



FERC's Demand Response Assessment StudyFERC Cover

A discussion between a representative from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the PLMA Chair on FERC staff's recent update to its annual assessment study. This report is FERC staff's 13th annual report on demand response and advanced metering required by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. It is based on publicly-available information and discussions with market participants and industry experts.

Source: Load Management Dialogue with Ben Foster, David Burns, and Samin Peirovi, FERC; and Michael Brown, NV Energy
Type: Webinar