December 2018

Distribution System Costs Associated with the Deployment of Photovoltaic SystemsNREL Cover

The broadening of our energy system to include increasing amounts of wind and solar has led to significant debate about the total costs and benefits associated with different types of generators—with potentially far reaching policy implications. This has included debate about the cost associated with integrating these generators onto the electric grid. For photovoltaics (PV), this encompasses costs incurred on both the bulk power and distribution systems, as well as the value provided to them.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Type: White paper





Distributed Energy Resources Management SystemsNavigant Cover

Distributed energy resources (DER) are starting to proliferate in many regions of the US and around the world. There are numerous technology, policy, and customer-driven factors contributing to this growth. This is a positive trend from an economic and environmental perspective. However, if the location and operation of DER is left up to customer adoption, there could be detrimental effects on the electric grid from an overall operating standpoint unless they are optimized properly. This is where distributed energy management systems (DERMS) come into play.

Source: Navigant and Auto Grid
Type: White paper