October 2018

Working Together! A Joint Connected Devices/DER Integration Interest Group DiscussionPLMA

This Web discussion will bring together a panel of experts to share their experiences and best practices in selecting the right vendor and solution for a Distributed Energy Resource Management System DERMS. The growth and adoption of distributed energy resources (DER), renewables, microgrids, and other local energy resources is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Energy companies are looking for more effective software solutions to help them manage this growth and to operate the grid to better take advantage of these devices. However, the software landscape is in flux with a myriad of solutions that each seem to have a differing view as to what really makes up a distributed energy resource management system (DERMS). You can shift the

odds to your favor by adopting leading practices for software selection and laying a solid foundation for the selection through proper selection preparation.

Source: Interest Group Discussion with Justin Chamberlain, CPS Energy; Poorima Eber, National Grid; Rich Barone, Hawaiian Electric; John Powers, Extensible Energy; and Matt Carlson, Aquanta
Type: Webinar Recording


Women in Demand Management Group Discussion on DSM FinanceWomen DSM Finance

Features a conversation about DSM finance with economist Erin Boyd, PhD (Senior VP, Apparent; formerly of PG&E) and rate advisor Allison Hamilton, MBA (Senior Principal, NRECA; formerly of Pepco). Hear about challenges and opportunities facing DSM today from the finance perspective. Get the inside scoop on two fascinating careers. Bolster your knowledge and understanding of how the finance side of DSM works.

Source: Interest Group Discussion with Erin Boyd, Apparent; Allison Hamilton, NRECA and Lenore Zeuthen, Zeuthen Management Solutions
Type: Webinar Recording


Integrated Demand-Side Management – The Next FrontierAESP PLMA

In response to rapid changes to grid conditions and policy mandates, utilities and implementers are beginning to embrace far broader applications of energy efficiency and demand response programs. This embrace is necessitating taking a more integrated approach to how these programs are designed and delivered according to the marketplace conditions that we face today. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, integrated demand-side management (IDSM) is a strategic approach that helps in designing and delivering a portfolio of demand side management (DSM) programs to customers. While DSM programs have been in place for many years, the IDSM concept is only now beginning to pick up steam and is receiving a significant amount of attention.

Source: Webinar hosted by AESP and PLMA featuring Mary Ann Piette, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; Shira Horowitz, Con Edison; Michael Goldman, Eversource; and Richard Aslin, Pacific Gas & Electric
Type: Webinar Recording