Connected Energy announces major upgrade to CNRG at 38th PLMA Conference

Connected Energy

Connected Energy, a leading provider of advanced demand management and distributed energy resource management solutions for electric utilities, has announced the immediate availability of the next generation of CNRG at the 38th PLMA Conference. This upgrade is utility-hardened, having been released incrementally to current utility customers over the last 9 months. 

“This release is the culmination of cooperation and testing with utilities, industry consortiums, and Connected Energy engineering. We’ve had the privilege to work with this incredible team to add features that drive real value for utilities.” says Connected Energy CEO, Mark Rupnik. 

CNRG is an integrated software suite consisting of Demand Management, Distributed Energy Resources Management, Grid Management, and Data Analytics solutions. Key features of this release include:-  OpenADR 2.0b certification-  Integration with Sandia National Labs solar forecasting-  Geo visualization with advanced weather-  Programs for basic, adaptive, temp-rise, and precool options with near real-time M&V-  Data Explorer and Data Mining features for advanced data analytics-  Secure Energy cloud for SaaS options with full SOC 2, five practice auditing 

"We are pleased to have the 38th PLMA conference be the venue for this announcement. Connected Energy has a strong commitment supporting PLMA and load management practitioners”, commented Ed Thomas, Executive Director, PLMA.

 "Connected Energy is a key technology provider for the DOE ENERGISE solar project,” commented Jay Johnson, Sandia National Labs, adding, “CNRG has been a valuable asset in managing, controlling, and forecasting distributed solar generation.” 

"Connected Energy’s CNRG software has gone through the certification program and is OpenADR 2.0b compliant. The CNRG software has been added to the certified product directory featured on the OpenADR website,” said Rolf Bienert, Managing & Technical Director, OpenADR.

"To go along with this important release, we have published a DER Connectivity Technology whitepaper that will aid utilities in navigating the various standards and options for connecting DER assets,” announced Terry Rohrer, SVP, Marketing and Technology, Connected Energy. The paper is available for download at 

PLMA.  PLMA was founded in 1999 as the voice of load management response practitioners. It is a community of experts and practitioners dedicated to sharing knowledge and providing resources to promote inclusiveness in the design, delivery, technology, and management of solutions addressing energy and natural resource integration. More information available is at . 

OpenADR.  The OpenADR Alliance fosters the development, adoption, and compliance of the Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) standard through collaboration, education, training, testing, and certification. The OpenADR Alliance is open to all interested stakeholders interested in accelerating the adoption of the OpenADR standard for price- and reliability-based demand response. More information is available at 

Sandia National Labs.  Sandia National Labs has research and development responsibilities in nuclear deterrence, global security, defense, energy technologies and economic competitiveness, with main facilities in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Livermore, California. More information is at 

Connected Energy.  Connected Energy is a member of SunSpec, PLMA, and OpenADR and is a leading provider of next generation demand management, DER management, grid management and data analytics solutions for electric utilities. Visit for more information.

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