September 2018

The Future of Distributed Energy ResourcesPLMA

This roundtable of demand response practitioners from EEI member utilities will explore how the current Demand Response, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy activities of utilities fit in a Distributed Energy Resources (DER) future of integrated DSM, non-wires alternatives, storage and more? This discussion will offer diverse practitioner perspectives on how Distributed Energy Resources, as an umbrella term, is evolving from: DER 1.0 for Peak Load Emergencies; DER 2.0 for Market/System Economics; DER 3.0 for Operational Management.

Source: Presentation at EEI Strategic Issues Roundtable with Paul Miles, PECO; Eduardo Guerra, Consolidated Edison; Ed Thomas, PLMA
Type: Presentation

Distributed Energy Resource Management System Software SelectionDER Management Systems

This Web discussion will bring together a panel of experts to share their experiences and best practices in selecting the right vendor and solution for a Distributed Energy Resource Management System DERMS. The growth and adoption of distributed energy resources (DER), renewables, microgrids, and other local energy resources is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Energy companies are looking for more effective software solutions to help them manage this growth and to operate the grid to better take advantage of these devices. However, the software landscape is in flux with a myriad of solutions that each seem to have a differing view as to what really makes up a distributed energy resource management system (DERMS). You can shift the odds to your favor by adopting leading practices for software selection and laying a solid foundation for the selection through proper selection preparation.

Source: PLMA Interest Group Discussion with Rich Barone, Hawaiian Electric; Jim Musilek, North Carolina EMC; Derek Kirchner, DTE Energy; Lee Hall, Bonneville Power Administration; Paul Wassink, National Grid and Jon Brown, Skipping Stone
Type: Webinar Recording

Distributed Energy Resource Integration Challenges
DER Integration

This online discussion will explore how Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) pose unique opportunities and challenges for distribution system planners and operators, emerging technology teams, and program managers alike. Often lacking a common nomenclature, all parties struggle to understand and define the benefits delivered and costs imposed by the increasing assortment of DERs being deployed on both sides of the meter. This discussion will start with a framing discussion by Kelsey Horowitz of NREL, whose recent work includes development of a cost/benefit framework for PV integration into utility distribution systems. That introduction will be followed by perspectives from Interest Group participants who will identify some of the challenges, opportunities and forward-looking concepts on DER technology, communications and control, and customer engagement.

Source: Interest Group Discussion with Kelsey Horowitz, NREL; Rich Barone, Hawaiian Electric; John Power, Extensible Energy; and Matt Carlson, Aquanta
Type: Webinar Recording

International Interest Group UpdateIntenrational interest

This webinar features Ross Malme, Skipping Stone Partner and Scott Coe, Principal at GridOptimize for an online discussion with Camila Schoti head of Regulatory and Government Affairs at Eneva and Director of the Energy Division at the Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo for a lively conversation on the launch of the demand response market in Brazil. Camila will discuss the structure of the wholesale and retail electricity markets in Brazil, the drivers behind the launch of the DR market and plans for industrial customer participation in the market.

Source: Interest group update featuring Scott Coe, GridOptimize; Ross Malme, Skipping Stone; and Camila Schoti, Eneva
Type: Webinar Recording