Hawaii Senate Confirms Potter as Public Utilities Commissioner

Jennifer Potter, Commissioner, Hawai'i PUC


Jennifer Potter Commissioner,
Hawai'i Public Utility Commission & PLMA At-Large Representative



The Senate confirmed Gov. David Ige's pick of Jennifer "Jennie" Potter as a commissioner of the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission in a vote on Tuesday, April 17, 2018.  

In his nomination press release, Gov. Ige said, “Jennifer has a solid background and extensive experience that will enable her to serve well on the Public Utilities Commission. I look forward to working with her to achieve a 100 percent clean energy future."

Jennifer's six-year term will begin July 1, as she replaces outgoing Commissioner Lorraine Akiba, whose term ends the last day of June. 

The same day she was confirmed, Jennifer was also recognized as an industry Thought Leader in the 15th PLMA Awards ceremony in Coronado, California. Jennifer's utility and research experience cover transmission and distribution grid operations, conventional and renewable sources, distributed energy resources (DER), integration of demand-side resources, time-based pricing and demand response (DR). Her economic research includes cutting-edge work on market potential and economic analysis research on demand response, time-based pricing, DERs, and energy efficiency. She has provided technical assistance to state policymakers, on the behalf of the Department of Energy, to Hawaii, California, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, and Oregon. She has published a number of reports, including as a lead author of the California Demand Response Potential Study for the CPUC, over the last year that has been recognized as significant contributions to the industry. Her published work and reputation have been leveraged for a number of webinars and conference appearances, as well as presentations to state policymakers around frameworks and considerations for demand response and integrated demand-side management.

Potter works as an assistant specialist with the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, and represents that organization as the At-Large Representative to PLMA.

“Based on her history with municipal districts in California, working for the Natural Energy Institute here in Hawaii, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the experience she has in regards to demand side, pricing, and researching smart options, I think she’s going to provide the wealth of background and knowledge to the PUC to help move the agenda forward,” said Sen. Rosalyn Baker, in a news release.